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The Bounty Hunter
15:16 — In order to protect Joy (Jaime Pressly), Earl (Jason Lee) finds himself in desperate need to take care of number forty-five on his list, "ditched Jess (more…)
Jessie Graff's Thunderbolt Pegboard
05:09 — Watch Jessie Graff, Travis Rosen, Geoff Britten and Brian Arnold compete on the Thunderbolt Pegboard on the 2017 American Ninja Warrior All Stars spec (more…)
Jessie Graff's All-Star Win
01:31 — Watch Jessie Graff, Flip Rodriguez and Nicholas Coolridge clinch the all-star win with their Stage 3 run.
Ghost Quest
Jonny, Jessie and Hadji stumble upon a tragic island.
Jessie James and Eric Decker Cozy Up in Cabo -- See the Pics!
01:26 — The couple were in Mexico over the weekend for Jessie's sister's wedding.
Piper Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Piper's brainwashed alter ego, Isabelle Gareth, a highly trained assasin, is activated after receiving a "special" birthday gift. Now she's hunting do (more…)
Cattle Calls & Scary Walls
Jessie decides she wants to try acting and plans to audition for a TV show.
Break-Up and Shape-Up
Jessie becomes threatened Tony has to train a beautiful girl named Victoria as a doorman.
Power in a Bottle
Jax finds out where Jake and Jessie are hiding. Emma continues to abuse her magic and strips the Council of their powers.
Here Comes the Squirtle Squad
Ash and his friends walk along a path and fall into a hole dug by a group of mischievous Squirtle. Ash climbs out and tries to battle them, but they s (more…)
Laurie and Jessie
03:18 — A look at two women whose lives have spun out of control. At one time, Laurie was a psychotherapist and mother of three. But then an addiction to pain (more…)
The Kid Whisperer
Jessie asks another nanny for advice, and finds out that she's not just a nanny, she's a dog sitter.
JESSIE: To Be Me, or Not to Be Me
02:57 — When Jessie and Zuri switch personalities, Zuri must pull off Jessie's first big acting part.
World Wide Web of Lies
07:00 — Jessie is bullied by a bossy nanny and ends up on her website that features pictures of bad nannies.
Austin & JESSIE & Ally All Star New Year
01:07 — Austin needs Jessie's help to get to his gig at Times Square on New Year's Eve!
Cut Day
The gang is out of school on Cut Day, but Zack's nine unexcused absences will get him suspended if he goes too; Slater and Kelly have fun; Jessie enjo (more…)
The Jessie-nator: Grudgement Day
Future Jessie appears from an elevator time machine to warn current Jessie.
There Goes the Bride
When Brooks gets a job in Africa, he and Jessie are forced to move their wedding up immediately!
Lyric Video: Can You Feel It?
01:49 — Ross Lynch performs Can You Feel It? from Austin & JESSIE & Ally All Star New Year!
Snow White and the Seven Dorks
It's time for the school play and the gang decides to do a revamped rap version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, substituting Dwarfs with Dorks. Za (more…)
The Wicked Stepbrother, Pt. 1
After Jessie's Mom remarries, Jessie's step-brother, Eric, arrives in town from NYC, and he has more than just Jessie annoyed when he uses blackmail t (more…)
Come What May!
May wins her first contest, finally earning a ribbon. Jessie of Team Rocket attempts to win by cheating, but is disqualified.
JESSIE: The Runaway Bride of Frankenstein
Jessie does not know how to respond to Brooks' proposal because she deosn't know what the kids will think.
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