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Russian Fighter Jet Shot Down Near Border of Syria and Turkey
02:03 — A Russian fighter jet has crashed, and Turkey claims it shot down the warplane, after repeated warnings, for violating its airspace.
What Are Implications of Downed Russian Jet?
04:08 — Top Talkers: The Morning Joe panel discusses breaking news reports that Turkey shot down a Russian military jet near the Syrian border.
Can US Work with Russia in War Against ISIS?
In Syria, Russian airstrikes are being credited with helping Syrian troops recapture land from ISIS. Russian airstrikes have reportedly intensified in (more…)
Raw: Turkish Jet Resumes Flight After Bomb Scare
A Turkish Airlines passenger jet resumed its flight to Istanbul from New York after a bomb scare late last night forced it to be diverted to Halifax. (more…)
Israel Says Downed Syrian Jet Violated Its Airspace
Israel says a Syrian fighter jet flew a half mile into its airspace to fight rebels near the Golan Heights border and defense forces shot it down.
MiG-29K Fighter Jet Pulls Off Extremely Short Takeoff
Watch as this MiG-29K fighter jet pulls off an incredibly short takeoff from a runway ramp on an Indian aircraft carrier. Now that's cool!
Potential Smugglers Detained in Mission Bay
Sky10 flew over the scene late Friday. Lifeguards spotted two people jump off jet skis and swim towards shore just north of the Mission Bay channel. B (more…)
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman Jet Out of Los Angeles
Lauren Silverman gets used to her new jetsetting lifestyle with Simon Cowell.
Pilot Ejected In Virginia Navy Jet Crash
WASHINGTON (AP) € A Navy official says an F-18 fighter jet has crashed into waters off the Virginia coast, but the pilot ejected safely.
Gov't to Pay Family $17.8M For Marine Jet Crash
A federal judge has ordered the US government to pay $17.8 million to a San Diego family that lost 4 members when a military fighter jet crashed into (more…)
Jessica Simpson's Outrageous Fashion Choice
Jessica Simpson € s fashion line is worth 1 billion dollars! A lot of that networth comes from Jess € s shoe line, which she obviously swea (more…)
WorldBrief With @ASE December 19
Being gay in Syria, Putin says he envies Obama, 3-Saab wins Brazil jet deal, Putin says Russia never worked with Snowden, Putin portrays Ukraine bailo (more…)
NASA Crashes Plane to Test Emergency Locator
NASA crash tests a second Cessna 172 plane as part of a plan to improve emergency location transmitters and avoid incidents like the missing MH370 jet (more…)
Inside a Russian Fighter Jet
The view from inside a Russian fighter plane as it drops bombs on Islamic State territory.
Soulja Boy Buys $55 Million Dollar Private Jet
Soulja Boy Soulja Boy € .has a new name, its Soulja has too much money! Images by Video hosted by Ani Esmailian / Twitter: @AniEsmailia (more…)
Official Ace Combat Assault Horizon E3 Trailer
The Ace Combat: Assault Horizon E3 2011 trailer opens up with a nightmare come true. Russian mercenaries are taking down jet-fighters with deadly expl (more…)
Just Cause 2 - Firetruck vs. Jet Stunt Trailer
Today we have 275 horse power of siren-sounding Panaun fire truck facing off head-to-head against half a million horse power of happy holiday makers i (more…)
Turkey Hints at Retaliation Against Syria For Downed Plane
The Syrian government has admitted to shooting down a Turkish jet, invoking strong words and a possible retaliation from Turkey.
Russian Plane Missing in Indonesia
A demonstration flight of a new Russian passenger jet went missing 21 minutes into the flight. Rescuers still have not found the plane.
Kim Kardashian Blogs About Maternity Jeans
Kim Kardashian has taken a break from her jet-setting ways to blog about maternity clothing. Kardashian offers a rave review of the J-Brand maternity (more…)
Russian Plane Crash Kills 44
An aging Russian jet crashed in Northwest Russia killing nearly 44 passengers.
Battlefield 3 Beta - Caspian Border Jet Gameplay
Watch gameplay clips from the BF3 Caspian Border 64 player map.
'9/11 Jet Debris' Found in New York
New York police say what appears to be part of the landing gear of one of jets flown into the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 has been found.
MiG-21 Fighter Jets Found on Seized North Korean Ship
Inside a crate sits a fighter jet seized from a ship bound for North Korea. Authorities in Panama have now uncovered two supersonic planes among arms (more…)
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