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VP Joe Biden Makes Return to Public Life in Emotional ‘Cancer Moonshot’ Address
01:45 — Biden, along with his wife Dr. Jill Biden, announced the next step in their pursuit to find a cure for cancer at South by Southwest — a Texas tech, mu (more…)
Vice President Biden
13:31 — Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, appear in their first television interview since the vice president announced he will not seek the Democratic pres (more…)
The New Burma
13:32 — As Burma heads to historic elections, Bill Whitaker reports on the country's democratic movement and the woman most responsible for it, Aung San Suu K (more…)
Michelle Obama and Jill Biden Are Headed to 'The Voice'
01:03 — The First and Second Lady will appear on the NBC show this coming Monday, May 2.
U.S. using technology to fight ISIS
00:38 — There has been “a dramatic shift” in how the U.S. is fighting ISIS, Lt. Col. David Haworth tells correspondent David Martin during tour of $60 million (more…)
It takes a lot of gas to fuel the air war against ISIS
00:40 — Lt. Col. Mike Jones tells CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin what it takes to send U.S. and allied planes over Iraq and Syria to bo (more…)
Preview: Inside the Air War
01:47 — 60 Minutes cameras take viewers inside the command center for the air war against ISIS. David Martin reports on Sunday, October 25 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
Inside the Air War
13:38 — 60 Minutes gets the first-ever look inside the U.S. command center for the air war against ISIS. David Martin reports.
President Obama thanks Joe and Jill Biden in farewell speech
00:57 — During his farewell address, President Obama said choosing Joe Biden was his VP was the best decision he ever made.
Preview: The New Burma
01:01 — 60 Minutes goes to Burma before the country's historic elections to report on its democratic movement and speak to the Nobel Prize-winning woman most (more…)
Why did Burma begin opening up to the outside?
01:12 — U.S. ambassador Derek Mitchell thinks Burma’s military junta realized its isolation strategy wasn’t working and it had to change.
Joe Biden declines to run for president
02:02 — "I believe we're out of time -- the time necessary to mount a winning campaign," the vice president said from the White House Rose Garden with his wif (more…)
Preview: Vice President Biden
00:46 — Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, appear on television for the first time since the vice president announced he will not seek th (more…)
Biden reveals his 2016 deciding moment
01:10 — The vice president appears with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, on television for the first time since announcing Wednesday that he will not seek the Democr (more…)
Dr. Jill Biden Thanks Veterans
00:27 — Dr. Jill Biden, thanks those who have served in the U.S military for Veteran's Day.
Beau Biden’s Widow Is Now Dating His Brother, and the Family Approves
02:34 — Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Beau died of brain cancer in 2015. Now Beau’s younger brother Hunter Biden and his widow Hallie have confirmed i (more…)
Joe Biden Departs DC in Tradition: On Amtrak
01:30 — Former Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden board an Amtrak train to return to Wilmington, Delaware.
Dr. Jill Biden and VP Joe Biden On the View: What They Are Looking Forward to As Civilians
04:34 — Jill is especially excited for a secret service free jog!
Is Your Partner Micro-Cheating? the View Co-hosts Discuss
03:29 — Hot Topic: Micro-Cheating in relationships.
The View Co-hosts Offer Advice to Journalists During Trump Presidency
04:01 — "We must be jealous guardians of our democracy," Sunny Hostin.
Don't Call Dr. Jill Biden Second Lady
02:54 — Dr. Jill Biden reveals the unofficial title she prefers to "Second Lady" and grades President Obama's basketball coaching skills.
Dr. Jill Biden On Cancer Moonshot and Joining Forces
02:49 — Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Joe Biden talk about the life-changing initiatives they plan to pursue after their term is up.
Biden: We Have to Be a Light to the World
03:56 — Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill Biden share some words at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.
Jill Flint Teams up With Michelle Obama On ‘Night Shift’
03:22 — The actress joins TODAY to talk about her medical drama, “The Night Shift,” and working with the first lady and Dr. Jill Biden on an episode highlight (more…)
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