Jim Breuer Celebrity Watchlist

The Hardest Jim Breuer Ever Laughed On 'SNL'
03:20 — Comedian Jim Breuer tells an amusing behind-the-scenes story about a sketch he did on "Saturday Night Live" with Norm MacDonald and Chris Kattan.
We Need to Help Cruise Boat Workers
01:37 — Jim pleads for the lives of Cruise Ship workers and how they've been forced into lives of exile and misery.
Jim vs. an Elephant
01:54 — Jim recalls the terrifying experience of his family caught in the middle of an elephant stampede.
Getting Old Is Not Fun
01:03 — We all want to grow old, but Jim reminds us that it isn't all necessarily fun and games.
My Wife the Cat Killer
00:58 — Jim confesses what it's like to live with three women and their ever-changing mood swings, particularly towards animals.
Young People Have It Easy
00:44 — Jim Breuer explains how easy life can be when you're young and carefree with no responsibilities.
Ozzy Osbourne Voices Your GPS
00:35 — Comedian Jim Breuer jokes about how nearly impossible getting around would be if Ozzy Osbourne was the voice behind your GPS.
Lying to Kids
00:43 — Jim Breuer explains how he can't help but lie to his kids sometimes, for the sake of the game.
The Circle of Life
01:40 — Jim Breuer talks about the ups and downs of habituating the life of a butterfly with his family.
Jim and His Fans Share a Close Bond
01:25 — Jim thanks his fans for coming out to the show
The Adventures of Being a Slayer Fan
00:44 — Heavy Metal fan Jim Breuer quips about being a Slayer fan and how dangerous it can often be.
Jim Talks About His New Show
02:35 — Jim talks about his new comedy special And Laughter for All.
Embrace the Crazy
01:45 — Jim Breuer advises those getting older to love their age and let all the weirdness out, especially when traveling with their grandkids.
Homemade Security System
01:28 — Jim quips about how his days growing up in Long Island inspired his homemade security system of intimidating tennis balls.
I Support Dr. Kevorkian
00:55 — Jim laments about his mother's illness and why he thinks Dr. Kevorkian has the right idea.
Life in the Breuer Household
01:33 — Breuer dishes on his family life.
Jim Breuer's Former Neighbor Sentenced For Harassment
A New Jersey man who admitted posting disparaging remarks online about comedian Jim Breuer and his family was sentenced Friday to five years' probatio (more…)
Why Comedian Jim Breuer Cut Swearing Out Of His Standup Act
Jim Breuer discusses why he decided to remove offensive language from his standup routines.
Jim Breuer Recalls Norm Macdonald's Amazing 'SNL' Prank On Chris Kattan
Jim Breuer reflects on his time spent working at € Saturday Night Live. €
Comedian Jim Breuer LIVE
Comedian, actor and 'SNL' alum Jim Breuer joins HuffPost Live to share what we can expect in his latest comedy special 'Jim Breuer: Comic Frenzy,' whi (more…)
Comedian Jim Breuer Explains The Perks Of Looking 'Baked 24/7'
Jim Breuer reveals the positive side of looking high all the time.
Comedian Jim Breuer talks New York Mets
07:54 — Mets superfan and comedian Jim Breuer joins us to talk about the Mets chances following their Game 1 loss as well as his viral videos and more.
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