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Today I Learned
02:28 — Jimmy, The Roots and the Tonight Show crew share things they learned today, like why it's impossible to compare apples and oranges.
Ethan Hawke Showers in Jimmy's Embarrassing SNL Jacket
01:34 — Ethan Hawke shares the trouble he's gotten into since being gifted the mortifying leather blazer Jimmy was wearing when they first met.
Phil Collins: I Missed Again
04:28 — Music guest Phil Collins performs "I Missed Again" as a web exclusive!
NY Times Publishes Donald Trump's Twitter Burn List
04:27 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Tuesday, October 25.
Phil Collins Is Not Dead Yet
02:35 — Phil Collins and Jimmy chat about coming out of retirement with a memoir and recreating his old album covers for release.
Phil Collins Shares the Real Story Behind "In the Air Tonight"
02:41 — Phil Collins talks about the hits and the misses on his singles compilation album and the angry origin behind one of his most popular tunes, "In the A (more…)
Ethan Hawke's Clint Eastwood Movie Is in a Valley of Violence
03:42 — Ethan Hawke chats with Jimmy about working with John Travolta for In a Valley of Violence.
Pros and Cons: Halloween
01:33 — Jimmy weighs the good and bad of celebrating Halloween.
Felicity Jones On Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
02:15 — Felicity talks about her upcoming role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and gives Jimmy a gift from that film.
The New and Improved Gordon Ramsay
00:56 — Gordon Ramsay is known for his aggressive manner of speaking. Which is not for everyone, so we tried something a bit different. We redubbed his voice (more…)
Gordon Ramsay Is Turning 50 Soon
03:16 — Gordon talks about his upcoming 50th birthday and rupturing his achilles.
Positive Spin: Higher Obamacare Premiums
02:28 — Obamacare premiums are going up next year by an average of 25%. The way people react to a story largely depends on how it’s presented and what they al (more…)
Felicity Jones Almost Killed Tom Hanks
03:17 — Felicity talks about shooting the movie Inferno in Italy and recalls getting into a car accident while she was driving around her co-star Tom Hanks.
Mark Rober's Halloween Hacks
06:47 — Mark Rober is a very smart man who used to work for NASA and now has his own YouTube Channel. We asked Mark if he could use his considerable brainpowe (more…)
Commercial for Ally Bank With Guillermo
01:20 — Guillermo shares his thoughts for a penny in hopes of finding the #AllyLuckyPenny.
Felicity Jones Loves to Cook
01:47 — Felicity talks about her family's tradition of cooking Italian food.
Gordon Ramsay Skipped the Line at Franklin's BBQ
03:07 — Gordon recalls eating at famous Austin barbecue spot Franklin’s and says he’s never taken a to go bag until his visit to that aforementioned restauran (more…)
Trump TV's First Scripted Series
01:24 — Some people believe Donald Trump is laying the foundation for a new channel called “Trump TV.” If you’re wondering what it might look like, they’re al (more…)
The Five Worst Halloween Treats According to Gordon Ramsay
01:41 — Gordon reviews the five most terrible Halloween treats that are given out every year.
Interrogating Shannon and Jimmy
00:59 — Pat brings Shannon and Jimmy in to the station after he finds out they're planning to egg a neighbor's house.
Phil Collins: In the Air Tonight
05:15 — Music guest Phil Collins performs "In the Air Tonight" for the Tonight Show audience.
Watch Barack Obama Hilariously Respond to Donald Trump's 'Mean Tweets' About Him
01:17 — President Obama slams Trump during a new 'Celebrity Mean Tweets' segment on Monday's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'
The View Hot Topic: President Obama Drops the Mic After Reading Mean Tweets
04:06 — President Obama Reads Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jimmy Kimmel Thanks President Obama
00:46 — Jimmy thanks President Obama for his service to our country.
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