Blade Scribe Eyes Batman's Return

TV's Blade, Batman Begins

In Part 1 of our Q&A with David S. Goyer, the producer/writer detailed the differences and similarities between Spike TV's Blade: The Series (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET) and its big-screen begetter. Here he shares the scoop on which other Blade characters will surface on TV, status reports on The Flash, Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider and the Batman Begins follow-up, and the sad truth about why shows such as read more

Your Veronica Mars Questions Answered!

Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni, Veronica Mars

With the much-anticipated season finale of UPN's Veronica Mars  upon us (tonight at 9 pm/ET), many fans are still trying to recover from the shocking not-guilty verdict delivered at Aaron Echolls' trial in last week's episode. Meanwhile other readers are already looking ahead to a potential third season. In his latest exclusive Q&A, Mars creator Rob Thomas provides plenty of insight about recent happenings and answers readers' burning questions about Veronica's future. Question: First, I trust you. Second, please tell me the whole STD thing will make sense after seeing the finale. I'm torn between whether Duncan slept with Kendall or Aaron paid the doctor.... Do tell! — Holli read more


Per the New York Post, shock photographer David LaChapelle is so steamed at the Simpson sisters for bailing on a 2005 Rolling Stone cover shoot that he's slapping them with a 10-grand cancellation fee. According to the paper, Jessica got scared off after being told she'd be posing with snakes à la Paris Hilton. And Ashlee? Actually, I think Ashlee is still waiting on set to get her picture taken. read more

Oh, no. Sisters are so not doing...

Oh, no. Sisters are so not doing it for themselves. This was just bad. And by that, I mean awesome! Catfights, Cabo…Cuervo. Could we ask for anything more? Aside from, oh, I don't know, maybe some g.d. parenting! Cripes, as much as I live for this show, I'm wondering if Child Services should be called. But until they are, let's toast the decline of American civilization —and a muy caliente spring break — with a "Hola Back, Girls" survey.1) Kristin's flirty-girty act with Talan: Supercute or tease of the decade?2) Or do you think they did it?3) Was that really a hickey, or did Jason the Chronic Cheater try to suck Poor Dumb Jessica's vocal cords straight out of her neck? And would we blame him if he did, just to shush her up?4) Do you think Awful Alex will ever realize that calling the ex-girlfriend of the guy she stole a slut makes no sense at all?5) Or that stalking said guy to the basketball courts i read more

Can I tell you guys how much your...

Can I tell you guys how much your replies make Tuesdays worth living? Really. It's so comforting to know there are other folks out there losing way too much sleep over Beach's beyotches and the blameless boys they recycle. So, with Labor Day officially a memory, I offer you the "Summer's So Dunzo" survey. And no cheating! We'll leave that to Jason next week. Hee hee.1. Where did Awful Alex M.'s eyebrows go? Girl's starting to look like "female" wrestler Chynna on a bender. 2. Speaking of, is it me or was Taylor working an "escape from rehab" vibe in that last scene? Concealer, honey. Embrace it.3. Would you rather have to see Jason the Unfaithful and Awful Alex's post-dinner fish-kisses or hear Poor Dumb Jessica leaving him an "I love you" voicemail from Monmouth?4. Who else considered sending Casey's housekeeper Imelda an arsenic-and read more

OK, you guys are cracking me up...

OK, you guys are cracking me up with your replies to these surveys. And I swear, if I had the space, I would totally shout out to y'all. But since I don't, I'm just gonna send some lovin' vibes to each and every one of you, in honor of this week's Valentine's Day pop quiz. 1) What should Stephen's punishment be for taking Kristin out for Valentine's dinner before showing up at L.C.'s with candy and flowers the next day? Public castration, no nookie from either of them, or seven minutes locked in a closet with Casey, the porny new girl with the funky lips?2) Does candy really mean "I love you"? 'Cause if it does, then my mom ADORED me. So say yes.3) On a scale of one to a gazillion, how sad is Jessica for saying "I deserved it" after Jason semiapologized for treating her like [bleep]? It's called Codependent No More, honey. Go buy it and have someone teach you to read.4) As nice as it was to see Dieter a read more

After Jessica was jettisoned last...

After Jessica was jettisoned last week, we're down to the final seven, all of whom are easily worth their rock salt. But with Deanna and MiG each performing songs they wrote, the magnificent seven could suddenly become the furious five if INXS isn't thrilled with the pair's creative results. Just ask any all-original band out there: Getting an audience to connect with unknown music is as tough as scoring tickets to a U2 tour. Usually, "Here's one we wrote" comes across as "Go get a beer." So Deanna and His MiGness definitely have their work cut out for them. Suzie: She desperately wanted to sing an original, but had to settle for the Stones' "Start Me Up." Which she nailed. If that performance doesn't keep her out of the bottom three, nothing will.J.D.: I've never been a Foreigner fan. Or a J.D. fan, for that matter. But his take on "Cold as Ice" has me thinking. Maybe what INXS needs is someone as daring as read more

Hi, my name is Joe, and I have...

Hi, my name is Joe, and I have a problem: I'm a live-music junkie. I just can't resist the siren song of an intimate club show, as my wallet can attest. So even though I live in relative squalor, I have seen a lot of bands. For whatever reason, there are a ton of incredible performers on the circuit who haven't hit national success — yet. The Bielanko Brothers, Jay Morgans and Edward Gieda all come to mind. And after watching Jessica sing to be saved as part of last night's bottom three (along with Suzie and Deanna), I can add her name to that list, too. I'm simply stumped as to why she hasn't made it prior to this series. The girl possesses a vicious voice, an assured stage presence and, oh yeah, sex appeal to burn. With or without INXS, I'd pay to see Jess in a sweaty bar. And it looks like it's gonna be without 'em, cause Jessica is sent packing by Taskmaster Tim. Can that guy crack the whip or what? I have to wonder, th read more

Hey, everybody, do you know what...

Hey, everybody, do you know what time it is? It's survey time! E-mail your replies to the address at the bottom of the page to win… um… uh, the chance to have me read them aloud to my coworkers. Come on, all the cool kids are doing it.

1) Is Jessica in denial or just dumb? Because now that Jason is blowing her off for secret double dates with brunette Alex, Cedric and Casey, I'm thinking our little cutie is more than just a few candlesticks-in-the-library short of a game of Clue.
2) Checking a shifty beau's cell-phone call log: Justified or juvenile? (Remember, we are talking about Jason, so Jess deserves special consideration here.)
3) Talan says he's "a good guy who finishes last," but seems quite comfy starting something with Kristin behind Taylor's back. Is he a) a liar, b) a player or c) a recovering geek who finally realized that girls will buy any line when there's a camera crew in the roo read more

Why is Brooke Burke wearing tights?...

Why is Brooke Burke wearing tights? Might I remind you, Brookey, that ratings aren't exactly as high as the front row of a Phish concert? And after Tuesday's micromini peep show, I was expecting more of the same. Instead, I had to settle for some suspect mathematics, as Brooke explained how two extra rockers were in the bottom three. Um, wouldn't that make it the bottom five? Fortunately, Ty's encore of "No Woman, No Cry" checked my head and had me scouring my CD collection for Bob Marley's Legend, a record that has passed through nearly every dorm room in the country.

I'm not sure the same will be true for INXS' next album, regardless of who's fronting the band. I don't think Brandon, Suzie or Jessica will have to worry about that, though. Yes, Suzie and Jess may have been granted a reprieve this time, but I give them three more weeks, tops. As for Brando, I guess forgetting the words to "Don't read more

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