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Senator Bernie Sanders On Celebrating His 28th Wedding Anniversary
01:37 — Senator Sanders talks about celebrating his upcoming wedding anniversary.
Cooking Demo With the Frankies
07:48 — Jimmy and Guillermo enjoy olive oil cocktails and learn to make shrimp fra diavolo with Brooklyn chefs Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli.
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
01:11 — Once again, we've bleeped and blurred all the week's big TV moments.
Kyle Chandler Is a Member of the "Extreme Moderates" Political Party
02:04 — Kyle talks about the very small political party he belongs to.
Senator Bernie Sanders Answers a Donald Trump Question
01:13 — Senator Sanders answers a question that was given to Jimmy by Donald Trump.
Senator Bernie Sanders Considers John McCain a Friend
01:42 — Senator Sanders talks about Senator John McCain.
Kyle Chandler Was a Volunteer Firefighter
02:06 — Kyle talks about his time as a volunteer firefighter and his Netflix show "
Kyle Chandler Raises Miniature Donkeys
02:14 — Kyle talks about the miniature donkeys he keep on his ranch.
Senator Bernie Sanders On Debating Trump
04:46 — Senator Sanders talks about the possibility of debating Donald Trump.
Senator Bernie Sanders On Transgender Bathroom Laws
00:51 — Senator Sanders weighs in on the debate concerning transgender bathroom law
Slow & Tell: Sanders/Trump Debate
01:18 — We sped Bernie Sanders up.
Donald Trump On Creating Insulting Nicknames
01:12 — Donald Trump talks about his self esteem and where the nicknames he uses for other politicians come from.
Donald Trump Talks About Supporting Hillary Clinton
02:04 — Donald Trump explains why he has made positive comments about Hillary.
Donald Trump On Fundraising and Celebrity Endorsements
03:13 — Donald Trump talks about a Republican fundraiser.
Donald Trump Denies PR Spokesman Tapes Were Him
02:40 — Donald Trump denies that he once posed as his own publicist .
Donald Trump Is Willing to Debate Bernie Sanders
02:50 — Donald Trump shares his opinion on the Democratic race.
Jimmy Kimmel Writes a Second Children's Book for Donald Trump
02:18 — Jimmy reads the second children's book he ghost wrote for Donald Trump.
Gregory Porter Performs "Don't Lose Your Steam"
03:17 — Gregory Porter - Don't Lose Your Steam
Gregory Porter Performs "Holding On"
04:24 — Gregory Porter - Holding On
Lie Witness News: Donald Trump Edition
02:42 — We put the loyalty of Trump supporters to the test.
Little Trump Competes at National Spelling Bee
01:26 — The 89th Annual Scripps Spelling Bee just got going. The favorite this year is a kid from New York who did very well in the first round.
Donald Trump Talks About VP Selection Process
01:30 — Donald Trump talks about his hunt for a running mate and Jimmy gives him a suggestion on how to do it.
Trump Speech at Half Speed
01:10 — YouTube has a feature where you can watch videos at half speed. Our keyboard player Jeff noticed that when you use this on Donald Trump, he ends up so (more…)
Donald Trump's Response to Transgender Bathroom Laws
01:11 — Jimmy presses Donald Trump on his opinion of transgender bathroom laws.
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