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Supernanny Jo Frost Gives Parenting Advice for Technology-Crazed Kids

Do you have a kid who's always texting, gaming or surfing the net? Supernanny's Jo Frost stopped by our studio to give us a sneak peek at the new season and to discuss one of the most common issues parents are faced with today: the abuse of technology. Frost offers solutions to protect kids without restricting their online freedoms. ...

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VIDEO: Look, Up in Our Studio, It's... Supernanny!

As the father of soon-to-be-6-year-old twin boys, I more than appreciate the work that Jo Frost does as TV's Supernanny. So it was my pleasure to pick Jo's brain and have her share the single biggest mistake that today's parents tend to make. (That useful nugget comes at the 2:00 mark.)

Jo also talks about last week's episode, in which she assisted a family that was largely deaf, and previews an upcoming job in which the parents go through a divorce while Supernanny is under their roof. "The children are caught in the middle of it all," Frost says of that unfortunate circumstance. "It was a challenging situation."

Jo also details the sorts of advice parents can find at her website (3:15) and in a book she wrote earlier this year.

"I'm really happy that [the Supernanny series] continues to be [successful]," she says. "Having now done four years working closely with American families, it gives me another chance to do more of that."

Watch my video with Jo here.

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Jo Frost's Supernanny Is Back with a Spankin' New Season

Jo Frost, Supernanny

Have you ever stood in the Naughty Corner? We don't think you'd like it much, considering it took Jennifer Bowersock — the frustrated mom on the Season 3 premiere of ABC's tantrum-taming Supernanny (airing tonight at 9 pm/ET) — hours to keep her stubborn daughter there for more than a second. After getting  a sneak peek of the episode — which will certainly amaze viewers with its harsh punishments and emotional turnarounds — asked Supernanny Jo Frost why she puts up with all the screaming and what she hopes parents will take away from the new season. How do you like being in New York this time of year? Jo Frost: It's rather like London, rainy and dark. But New York's great. Lots of children taking in the holiday-season sights, right?Fr read more

Does Supernanny Have Her Kryptonite?

Jo Frost, Supernanny

If you've ever seen children in a restaurant running wild and screaming at the top of their lungs, then you've glimpsed the kind of behavior Jo Frost is exposed to every single day. On ABC's Supernanny (Monday at 9 pm/ET), Frost enters a home for 10 days and tries to transform unruly tots into kids who do chores and have manners — and all without raising her voice. How does she do it? A spoonful of sugar, perhaps? Read's Q&A with Nanny Jo, or else we'll have to put you on the naughty beanbag! As a new mom, I've been watching your show and committing it to memory, so I'll be prepared when my child gets a little older. Jo Frost: The point is that you're watching the show, and that puts you read more

Don't Spank Me, Supernanny

The four Mary Poppinses of Nanny 911 scored nifty ratings for Fox whilst whipping our nation's parents into shape. Now Lilian, Deb, Stella and Yvonne are on hiatus — though they're sure to return — leaving room for a new Brit to baby-sit American moms and dads. That's solo act Jo Frost, ABC's Supernanny, who thinks she knows why kids these days are cussin', fussin' and generally runnin' amok. "I think that parents are trying to balance between their home life and their working careers," Frost says. "[They also struggle] between being the child's friend [and] being the authoritative parent asking for respect and manners from their children. Somewhere along the line, the balance between disciplining your children and wanting to be open with [them] has been lost." Frost, who brought her Supernanny act over from U.K. TV, seems bent on becoming a one-woman franchise. Naturally, she's written a parentin read more

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