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Thu May 25 12:01am
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationLost & Found(Season 10, Episode 21) OXYGN

The disappearance of a man and his two children three years ago is reinvestigated when the missing man's wife is hit by a car while walking in the desert near where her family vanished. The probe reveals the woman may be involved in the case.

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Thu May 25 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesGood Hair Day!(Season 2, Episode 20) NIK

Gil needs to get a haircut before picture day, but he visits the hair salon on a very crowded day.

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Thu May 25 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Bubble Bee-athalon!(Season 3, Episode 15) NIK

The kids use teamwork to turn nectar into honey in time for the queen bee's afternoon tea.

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Tue May 30 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesBubble Duckies(Season 2, Episode 15) NIK

Flying ducks get lost in a storm cloud and must be rescued.

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Tue May 30 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesCostume Boxing!(Season 4, Episode 2) NIK

Molly participates in Fashion Week and earns a spot on the cover of a top fashion magazine.

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Wed May 31 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe Unidentified Flying Orchestra!(Season 3, Episode 13) NIK

The kids form an orchestra led by a conductor who's from a different planet.

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Wed May 31 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesSpace Guppies!(Season 4, Episode 7) NIK

Major Bummer wants to rid the galaxy of music, so Molly attempts to bring back peace and harmony by teaming up with sci-fi versions of her pals.

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Thu Jun 1 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesSuper Guppies!(Season 3, Episode 24) NIK

A comic book inspires the kids to become superheroes, and they try to foil a villain's plot to make the entire city smelly.

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Thu Jun 1 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesHumunga-Truck!(Season 2, Episode 9) NIK

The kids head to a truck show and learn about a variety of trucks, including one that transforms into a huge robot.

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Mon Jun 5 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesBubble Scrubbies!(Season 3, Episode 17) NIK

Mr. Grouper catches a cold, so the kids combat germs by practicing good hygiene.

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Mon Jun 5 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Amusement Parking Lot!(Season 3, Episode 10) NIK

A field trip to an amusement park is halted because of Mr. Grouper's car troubles, so the kids work on fixing the problem.

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Tue Jun 6 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesTemple of the Lost Puppy!(Season 4, Episode 6) NIK

Bubble Puppy vanishes after biting an old magic bone, so the kids set out to find him, encountering booby traps along the way.

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Tue Jun 6 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesCheck It Out!(Season 2, Episode 10) NIK

Gil loses his library card, so he and his pals search the pages of his favorite books to find it.

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Wed Jun 7 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesBubble-Cadabra!(Season 2, Episode 14) NIK

A magician vanishes, so the kids fill in for him and try to make an elephant disappear.

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Wed Jun 7 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesPuddleball!(Season 3, Episode 21) NIK

Rain ruins a kickball game, so Gil creates puddleball, which can be played in wet weather.

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