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Tue Sep 27 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesBubble Scrubbies!(Season 3, Episode 17) NIK

Mr. Grouper catches a cold, so the kids combat germs by practicing good hygiene.

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Tue Sep 27 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesSheep Doggy!(Season 4, Episode 9) NIK

A lamb wanders off in the midst of a popcorn storm, so Bubble Puppy transforms into a sheepdog and searches for it.

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Wed Sep 28 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesHumunga-Truck!(Season 2, Episode 9) NIK

The kids head to a truck show and learn about a variety of trucks, including one that transforms into a huge robot.

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Wed Sep 28 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesGet Ready for School!(Season 3, Episode 1) NIK

Young Avi prepares to start school, so the kids show him how much fun school is.

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Thu Sep 29 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesSpace Guppies!(Season 4, Episode 7) NIK

Major Bummer wants to rid the galaxy of music, so Molly attempts to bring back peace and harmony by teaming up with sci-fi versions of her pals.

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Thu Sep 29 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe Elephant Trunk-a-Dunk!(Season 3, Episode 3) NIK

The kids watch a basketball game played by elephants.

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Fri Sep 30 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesA Dolphin Is a Guppy's Best Friend!(Season 3, Episode 25) NIK

The kids befriend a young dolphin and escort it to its birthday bash.

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Fri Sep 30 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesPuppy Love!(Season 3, Episode 7) NIK

Bubble Puppy becomes ill and is treated by a veterinarian while Gil makes him a get-well card.

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Mon Oct 3 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesGuppy Movers!(Season 4, Episode 4) NIK

The gang help Skip move after his moving-day plans go off track.

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Mon Oct 3 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesGood Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!(Season 3, Episode 11) NIK

A substitute teacher acts grouchy, so the kids try to show him the joy of singing about fun things.

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Tue Oct 4 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesCome to Your Senses!(Season 3, Episode 14) NIK

Nonny breaks his glasses and relies on his other senses to get to the eyeglasses store.

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Tue Oct 4 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe Summer Camp Games(Season 4, Episode 13) NIK

The kids play outside as summer gets underway, and Gil makes use of his camping skills when he saves Bubble Puppy.

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Wed Oct 5 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesX Marks the Spot(Season 2, Episode 1) NIK

The kids help a pirate use a map to find buried treasure.

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Wed Oct 5 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesBatterball!(Season 4, Episode 5) NIK

Molly and Gil visit chef Stef's kitchen and witness how bubblecakes are prepared. Later, the kids play batterball.

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Thu Oct 6 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesTemple of the Lost Puppy!(Season 4, Episode 6) NIK

Bubble Puppy vanishes after biting an old magic bone, so the kids set out to find him, encountering booby traps along the way.

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Thu Oct 6 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesConstruction Psyched!(Season 2, Episode 13) NIK

Goby loses his toy dump truck at a construction site, where it's in danger of getting crushed by a bulldozer.

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Fri Oct 7 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Running of the Bullfrogs!(Season 3, Episode 22) NIK

Gil and Goby bring a tadpole to school to watch it grow into a frog.

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Fri Oct 7 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesGup, Gup and Away!(Season 1, Episode 12) NIK

The kids take an airplane ride.

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Mon Oct 10 8:30am
Bubble GuppiesCan You Dig It?(Season 1, Episode 18) NIK

The kids go to a dinosaur dig site, where they ask questions about the prehistoric creatures.

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