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This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
01:19 — This week in #UnnecessaryCensorship.
Run the Jewels Performs "Panther Like a Panther"
02:53 — Panther Like a Panther
Commercial for Coke and McDonalds
01:55 — Jimmy and Guillermo use McDelivery on UberEATS to get a Coke and fries delivered to the Island they are marooned on.
T.J. Miller Reveals Why He Left Silicon Valley
04:53 — T.J. reveals what led him to leave HBO’s hit show “Silicon Valley” and explains why he decided to move to New York where he has no friends.
T.J. Miller Explains His Outfit
01:59 — T.J. talks about his outfit, his stylist Nichole Lumpkin and why low expectations help when watching his new Emoji Movie.
UFC President Dana White On Mayweather-McGregor Fight
07:40 — Dana talks about the big upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, explains why he thinks Conor has a chance, whether or not Donald (more…)
Lie Witness News: Jeff Sessions Edition
02:54 — The Sessions Russia talk has been swirling around for months, but we were curious how close people pay attention to this kind of stuff. So we ventured (more…)
T.J. Miller On Making the Emoji Movie
03:01 — T.J. explains why he decided to do The Emoji Movie and what it was like working with Patrick Stewart, Maya Rudolph, Anna Faris and James Corden.
Late-Night Summer Camp Interrupts Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue
02:16 — Jimmy’s monologue is interrupted by a bunch of kids attending a Late-Night Summer Camp.
Jimmy Kimmel On O.J. Simpson’s Parole
02:50 — The Nevada Parole Board unanimously voted to grant parole to O.J. Simpson after serving nine years for an armed robbery in Vegas, so Jimmy gives his t (more…)
Drunk Donald Trump: Made in America
00:51 — As a businessman, Trump has made a lot of things in America, even the decision to have all his suits and ties made in China was made in America. So we (more…)
The Revivalists Perform "Wish I Knew You"
03:47 — The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You
The Revivalists Perform "Fade Away"
05:46 — The Revivalists - Fade Away
Jon Favreau On Spider-Man & the Lion King
01:55 — Jon talks about Spider-Man and the two-minute teaser clip of his new CGI version of The Lion King he shared at the Disney D23 Expo.
Jon Favreau On Dungeons & Dragons and Chris Farley
03:43 — Jon talks about Spider-Man: Homecoming, being a geek in high school, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and seeing Chris Farley perform during his time in (more…)
Tiffany Haddish On New Movie Girls Trip
01:28 — Tiffany talks about working with Jada Pinkett-Smith in the new movie Girls Trip, the hard R rating it received and the infamous “grapefruiting” scene.
Jon Favreau Wasn’t Sure Iron Man Would Be a Hit
01:27 — Jon talks about the incredible success of all of the Marvel movies, his role in starting the Marvel Universe by directing Iron Man and he reveals that (more…)
Lie Witness News Trump-Putin Meeting
04:11 — Trump supporters are passionately supportive of most everything he does, so today we went on the street and asked people who claim to be on Team Trump (more…)
Jon Favreau On Avengers & Cooking
03:05 — Jon reveals that he will be going to Atlanta for Avengers: Infinity War and talks about his 13th Kimmel appearance as well as his love of cooking and (more…)
Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Family Attacked by Mystery Sausage
05:08 — A story from our ABC affiliate in Miami came to light about a family that got a very strange frozen sausage delivery on their roof in the middle of th (more…)
Tiffany Haddish Took Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith On a Groupon Swamp Tour
07:10 — Tiffany tells an amazing story about getting high and taking her Girls Trip co-star Jada Pinkett-Smith and her husband Will Smith on a Groupon Cajun s (more…)
Drunk Donald Trump – Obamacare
02:33 — Donald Trump wants Obamacare out and in a last-ditch effort to kill it today, the President invited all the Republican senators to lunch at the White (more…)
Brett Young Performs "Like I Loved You"
03:43 — Brett Young - Like I Loved You
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