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Strangest Thing to Happen On Donald Trump’s Saudi Arabia Trip
01:31 — President Trump was in Riyadh for the opening of something called “The Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology” and he did the strangest thing (more…)
Donald Trump Commemorative Plates
02:37 — Donald Trump has only been overseas for four days and he has already created moments that will last a lifetime, but only if you order now.
Johnny Depp Does a Great Don Rickles Impression
01:38 — Johnny talks about the last time he saw his friend Don Rickles and reveals what they said to each other.
Jimmy Kimmel Predicts Which Bachelorette Contestants Will Be Eliminated
01:43 — At long last “The Bachelorette” contestants from the upcoming season were revealed so Jimmy predicts which ones will be eliminated quickly.
Jimmy Kimmel On Donald Trump’s Witch Hunt
03:15 — Jimmy comments on Donald Trump’s recent claim that he is experiencing the greatest witch hunt in history and we imagine what is going through Press Se (more…)
Johnny Depp Was a Telemarketer
02:58 — Johnny talks about his start in Hollywood, being a struggling musician and his day job working as a salesperson for a telemarketing firm.
Exclusive Footage of Trump’s Media Lunch
01:04 — President Trump hosted a lunch at the White House today with all the cable and network news anchors. The lunch was supposed to be a private lunch, but (more…)
Johnny Depp On Surprising People at Disneyland
02:39 — Johnny talks about his disdain for watching himself in movies and reveals what actually happened when he went to Disneyland to surprise people on the (more…)
Johnny Depp Reveals Why He Won’t Teach His Son to Drive
00:40 — Johnny talks about his 15-year-old son and reveals why he will not be teaching him how to drive.
Johnny Depp On His First Press Tour
02:58 — Johnny talks about what it’s like traveling all over the world for his films and remembers his very first press tour for Gilbert Grape.
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
01:20 — Once again, we've bleeped and blurred all the week's big TV moments whether they need it or not. This week we feature Donald Trump, Magic Johnson and (more…)
Paramore Performs "Ain't It Fun"
04:47 — Ain't It Fun
Paramore Performs "Hard Times"
03:22 — Paramore - Hard Times
Behind the Scenes With Jimmy Kimmel and Audience (“Just Friends”)
03:47 — During a commercial break, Jimmy talks with two "friends" in the audience.
Jimmy Kimmel’s Guide to Spotting Fake News
03:31 — It’s getting increasingly difficult to tell what’s true and what’s not, so we’ve come up with a handy guide to tell the difference between the two kin (more…)
Costco Returns With Cousin Sal – Crab Claw Wiffle Ball
04:11 — From time to time we send Jimmy’s cousin Sal out of the office to have some fun with his fellow man and one of the spots where he really shines is Cos (more…)
Donald Trump vs. The Rock
02:03 — The race for 2020 is already shaping up and according to a new public policy poll, if he ran for President, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would beat Donal (more…)
Bryan Cranston Does Kevin Hart Impression
01:57 — Bryan talks about shooting a movie with Kevin Hart, does an impression of him, and reveals one of Kevin’s biggest fears.
Bryan Cranston Likes to Prank Fans
02:17 — Bryan and Jimmy talk about their favorite places to get a burger in Los Angeles and Bryan reveals that he likes to mess with unsuspecting fans.
Kelly Rohrbach’s Embarrassing Baywatch Audition
06:41 — Kelly talks about getting a golfing scholarship to Georgetown and reveals the embarrassing thing she did at her Baywatch audition.
Message from Your Parent’s Liquor Cabinet
01:22 — According to the Centers for Disease Control American teenagers are drinking less than ever, and while that is good for our kids and their health and (more…)
Bryan Cranston On His New Movie Wakefield
02:33 — Bryan talks about his new movie Wakefield where he plays a man that has a nervous breakdown leading him to leave his family and live in his attic.
Bryan Cranston Discovers Some People Don’t Like Him
01:17 — Bryan talks about his very busy book tour and tells the story of someone who showed up and wasn’t his biggest supporter.
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