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The Young and The Restless - Forget Me Not
01:55 — Jill reflects and remembers Katherine.
How Verizon landed deal to acquire Yahoo
03:25 — Verizon will buy Yahoo for $4.8 billion dollars, just one year after acquiring AOL. CBS MoneyWatch's Jill Wagner explains the deal between the communi (more…)
Jack and Jill
01:42 — Sing and play with one of the best loved nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.
Crab Legs and a Wet Brad Pitt
18:51 — Christy and Bonnie relish being in the lap of luxury when Christy's wealthy sponsee, Jill, asks them to keep her company on her first night out of reh (more…)
Green Party Candidate Seeking Presidential Title
04:57 — Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein joins Alex Witt in Philadelphia where they discuss Stein’s campaign to the White House and her chanc (more…)
Money magazine names No. 1 college in U.S.
01:29 — While most college rankings rely on flimsy data, Money magazine recently conducted an in-depth analysis to find the best quality, financing and value (more…)
Sticky Hands and a Walk on the Wild Side
18:42 — Christy, Jill and Wendy find themselves in a sticky situation when they agree to help Bonnie smuggle an illegal substance across the Canadian border.
Ep. 1355: Where everyone needs an Aunt Jill
1:00:42 — We dare Aunt Jill Schlesinger to explain the government shutdown, Obamacare, and the debt ceiling in under an hour.
Bitcoin for dummies
02:43 — Jill Schlesinger carefully explains Bitcoin to The 404 guys so that their brains do not explode.
Ep. 1195: Where what the ETF?
50:02 — What on Earth are ETFs? No, it doesn't just stand for an early termination fee. Jill Schlesinger helps us understand.
Ep. 1240: Where we celebrate Aunt Jill's annivorcery
41:18 — Aunt Jill Schlesinger's back in the seat and putting out positive vibes for the tax season. She'll tell us about tax withholding, how to stack for the (more…)
Ep. 1114: Where we'll take the cash, thanks
1:00:27 — Aunt Jill Schlesinger from CBS Moneywatch helps us The 404 conquer their financial woes by breaking down the Facebook and Apple stock plummets, why In (more…)
Ep. 1282: Where the water is rising
52:43 — Aunt Jill is back from her sojourn to Italy where she went off the grid, only to return to a battalion of Internet trolls on her LinkedIn. We'll shiel (more…)
Ep. 1182: Where we take 12 steps to financial freedom
54:49 — We couldn't end the year without a final appearance from Aunt Jill, who joins us today with a list of tips on how to secure your financial freedom in (more…)
Ep. 1270: Where it's like comparing apples and googles
47:21 — With Google I/O 2013 underway, we chat with Jill Schlesinger about the company's $900 stock price. Also on the docket is college loans, Sony's fragmen (more…)
Ep. 1306: Where it's safe to drink the water
41:58 — Aunt Jill's back on the show today to make sense of Apple's positive third-quarter earnings despite falling iPhone sales in China. She'll also answer (more…)
The Young and The Restless - Billy Clashes With Cane
01:06 — Billy lashes out when Cane stops by the mansion to do Jill's bidding.
Ep. 1146: Where we hiss downstream
50:00 — Aunt Jill Schlesinger returns from her "work trip" to Mexico refreshed and ready to answer all your dire financial questions on today's episode. We'll (more…)
Ep. 1137: Where we're changing the rules
57:10 — Aunt Jill educates us on how to atone for our sins...and why scab referees have no place in the NFL. We'll also check out the teaser for MySpace's sec (more…)
Ep. 1128: Where Apple saves the economy
1:04:29 — JP Morgan claims that the Apple iPhone 5 could contribute a quarter to a half of the percent of the entire nation's GDP! Aunt Jill Schlesinger from CB (more…)
Ep. 1399: Where we give the gift of good company
49:20 — Jill's back on the show for her last appearance of the year! This time we're talking about how to keep your head above water this holiday, why you sho (more…)
Ep 1170 Where Jill does a little dance
54:59 — Aunt Jill's in a dancing mood on the day before our Thanksgiving break, but also because she just hit 7,000 followers on Twitter! To pay it forward, s (more…)
Ambush Makeover Gives Woman First New Hairstyle in 30 Years
05:02 — Hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin surprise two ladies visiting the TODAY plaza with glamorous Ambush Makeovers. One hasn’t ch (more…)
Ep. 1040: Where we've got 404 in your cup
49:32 — Aunt Jill joins us again to break down Apple's quarterly earnings announcement.
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