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Desperate Housewives De-Friends Jessica Hecht, Adds Andrea Parker

Andrea Parker, Jessica Hecht

Less Than Perfect star Andrea Parker has been tapped to replace Friends alum Jessica Hecht in the final season of Desperate Housewives, reports.

Hecht was originally cast to play the new girlfriend of... read more

Miguel Ferrer Adds Class to Desperate Housewives

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer has signed on to recur on the final season of Desperate Housewives, reports.

The 56-year-old Protector star will play... read more

November 28, 2006: There's Something in the Stars

The smudged faces in the opening of this episode were semi-freaky, but I couldn't believe someone could actually be seeing that. Face Blindness. Can you imagine being one of the two percent of the population who has this? I like the tests Holland gives her patients…. They let you in on the examination process.Rebecca Ellis (Jessica Hecht) struck a chord with me, since she's returning to Hanson's office for the second time after he repaired an aneurysm once before. Part of me kept seeing Carol's girlfriend Susan from Friends, but this character seems weathered, tired, scared of finding out there's something else wrong with her brain. "I have very steady hands, that's all you need to care about," says Hanson. His bits of charm interspersed with intense patient exams definitely work for me. I'm a fan.I'm not sure what the meaning of Dr. Flores' talkative moment with Rebecca was, but maybe just a simple way to introduce him a little more. He seems quirky but witty, too."Odds are fe... read more

I was wondering if I'd like John...

I was wondering if I'd like John Leguizamo's character Dr. Clemente. I knew I'd like John himself, although I imagined him singing all his lines à la Moulin Rouge (hey, you either loved it or hated it — me, I loved it). But would I like his ER character?  When no one wanted to get Clemente to help with the hyperactive drugged-out guy, I decided I loved him after he said this line: "Hey — even if you think I'm a pain in the ass, it should never get in the way of patient care." Sold. But I sure was glad they decided to give Kristen Johnston the week off — we longtime ER fans need baby steps to accept new people. Too funny that some of the women are already eyeing Clemente. Nice subtle up-and-down look Samantha gave him, and even Neela (shocker!) referred to him as "kinda hot." Best story line was Luka with the six-year-coma patient, Blaire — how horrible for her to wake up to find out her husband was remarried and her mother was killed. I was read more

First I need to correct the handful...

First I need to correct the handful of people who last week thought I was saying that Jessica Hecht played Ross' ex-wife on Friends. If you go back and check, you'll see that I wrote "Ross' ex-wife's wife." Had to get that out of the way. So tonight was another episode that hit home for me. My dad had prostate cancer just like Dr. Dubenko, and had the same risky surgery. My dad survived, but he is unfortunately in that 25 percent group Dubenko was mentioning. It was so sweet that Abby wanted to be such a friend to him. But just a friend. The scene where she politely rejected his request to help him with his problem before and after the surgery ("I'm gonna have to take a pass on that") was priceless. Boy, do I love me some Maura Tierney.  But I also love me some Linda Cardellini. So glad Sam finally spoke up for herself against Cruella De Vil, or rather, Kristen Johnston as Eve. So funny to hear Luka whine to Kerry as he complai read more

Does this show have room for two...

Does this show have room for two beeyotches? They already have Kerry Weaver, and now there's Kristen Johnston as Eve, the new nurse manager that everybody hates. I started out loving her, since I tend to flock toward the "female dogs," and then when she was mean to my Luka, I hated her. I briefly forgave her when she and Luka seemed to patch things up. But when Eve told Sam she didn't want her to work the same shift as Luka, I was back to hating her. Loved when Sam compared her to Yoda. Johnston does a great job regardless. I was never a 3rd Rock fan, but she was nice to me the one time I met her. Very freaky beginning, with the unidentified burn victim running into the hospital. But nothing was scarier than the abusive father lunging toward his ex-wife after realizing their son was probably dead. Poor Luka. It was bad enough he didn't go back to the boy sooner, but it was even worse that Eve was right. Nice work from Jessica Hecht read more

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