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Derek Wants to Adopt Zola
01:12 — Watch this classic scene from Season 7!
Derek Is Staying in Seattle!
02:00 — Watch Meredith's surprising reaction.
Meredith Jumps in Bed With Alex!
00:53 — Now that Cristina's gone, Meredith turns to Alex during her latest crisis. Watch Jo's reaction in this scene from Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 1: (more…)
Owen Remembers Cristina
02:55 — "I need a reason to get up every morning."
Meet Dr. Herman
01:00 — Arizona's new fellowship is off to a rocky start.
Richard Tells Maggie the Truth
01:49 — Richard finally tells Maggie the truth about his relationship with her mother. He knew Ellis Grey… very well. Watch this scene from Grey's Anatomy Sea (more…)
Alex Is Taking Over for Arizona
01:01 — "If you're trying to be a mentor, you're sucking at it."
Arizona Lets Callie Help With Her Leg
02:33 — Watch this classic Calzona scene from Season 9!
Mama Kepner Comes to Town
01:21 — April's mom (guest star Connie Ray) visits Seattle!
April Fears She's Pregnant
01:23 — Watch this classic Grey's Anatomy scene from Season 9!
Jackson & April: The Bus Explosion
02:43 — April fears the worst for Jackson.
Jackson, April & Baby
01:33 — "Are you worried?"
What's Wrong With Jackson & April's Baby?
01:31 — Arizona and Stephanie get devastating news.
Alex Kisses Jo
00:37 — Alex is looking to commit!
Penny Will Never Forget Derek
01:27 — Penny's apology strikes a chord with Meredith.
Webber Knew Penny Killed Derek
00:55 — He hired her anyway.
Jackson Is the Guy
00:56 — Jackson pulls off an impossible surgery for April.
Arizona Asks Webber for a Favor
00:39 — "I'm not going to wingman a patient for you!"
Justin Timberlake Gets Major Twitter Backlash After Saying Jesse Williams' BET Speech Inspired Him
01:21 — The singer eventually issued an apology for accidentally offending some fans.
Callie & Arizona: Agree to Disagree?
01:06 — They can't seem to get on the same page in the season premiere.
Meredith Confronts Richard
01:20 — How long has he known the truth about Maggie?
Alex Finds Answers for Meredith
01:04 — Alex puts his detective skills to the test when he pulls up old hospital records from 1983. They reveal that Ellis Grey was indeed pregnant! "She's my (more…)
Meredith Didn't Vote for Alex
00:48 — "You want my pity vote? I wouldn't."
Callie & Arizona: The First Kiss
01:38 — Watch this classic Grey's Anatomy moment from Season 5!
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  • Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Birthday: August 5, 1981, Leo
  • Profession: Actor

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