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Vin Diesel Reveals Denzel Washington’s Reaction to New XXX Movie
03:09 — Vin talks about the new XXX movie he’s in and reveals how Denzel Washington felt about the movie after he got an early look at it.
Jimmy Kimmel Gives Vin Diesel a Giant Gummy Vin Diesel
01:01 — Jimmy presents Vin with a large gummy version of his head.
Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act #2
03:16 — Back in 2013 we conducted an experiment on our show. We went out on the street and asked people which was better: Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (more…)
Migos Perform "Bad and Boujee"
03:53 — Migos Perform "Bad and Boujee" on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Morgan Freeman & Mark Zuckerberg Love Vin Diesel
03:54 — Vin talks about how Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wanted another XXX movie and recalls Morgan Freeman poking him backstage at an event.
Jimmy Swears in Chargers Philip Rivers and Joey Bosa
03:11 — The Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. The paperwork has been filed, but NFL rules state that they cannot leave San Diego until the players have been (more…)
Vin Diesel & Jimmy Kimmel Bond Over Their Baby Girls
02:56 — Vin brings Jimmy a mysterious gift and they talk about their toddler daughters.
Katy Mixon On Shooting American Housewife While Pregnant
02:41 — Katy talks about shooting her show “American Housewife” while pregnant and she talks about her fiance’s unusual name and Olympic career.
Vine in Memoriam
00:58 — The social media video sharing app Vine recently came to an end. In honor of this short-lived, short-form video app we put together an appropriate tri (more…)
Katy Mixon On American Housewife & Eastbound and Down
02:15 — Katy talks about the original title for her show “American Housewife” and recalls the great time she had on the HBO show “Eastbound and Down.”
LL Cool J Got a Barnes & Noble Gift Card for Christmas
03:07 — LL Cool J talks about how he spent the holidays, recalls getting a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas and reveals that he’s a bit thrifty.
LL Cool J Explains How He Got His Name
02:12 — LL Cool J talks about the origin of his unique name.
Octavia Spencer’s Ultimate Movie Day
01:55 — Octavia talks about going to see her movie Hidden Figures with a real audience and she shares her love of going to see movies in the middle of the day (more…)
LL Cool J On Home Shopping Network
02:22 — LL Cool J talks about going on the Home Shopping Network to help sell his wife’s jewelry line and Jimmy shows a clip of it.
Octavia Spencer Ran Naked After Losing Obama Bet
03:09 — Octavia talks about the crazy face she made in a picture while she was at the White House with President Obama and she reveals what she had to do afte (more…)
Octavia Spencer’s Advice for Starving Actresses at Awards Shows
03:12 — Octavia talks about her movie Hidden Figures and she reveals some tips for how to get through awards shows.
LL Cool J Reveals Family Prank
01:47 — LL Cool J explains what his brother-in-law did to get back at his family when he was mad.
Octavia Spencer Is a Sleepwalker
01:27 — Octavia reveals what she has done in the middle of the night while sleepwalking.
01:14 — One of the major issues we’d face if Obamacare is repealed is people with preexisting conditions might not be able to get coverage - but fortunately – (more…)
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
01:14 — Once again, we've bleeped and blurred all the week's big TV moments whether they need it or not. This week we feature President Barack Obama, Presiden (more…)
LL Cool J’s Day With Paul Simon Before He Was Famous
03:01 — LL Cool J recalls the time he hung out with fellow music legend Paul Simon.
Russian Official Denies Compromising Trump
01:57 — There is an unverified document floating around that claims President Elect Donald Trump watched prostitutes relieve themselves on a bed the Obamas on (more…)
Jessica Biel Was Pregnant During Filming of New Movie
04:10 — Jessica talks about producing and acting in her new movie The Book of Love and she explains what it was like to do all of this while 8 months pregnant (more…)
Mahershala Ali Reveals Real Name
02:22 — Mahershala reveals that his name is even longer than we thought possible.
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