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Lie Witness News: Are You Prepared for a 5.5 Magnitude Equinox?
01:57 — In honor of the Autumnal Equinox, otherwise known as the beginning of fall, we went out on the street and asked people "Are you and your family prepar (more…)
LA's Version of the NY Pizza Rat
01:03 — Video of a rat eating pizza in a New York subway recently went viral. They say that a rat eating a slice of pizza in the subway is possibly the most N (more…)
Kerry Washington's Parents Are Obsessed With TV
01:30 — Kerry says that her parents only watch the "best" TV shows.
Commercial for VH1's Couples Therapy With Aunt Chippy
02:41 — Aunt Chippy tries to be a couples therapist while Cousin Sal interferes from behind the scenes.
Don Johnson Meets the Crockett Pocket
00:43 — Don meets a group of people in our studio audience who are very, very excited to see him.
Pope Francis at U.S. Customs
00:57 — The Pope’s historic trip to the US has been going well, but he did run into a little trouble with customs on his way here from Cuba.
Lea Michele's Neck Brace
03:23 — Lea talks about about the neck brace she wears on her new show "Scream Queens" and recalls texting with co-star Emma Roberts while she was at The Emmy (more…)
Kerry Washington On Shonda Rhimes
02:03 — Kerry talks about "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes.
Wall of America: Early Christmas Shoppers
05:13 — Jimmy talks with some maniacs who, even though it’s only September, have already finished their Christmas shopping. #WallOfAmerica
Kerry Washington's Scandalous Emmys Dress
01:29 — Kerry recalls presenting an award with Rob Lowe at The Emmys and talks about the dress she wore to the awards show.
Kerry Washington On the New Season of Scandal
02:04 — Kerry talks about the upcoming season of her show "Scandal."
James Taylor Played in an Insane Asylum
03:53 — James recalls his weirdest concert ever, which was at an insane asylum in Bermuda.
James Taylor's First #1 Album
02:09 — James talks about having recently released his first #1 album and takes a look at a vintage billboard of his that was on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood (more…)
Lea Michele's New Book Is a Journal
01:40 — Lea talks about her new book and Jimmy recalls his urge to build.
Don Johnson's New Show "Blood & Oil"
00:41 — Don talks about his new show "Blood & Oil."
James Taylor and Jimmy Kimmel's "In My Pants" Album
03:30 — Jimmy is big fan of James Taylor's music and he had an idea for a project for them to do together. They’ve been working on it for a while and even sho (more…)
Don Johnson Made It Rain Panties
03:52 — Don recalls the time he was filming "Miami Vice" in New York and panties began to rain down from above.
Kerry Washington's Parents Embarrassed Her at the Emmys
02:07 — Kerry recalls her parents' and their "Game of Thrones" obsession.
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Filmed in Hotlanta
03:47 — Chris and Robert recall filming Captain America: Civil War during a hot month in Atlanta.
Krysten Ritter Explains Jessica Jones' Powers
02:15 — Krysten reviews the powers of the lead character she plays.
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Are Friends in Real Life
00:45 — Chris and Robert talk about their real-life, off-camera friendship.
Krysten Ritter Was Too Pale for a Music Video
01:22 — Krysten recalls the early days of her career when she was appearing in music videos.
Krysten Ritter On the Rules of Spoilers
03:02 — Krysten talks with Jimmy about the rules of revealing spoilers for TV shows
Jimmy Kimmel Debuts the Gravy Drone
01:42 — that combines tradition with technology in a way no one ever has before.
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