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Jimmy Carter Has Some Advice for Donald Trump
01:47 — We got the 39th President and asked him he he add some advice for President Donald Trump! Jimmy gives his advice and has a message for Barack Obama to (more…)
Obama Greets Former Presidents On Inauguration Stage
01:46 — President Obama and Vice President Biden greet former Presidents Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.
Jimmy Carter inaugural address: Jan. 20 1977
14:37 — Carter's address drew attention the Cold War arms race, and Carter's presidency would see escalating tensions on that front.
C-SPAN: Carter / Castro Cold Open
05:03 — Former President Jimmy Carter sits down with Fidel Castro and his translator, and Castro focuses on Carter's embarrassing track record as president.
Carter is only ex-president to RSVP
00:41 — Jimmy Carter is the only former president to RSVP so far for President-elect Trump's inauguration. It's a long-standing tradition for all living forme (more…)
More Than Peanuts at Stake in Trump Interests
13:05 — Rachel Maddow revisits the history of "peanut-gate," a political tempest of little consequence surrounding Jimmy Carter's peanut farm while he was pre (more…)
Dickerson's debate history: Carter vs. Ford in 1976
03:12 — "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson recalls the general election debate between incumbent President Gerald Ford and Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter i (more…)
Jimmy Carter Actually Filed a UFO Report with NASA Before Becoming President
01:54 — Before Jimmy Carter became President of the United States, while leaving a fundraising event in October 1969, he claimed to see an eerie object floati (more…)
Memphis Habitat for Humanity CEO Has Special Connection With Work
01:45 — From growing up in poverty, to working side-by-side with President Jimmy Carter, Dwayne Johnson knows better than most the importance of having a dece (more…)
Dr. Brzezinski: a 'delight' to Work With Carter
07:34 — Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski talks about his relationship with Jimmy Carter, calling him an "exceptionally able president" with a "remarkable list of accom (more…)
Jimmy Carter On What He's Most Proud Of
01:50 — Former President Jimmy Carter discusses his cancer diagnosis and what he's most proud of out of everything he's achieved in his life.
Jimmy Carter Announces: My Brain Cancer Is Gone
00:22 — Former President Jimmy Carter told worshippers at his hometown church in Plains, Georgia, on Sunday that the cancer in his brain appears to be “gone.” (more…)
Jimmy Carter Mourns Sudden Death of His Grandson Jeremy
00:30 — Just weeks after announcing that his own brain cancer is gone, former President Jimmy Carter broke the news that his 28-year-old grandson Jeremy Carte (more…)
President Jimmy Carter Reveals He Is Not Cancer-Free: 'I Am Still Taking Treatments'
02:34 — The former U.S. president tells ET he still undergoes 'treatments regularly' after being diagnosed with brain cancer.
Brokaw: No Better Global Citizen Than Carter
04:42 — NBC’s Tom Brokaw joins to discuss former President Jimmy Carter’s cancer diagnosis and shares anecdotes from his longtime reporting on Carter.
President Jimmy Carter Blazes Another Trail
09:36 — Carter's biographer Jonathan Alter provides an inside look at how the former president has been handling his cancer diagnosis. Victoria DeFrancesco So (more…)
Jimmy Carter a Model of Grace and Civility
08:39 — Rachel Maddow looks at how former President Jimmy Cater had established a legacy of personal good will and political civility, and how he has been emb (more…)
5 Things You Need to Know About Cancer Immunotherapy
03:02 — A revolution in cancer treatment is credited with erasing former President Jimmy Carter’s advanced melanoma: immunotherapy, which has fewer harsh side (more…)
Carter Battles Cancer with Faith and Humor
05:03 — Randall Balmer, historian and author of “Redeemer: The Life of Jimmy Carter,” discusses how faith has informed Carter's life and how he will deal with (more…)
Jimmy Carter Announces the Passing of His Grandson
00:50 — Former President Jimmy Carter informed his Sunday school class of the loss of his grandson, 28-year-old Jeremy Carter.
Jimmy Carter Cuts Short Trip After Falling Ill
00:19 — The former president cut short an election monitoring trip to Guyana due to health reasons. He didn’t disclose specifics.
Jimmy Carter: US Is in a Decline of Influence
15:52 — Former President Jimmy Carter joins Morning Joe to discuss 'A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety,' his new book.
President Jimmy Carter Plays Hardball
08:34 — Former President Jimmy Carter talks about the Iran nuclear talks, the 2016 race and his new book, “A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety."
Jimmy Carter Announces He Will Undergo Treatment for Cancer
01:07 — Former President Jimmy Carter announced Wednesday that he will undergo treatment for cancer. Prayers and well wishes are pouring in for the 90-year-ol (more…)
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