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Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban Join Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson on American Idol

Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj

After several weeks of rampant speculation, Fox has finally confirmed that Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and... read more

Randy Jackson Back on American Idol, As Judging Panel Firms Up

Randy Jackson

Fox can't keep a good dawg down. Randy Jackson, the last remaining original American Idol judge, will return this winter for the show's 12th season, insiders confirmed on Monday. The last minute return of Jackson comes after talks broke off with singing star Enrique Iglesias.

Negotiations are also... read more

Can a Girl Win American Idol? Jimmy Iovine Says Yes

Jessica Sanchez

After a streak of four male winners in the past four years, the eleventh season of American Idol could be the year a girl triumphs. That's what music producer and Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine thinks anyway.

"Jessica [Sanchez] is born with one of those gifts that you see very, very rarely -- the tone of her voice, the range, her poise," Iovine told reporters on a call Monday. "She has every chance to win this thing because she can strike a chord in you with the right song that, no matter what you think before that, you're going to vote for her. She can change your mind on a dime because those voices don't come around every day. There are so few people who can sing like that in the industry today.

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American Idol Mentor Jimmy Iovine Breaks Down Who Will Win

Michael Becker / FOX

After a season of standout performances, the race to crown this year's American Idol winner is tighter than ever. Luckily for the singers and viewers, mentor Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records, guides the contestants in song choice and arrangement. "I'm like [the Wizard of] Oz," the all-knowing Iovine jokes. "I like helping the kids. It's creative to me. It's my opinion, and I have no trouble giving it." Iovine (and the Idols themselves) shares the keys for each contestant to win... read more

11 Ways to Fix American Idol

American Idol

With the 11th Season of American Idol complete, we feel like things are getting a little tired in Hollywood. Don't get us wrong: Phillip Phillips is a deserving champ, but it was just a bit too predictable that he'd win, even in the face of some amazing competition. Will a girl, even one as talented as Jessica Sanchez, really have a chance to win ever again now that the young girls of America have proven their voting supremacy?

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VIDEO: American Idol's Colton Shares Why He's Upset with Jimmy and the Judges

Colton Dixon

American Idol's Colton Dixon says that he was upset with Jimmy Iovine for comparing him to Phillip Phillips.

Why the Idol judges' save won't help Jessica win

"We were both pretty upset the way he presented it," Dixon tells TVGuide.com. "I remember walking in and [Jimmy] said, 'All right, let's cut the B.S. It's you or Phillip.' We get that it's a TV show, but at the same time [we were] still shocked at how far they'll go to create some drama."

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Matt's TV Week in Review


Some thoughts on the highs and lows and assorted other TV news that caught my eye this week:

DEAD MAN WALKING: So there I was watching AMC's The Walking Dead last Sunday — the first piece of TV I hungrily consumed after a week of mostly TV-free vacation (except for the Oscars, which I should have passed on) — and as self-righteous Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) yammers on about everyone's humanity being at stake if they execute their prisoner (Randall the Outsider), I start rolling my eyes and going, "Oh, die already, you blowhard." read more

Watercooler: Jimmy Iovine, Please Save Idol!

Jimmy Iovine

We said it last year — albeit deeper into the season — and we're saying it again: Jimmy Iovine is the only person on Idol with a lick of logic. read more

American Idol: Back In Tune

American Idol

Around this time every year, Fox executives and the American Idol producers start to panic, wondering if the show's huge audience will return en masse for the start of a new season. But this winter is different. Idol defied the odds last January, engineering a successful reboot with the addition of new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. And more importantly, the show's talent made a comeback as well, thanks in part to the countrified sounds of finalists Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery.

Now, as American Idol enters its 11th season, no one's predicting the show's demise. Even with The X Factor and The Voice on the scene, rivals concede that Idol, the granddaddy of them all, remains a ratings monster.  For the first time in four seasons, there are... read more

Jimmy Iovine Gets to the Bottom of Female Beauty with Butt Book


American Idol advisor/Interscope Records boss Jimmy Iovine and photographer Raphael Mazzucco are teaming up to publish a book that pays homage to full-figured women — specifically, their butts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pair will release Culo, which draws its title from the Italian word for the posterior. The photography book will be devoted to capturing... read more

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