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U.S Fighter Pilots Train In Romania Amid Tensions With Russia
01:57 — An American fighter jet squadron is training with Romanian pilots as a way to show that the U.S. still has a presence in Europe as tension with Russia (more…)
Buried In Concrete
Solve a legendary mafia mystery by searching for the body of Jimmy Hoffa allegedly buried in the concrete under Giants Stadium. Fire up a jet engine a (more…)
Jet Pack
Adam and Jamie embark on the longest and most ambitious build ever undertaken. The sky is literally the limit as they aim to take wing on their own pe (more…)
When In Rome
Teenage sisters Charli and Lola are on the verge of an experience beyond their wildest dreams! Pack your bags and jet off to Rome as the girls start t (more…)
Grim Reminder
Wolverine's tortured origin comes back to haunt him. He goes into the Canadian wilderness to find Weapon X. He runs into not only his archrival Sabret (more…)
Sid Wings It!
In his backyard, Sid shows off his homemade cardboard wings. He’s wearing them because he wants to fly, just like the bird he has been watching all m (more…)
War (2007)
FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) is obsessed with avenging the murder of his partner by the notorious assassin known only as Rogue (Jet Li). Ja (more…)
The Code
Fascinated with his ex-partner Delehanty's high level income and jet-set lifestyle, Schanke become a pawn in Delehanty's plan to influence a murder in (more…)
Winning London
Mary-Kate and Ashley get the royal treatment taking on the world in this exciting British adventure. They jet to London to represent their high school (more…)
Jet Assisted Chevy
Can a '67 Chevy turn into a 350-mile-per-hour road warrior, and are Pop Rocks candy and soda a recipe for disaster? Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savag (more…)
Sid the Science Kid: Sid Wings It!
Join Sid on his biggest adventure yet – learning how to fly like a bird! While at home, Sid creates cardboard wings hoping that once he wears them he (more…)
Meet Killface
11:15 — Killface, supervillain, extraordinaire and loving father, has just begun his quest to destroy the world by smashing it into the sun using the Annihila (more…)
Romeo Must Die
International action-star Jet Li ("Lethal Weapon 4") stars in this hi-octane thriller from the producer of blockbusters "The Matrix" and the "Lethal W (more…)
When Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns to Minneapolis from business in Hong Kong, what she thought was jet lag takes a virulent turn. Two days lat (more…)
Meet Killface
11:15 — Killface, supervillain, extraordinaire and loving father, has just begun his quest to destroy the world by smashing it into the sun using the Annihila (more…)
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
11:31 — Dressed as Cave Kids, Chloe and Jet travel to Dino Land. Whilst there, with the help of some rolling fruit, they help their new friend Dino find his m (more…)
Doug to the Rescue / Doug's Cool Shoes
When Roger bothers Patti, Doug imagines he's Quailman, a superhero who fights with the powers of a quail. Do the shoes make the man? Doug thinks so an (more…)
Jet's Quest
11:31 — Jet doesn’t know what to do for the “show” that Chloe is staging. But a jungle cruise, a group of monkeys, and a mischievous snake show Jet that he ca (more…)
Unleashed (Unrated)
Martial arts superstar Jet Li delivers a break-out performance in the gripping, action-packed story about a man raised from childhood by a ruthless cr (more…)
Jet Lag
Oscar winner Juliette Binoche (Best Supporting Actress, The English Patient, 1996; Chocolat) and Jean Reno (Ronin, The Professional) soar together in (more…)
Cradle 2 the Grave
From producer Joel Silver ("The Matrix" trilogy) and director Andrzej Bartkowiak - the team behind box office hits "Romeo Must Die" and "Exit Wounds" (more…)
Hawaiian Beach Party
Grab your flippers and hop right in! It's party time at the beach, Hawaiian-style. Join those adorable twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ("Full House" (more…)
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
International action star Jet Li leads an incredible cast in a gripping story of power, pleasure and revenge. Vigilante general Zhao (Li) is determine (more…)
Hairy Tale
11:31 — Chloe and Jet go to Jack and the Beanstalk land and, with the help of the woodcutter, help the Giant get a good night’s sleep.
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