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Thu May 25 5:00pm
The Loud HousePulp Friction; Pets Peeved NIK

Lincoln and Clyde submit a comic to a contest, but they're foiled by a surprising nemesis; Lana brings home a new pet the kids adore, but the older pets scheme to get rid of the newbie.

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Thu May 25 5:30pm
The Loud HouseToads and Tiaras; Two Boys and a Baby NIK

Lola gets ill and is unable to compete in her pageant, so Lincoln prepares Lana to fill in for her; Lily gets two new babysitters: Lincoln and Clyde, who think they've signed up for a simple task.

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Thu May 25 6:00pm
The Loud HouseDance Dance Resolution; A Fair to Remember NIK

Lincoln has four dates to one Sadie Hawkins dance thanks to his sisters' interference; Lincoln befriends Bobby, so Lori retaliates by spending time with Clyde.

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Fri May 26 12:00pm
American Dad!Tearjerker(Season 3, Episode 9) TBS

A James Bond spoof casts Stan as a 007-type agent assigned by B (Bullock) to infiltrate the set of a movie producer named TchochkieSchmear (Klaus), who's in cahoots with the diabolical villain Tearjerker (Roger). Their plan? To kill everyone in the world b (more…)

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Fri May 26 3:00pm
SpongeBob SquarePantsFear of a Krabby Patty; Shell of a Man NIK

The Krusty Krab now offers 24-hour service, which SpongeBob thinks is a dream come true until he succumbs to being overworked and develops a Krabby Patty phobia. Later, Mr. Krabs is embarrassed to attend a reunion of his manly Navy buddies because he's “ (more…)

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Fri May 26 3:30pm
SpongeBob SquarePantsThe Algae's Always Greener; SpongeGuard on Duty NIK

Plankton takes a walk in the shoes of Mr. Krabs; SpongeBob volunteers to be a lifeguard, despite the fact that he can't swim.

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Fri May 26 5:00pm
The Loud HouseFunny Business; Snow Bored NIK

Lincoln works as a clown assistant to Luan, but then he begins to steal the limelight from her; Lisa discovers the fun part of snow days.

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Fri May 26 5:30pm
The Loud HouseAttention Deficit; Out on a Limo NIK

Lincoln hangs at Clyde's home because he likes Clyde's dad, who gives Lincoln lots of attention; Lincoln wins a limo ride and the experience changes him.

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Fri May 26 6:00pm
The Loud HouseRoughin' It; The Waiting Game NIK

Lincoln goes camping with Clyde to get reacquainted with his masculine side; Lori gets a job at a pizza arcade thanks to Lincoln, who gets her in trouble by asking for favors.

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Sat May 27 3:00pm
The Loud HouseThe Sweet Spot; A Tale of Two Tables NIK

Lincoln seeks the best seat in the car at the outset of a lengthy family road trip; Lincoln wants to upgrade to the adult table for family meals.

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Sat May 27 3:30pm
The Loud HouseBaby Steps; Brawl in the Family NIK

Clyde seeks advice from Lincoln on how to excel at being a big brother; the same dress is purchased by two of the Loud sisters, so a major fight erupts.

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Sat May 27 4:00pm
The Loud HouseLock 'N Loud; The Whole Picture NIK

Dad's displeased that the kids never lock the door, so the kids get serious about home security; Lincoln accidentally erases his childhood photos, so he and Clyde try to recreate them before Lincoln forgets the details.

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Sat May 27 4:30pm
The Loud HouseIntern for the Worse; The Old and the Restless NIK

Lincoln gets competitive with Clyde when they both intern at Flip's and strive to be manager; Lincoln has a memorable day with Pop Pop, who's temporarily jolted out of his mellow way of life.

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Sat May 27 5:00pm
The Loud HouseAlong Came a Sister; Chore and Peace NIK

A tarantula is on the loose in the Loud house after Lincoln brings it home from school; Lincoln wants to trade chores with his sisters.

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Sat May 27 5:30pm
The Loud HouseSuite and Sour; Back in Black NIK

Mom and Dad win a trip and the kids get to tag along, but only if they're on their best behavior; Lucy gets a makeover from her sisters after she develops a crush on a very ordinary boy.

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Sun May 28 3:00pm
The Loud HouseKick the Bucket List; Party Down NIK

Lincoln and Clyde's spring-break plans are put in jeopardy because of a time limit of one day; Lori throws a sophisticated party, but it backfires when her guests don't like what she's planned.

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Sun May 28 3:30pm
The Loud HouseHouse Music; A Novel Idea NIK

The Loud family form a band and perform in a talent show; Lincoln accompanies his mom to her job at a dental office.

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Sun May 28 4:00pm
The Loud HousePicture Perfect; Undie Pressure NIK

Lincoln wants to take a photo of the family as a present for his parents' anniversary, and this photo must be nothing less than perfect; the Loud kids make a bet concerning their annoying habits.

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Sun May 28 4:30pm
The Loud HouseOvernight Success; Ties That Bind NIK

Lincoln has a sleepover with Clyde, but he's not happy when Clyde bonds with the Loud sisters; Lincoln eavesdrops on his folks and thinks they're planning on getting rid of their children.

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Sun May 28 5:00pm
The Loud HouseOne of the Boys; A Tattler's Tale NIK

Lincoln wishes for brothers instead of sisters, and he gets a taste of what that would be like; Lola's snitching is a problem for her siblings, who refuse to let her join their club.

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Sun May 28 5:30pm
The Loud HouseMaking the Grade; Vantastic Voyage NIK

Lincoln's social standing is at stake when his 4-year-old sister is put in his class; the family van keeps falling apart, so the kids try to trick Dad into buying a cool new van.

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Sun May 28 6:00pm
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie NIK

The first big-screen adventure of the popular children's (and adults') cartoon series follows SpongeBob as he sets out to retrieve King Neptune's stolen crown, save Mr. Krabs, who has been accused of the theft, and stymie Plankton and his plot for world do (more…)

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Mon May 29 2:00pm
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie NIK

The first big-screen adventure of the popular children's (and adults') cartoon series follows SpongeBob as he sets out to retrieve King Neptune's stolen crown, save Mr. Krabs, who has been accused of the theft, and stymie Plankton and his plot for world do (more…)

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Mon May 29 4:00pm
The Loud HouseMaking the Case(Season 1, Episode 4) NIK

Lincoln records his sisters in humiliating situations and enters the footage in a contest.

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