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Jimmy Kimmel Joins "Mr. Robot"
02:43 — Jimmy loves the show "Mr. Robot" on USA. It is now in its second season and they just unveiled a new character who we believe will win the Emmy in 201 (more…)
David Spade Is the Roast Master for Rob Lowe
01:13 — David talks about his upcoming gig roasting Rob Lowe and about working with Jimmy on Jeff Ross' Roast Battle.
Jack Huston Races a Real Chariot in Ben Hur
03:14 — Jack recalls riding a real chariot led by horses for the movie "Ben Hur."
Democrats vs. Republicans
03:47 — We share Democrats thoughts on Republicans, and vice versa.
Hillary Clinton Is First Major Party Female Presidential Nominee
04:15 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Wednesday, July 27.
The Baby Bachelorette, The Boys Tell All
06:39 — The most revealing episode of #TheBabyBachelorette yet.
David Feherty Has No Idea Why President Obama Picked Him for an Interview
02:59 — David Feherty talks to Jimmy about what it's like to interview political leaders like President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Republi (more…)
Chobani Commercial With Alex Morgan & Guillermo
01:24 — Guillermo faces off against soccer champion Alex Morgan.
David Spade's Fake Reality Show
02:21 — David explains the premise behind his prank show that features people being cast on fake reality shows.
Matt Damon Used to Fly Trump Air to Get to NYC Auditions
04:09 — Matt Damon talks to Jimmy about how massively teachers and even Donald Trump influenced his movie career and why you won't see him fighting like Jason (more…)
David Feherty Was Hit by Cars Three Times
02:57 — David Feherty chats with Jimmy about why he stopped shy of becoming a professional golf great and walks Jimmy through the several times he got hit by (more…)
Bill Clinton's Sexy DNC Speech
01:30 — President Bill Clinton gave a long speech at the Democratic National Convention. He spoke for 40 minutes telling the story about his 45-year-long rela (more…)
The Go-Go's Perform "We've Got the Beat"
02:31 — The Go-Go's perform "We've Got the Beat"
Andy Garcia's Eclectic Upbringing in Miami
04:51 — Andy recalls growing up in Miami and talks about some of the jobs he had in his youth.
The Go-Go's Perform "Vacation"
03:15 — The Go-Go's - Vacation
David Spade's Naked Photo Problem
03:36 — David talks about learning how to take pictures of his penis.
Matt Damon Took His Daughter to Meet Prince at Her First Concert
01:41 — Matt Damon tells Jimmy about the time Prince told him where he really lives.
DNC Delegates Behind Poles
00:53 — The Democrats are way behind in the polls. Have you seen how far behind the poles they really are?
David Spade Got a Jet Ski Ticket
03:15 — David recalls getting ticketed while riding a jet ski in Arizona.
3 Things You Might Not Know: The Rio Olympics, the Bachelorette
02:38 — Jimmy shares three interesting facts you may not know about famous people and topics in pop culture, like Hillary Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine.
Tommy Lee Jones Helped Matt Damon Afford to Write Good Will Hunting
01:46 — Matt Damon talks to Jimmy about the creative way the Jason Bourne script was written.
Sturgill Simpson: All Around You
03:51 — Music guest Sturgill Simpson performs "All Around You" for the Tonight Show audience.
Andy Garcia On Dwayne Johnson
01:51 — Andy talks about working with Dwayne Johnson on the show "Ballers."
VP Candidate Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Make America Tall Again
02:09 — Jimmy Kimmel shares his vision for a taller America. #Kimmel4VPOMG
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