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Mon Mar 27 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe Elephant Trunk-a-Dunk!(Season 3, Episode 3) NIK

The kids watch a basketball game played by elephants.

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Mon Mar 27 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesParty at Sea!(Season 3, Episode 16) NIK

The kids celebrate boats with a bash at sea, but the festivities are threatened by snow-cone ice.

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Tue Mar 28 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesBubble-Cadabra!(Season 2, Episode 14) NIK

A magician vanishes, so the kids fill in for him and try to make an elephant disappear.

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Tue Mar 28 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesSpace Guppies!(Season 4, Episode 7) NIK

Major Bummer wants to rid the galaxy of music, so Molly attempts to bring back peace and harmony by teaming up with sci-fi versions of her pals.

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Wed Mar 29 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesHumunga-Truck!(Season 2, Episode 9) NIK

The kids head to a truck show and learn about a variety of trucks, including one that transforms into a huge robot.

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Wed Mar 29 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesBubble Bites(Season 1, Episode 19) NIK

The kids go food shopping in a supermarket.

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Thu Mar 30 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesWe Totally Rock!(Season 1, Episode 9) NIK

The kids form a rock band and learn to play instruments such as guitars, drums and keyboards.

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Thu Mar 30 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesGet Ready for School!(Season 3, Episode 1) NIK

Young Avi prepares to start school, so the kids show him how much fun school is.

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Mon Apr 3 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesSwimtastic Check-Up!(Season 3, Episode 18) NIK

The mayor gets a stomachache while training for a marathon, so she heads to the hospital for a medical examination.

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Mon Apr 3 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesBubble Puppy!(Season 1, Episode 3) NIK

The kids learn pet-care basics in preparation for Gil's puppy adoption.

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Tue Apr 4 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe Super Ballet Bowl!(Season 3, Episode 4) NIK

The kids put a twist on traditional ballet when they combine sports and ballet to tell a story.

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Tue Apr 4 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesSir Nonny the Nice!(Season 2, Episode 18) NIK

Nonny strives to become a knight, but a challenging game of miniature golf may halt his quest.

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Wed Apr 5 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesA Dolphin Is a Guppy's Best Friend!(Season 3, Episode 25) NIK

The kids befriend a young dolphin and escort it to its birthday bash.

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Wed Apr 5 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Crayon Prix!(Season 1, Episode 2) NIK

The kids discover new colors and mix different shades as they prepare for a car race.

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Thu Apr 6 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe Glitter Games!(Season 4, Episode 1) NIK

A princess-in-training befriends Molly, who helps her practice skills that will earn her a crown.

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Thu Apr 6 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesBubble Duckies(Season 2, Episode 15) NIK

Flying ducks get lost in a storm cloud and must be rescued.

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