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Amelia & Owen Go All in
02:34 — "It's harder to love somebody than to walk away from them."
Arizona Tells Penny to Back Off
00:53 — The pressure is getting to Arizona.
Arizona Can't Be April's Doctor
01:09 — She would rather be April's friend.
Stephanie Chooses Surgery Over Love
02:11 — She tells Jo it's too painful to sit in the waiting room, unable to help.
Is Arizona Going to Lose Sofia?
01:14 — Richard gives Arizona advice.
Callie Asks Alex to Take Her Side
00:46 — Preview Episode 21: Callie needs Alex's help.
The Doctors Recieve The Gunshot Victim
02:22 — Which child was shot?
Owen Blames Himself for His Sister's Death
01:24 — Amelia comforts Owen when he confesses he feels responsible.
Stephanie Hooks up With Kyle (Wilmer Valderrama)
02:19 — Edwards is finally getting some action!
It Scares Maggie to Love So Much
00:50 — How does Meredith live like this?
Jo Doesn't Need a Gun Any More
01:41 — Jo's gun used to make her feel safe, but she realizes she's outgrown it.
Arizona Declares War On Callie
01:44 — Don't mess with Arizona.
Ben Defies Bailey
01:07 — Ben's latest decision deepens the rift between himself and Miranda.
A Callie & Arizona Battle Is Brewing
01:28 — Preview Episode 20: Callie's plan to move Sofia to NY upsets Arizona.
An Accidental Shooting
01:12 — Preview Episode 20: Tragedy strikes when two boys play with a gun.
Jackson and April Feel Their Baby Kick!
02:07 — What happened to these two best friends?
Callie Tells Penny She Loves Her
02:04 — Will a move to New York change everything for these lovebirds?
Bailey Confronts Ben With the Smoking Gun
02:29 — Bailey shows Ben he DID have a choice.
Maggie Confronts Riggs About the Past
02:05 — Riggs made a mistake and he's paid for it ever since.
Ben Warren's Fate at Grey Sloan Memorial Is Determined
02:51 — Do you have any idea what you've done?!
Arizona Gives Callie Relationship Advice
00:48 — Unfortunately, Arizona's advice gets lost in translation.
Bailey Asks Webber to Discipline Ben
01:24 — Dr. Webber tells Chief Bailey to do her job.
Chief Bailey Delivers Bad News
02:26 — Bailey has to give a young girl some heartbreaking news.
Bailey Makes a Tough Call
01:10 — Preview Episode 18: Alex pushes Bailey to call a code pink.
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