Mon May 4 11:50am
Extreme Makeover: Home EditionRiojas Family(Season 6, Episode 18) CMT

A mother of four who was born without legs and with only one fully formed arm has her crumbling, cramped home renovated to accommodate her special needs. The family vacation in Crested Butte, Colo., while the work is done.

Tue May 5 11:50am
Extreme Makeover: Home EditionRuiz Family(Season 6, Episode 19) CMT

The Ruiz family have fed thousands of starving people with their charitable foundation while construction on their own home has remained unfinished for 12 years. Ty and his team finish the job while the Ruiz family vacation in Paradise Island, Bahamas. Tra (more…)

Wed May 6 11:50am
Extreme Makeover: Home EditionBell Family(Season 6, Episode 20) CMT

The Bell family, whose 14-year-old daughter Lizzie is a Red Cross Hero with a rare blood disease, get their home rebuilt. Because of Lizzie's medical bills, the Bells' home had been neglected. It's sinking, the foundation is cracked, and it has termite and (more…)

Thu May 7 12:00pm
Extreme Makeover: Home EditionJordan Family(Season 6, Episode 23) CMT

A couple devoted to community service after facing the loss of a daughter to domestic violence and a son to a drunken driver get their deteriorating home rebuilt by Ty and the team. The family vacation in Disneyland during the construction.

Fri May 8 12:00pm
Extreme Makeover: Home EditionCooper Family(Season 6, Episode 24) CMT

A former army medic who uses a wheelchair gets his dilapidated double-wide rebuilt while the family vacation in Washington, D.C., and meet former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who presents them with a gift.