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"Magda & Jeff"

Im going to cut to the chase and say that this was one of my very least favorite episodes since the series began but that ending was one of the best ever Hows that for running the gamut Lets start with that ending Ding-dong the witch is dead Just when I thought I was happy to see Gina back because I thought she changed her wicked ways here she was being more sadly pathetic than ever So pathetic that I grimaced every time she was on screen after that scene when she paid the Gina-look-alike Ali Raymer to have sex with Christian while she watchedand then begged Christian to Kiss me Then when she morphed further into Alex Forrest and lied by manipulating Julia into thinking Christian could be HIV positive because she was having sex with him I cringed even more I wanted the bee-yotch to get punished for her craziness I was so glad to see Christian hand her the restraining order towards the very end How many of you were thinking or perhaps screaming No way He is read more

Exclusive: Nip/Tuck's Dead Diva Speaks!

Courtesy FX Networks

WARNING: Stop reading if you haven't seen last night's Nip/Tuck! Talk about going out with a bang. On last night's Nip/Tuck, Christian's unhinged, sex-addicted ex-lover Gina plummeted to her death while the two were mid-coitus on her apartment building's roof. Luckily, Jessalyn Gilsig is alive and well and ready to dish about her character's bizarre (even by Nip/Tuck's freakish standards) swan song.What was your reaction when you found out how you were being killed off?Jessalyn Gilsig: I thought it was so brilliant. And so sad. She finally expressed [her true feelings] to Christian and then she falls off the building. [Laughs] What was it like shooting the scene?Gilsig: We were in downtown L.A. and it was cold. The stunt girl did one take before me, and it looked so [funny] when she fell off the edge of the building that I burst into hysterics. I think I might've ruined the take. They set it up so perfectly; it was so unexpected. It was so bizarre. Did series creator Ryan Murphy tel... read more

"Rachel Ben Natan"

After a four-week break it was nice to revisit the adventures of our favorite fantastically plastic duo Too bad we still dont know what Eden put in that dang fruitcake four weeks ago All we know is that it gives Julia spontaneous nosebleeds which just makes Christian pout about being deprived of sex with his best friends ex Speaking of Eden how lovely to have a completely Eden-free episode Sure the skank returns next week but it was pleasant to get through an entire hour without her Four characters returned that I enjoy Dawn Budge Rosie ODonnell Freddie Oliver Platt Aidan Bradley Cooper and after a long time away Gina Jessalyn Gilsig Ill get to Ginas return laterEver since we first met Freddie it was beyond apparent that he was gay Then when Freddie and Dawn started dating besides thinking Huh I was immediately reminded of Dana Carveys character on SNL Lyle The Effeminate Heterosexual So leave it to Dawn to budge it out of him after seeing read more

Critic's Notebook: Strike — and Life — Goes On

Calista Flockhart, Dave Annable and Sally Field in Brothers & Sisters by Craig Sjodin/ABC

How’s this for irony? All last week, trying not to get too depressed about what a protracted writers’ strike might mean for the TV season and the industry at large, I was secretly looking forward to a weekend getaway: catching former Alias star Jennifer Garner’s Broadway debut in a revival of Cyrano, opposite Kevin Kline and Rescue Me’s Daniel Sunjata. Unfortunately, my tickets were for Saturday night, by which time the stagehands’ union had initiated their own sudden walkout and work stoppage.At this rate, I might actually finish the book I’ve been reading since mid-October.(Thankfully, I was lucky enough to catch Aaron Sorkin's new play, The Farnsworth Invention, before the strike. It was scheduled to have its official opening night later this week, but when it reopens, I predict a healthy run for this fascinating, entertaining play recounting the birth of television.)While consumers of TV, movies and even theater wait for unions and producers to reac... read more

Exclusive Friday Night Lights, Trace Casting Scoops!

Henry Thomas by Jeff Vespa/, Jessalyn Gilsig by Prashant Gupta/FX

Good thing Thursdays are slow here in the Amish country, 'cause the Ausiello Report's casting scoop cup runneth over today.Sources confirm to me exclusively that Nip/Tuck's Jessalyn Gilsig has been recruited to play the recurring role of Connie Britton's hip, single and smart sister on Friday Night Lights.Meanwhile, E.T.'s BFF, Henry Thomas, is joining the cast of Without a Trace as Anthony LaPaglia's new nemesis.Feel free to rant/rave about these latest castings below. Meanwhile, I've got a Rumspringa vacation to get back to.More casting news: Exclusive: Earl Charmed By Alyssa Milano, Lee Majors Is Game's Six Million Dollar Coach, CBS' Randy Men Woo ER's Wen, Janeane Garofalo read more

Death Becomes Kumar's Harold, More Casting News

John Cho and Kal Penn in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle courtesy New Line

John Cho will guest-star as a private-school principal who squares off with Eddie Kaye Thomas' public school veep in three episodes of Fox's 'Til Death this coming season. With Kal Penn now on House, both Harold and Kumar should have plenty of cash for future White Castle runs. Also per the Hollywood Reporter, Jessalyn Gilsig, aka the mom of Heroes' Claire, has joined the cast of NBC's Backyards & Bullets pilot, playing Mathew St. Patrick's wife.... Camryn Manheim (Ghost Whisperer), Leslie Hope (24) and Kathy Baker (Picket Fences) are all on board for Jesse Stone: Thin Ice, the fifth installment in CBS' hit TV-movie franchise. read more

Fall 2007: 24 Alum Returns to Fox

You know the drill. Fall. Pilots. Variety. The Reporter. Read:• 24's Teri Bauer, Leslie Hope, is returning to Fox, playing the wife of a cop in The Apostles. Jessalyn Gilsig (Claire's bio-mom on Heroes, Nip/Tuck) has also joined the cast.• As first scooped by the Ausiello Report, Lucy Liu, who is currently in the midst of an Ugly Betty run, is now part of ABC's Cashmere Mafia.• James Brolin is Alyssa Milano's father (and thus Mary Steenburgen's hubby) in Everwood creator Rina Mimoun's untitled ABC drama. Ooh, Barbra is gonna sing the theme song, you just know it!• Aimee Garcia (George Lopez) and Paul Campbell (Battlestar Galactica) are the weather girl and news director for Fox's Action News.• Eddie Matos (General Hospital) is Jimmy Smits' youngest brother in CBS' drama about a family-run rum dynasty. read more

February 12, 2007: All We Can Do Is Run

Tonight, everyone had a different agenda, and of course, plans went awry and things got messier than they already are. And what would a Heroes episode be without some murders? I wouldn't want any of these people chasing me... that is, unless I had a power of my own. But there was a departure from the heroes using or testing their powers tonight, with the exception of Sylar (and he's no "hero" in my eyes). More on him later....The episode picked up right where it left us last week: with Nathan. He knew nothing about Meredith (Jessalyn Gilsig) surviving the fire and offered her $100,000 to keep her mouth shut. Hey Nate, I'll keep my mouth shut.... Do you hear me? Meredith's not even truthful! She only offered Claire $25K. She really creeps me out — her high, eerie voice doesn't help to convince me otherwise, either. At least Nathan has a heart and feels responsible, even though he's clearly afraid of getting involved and actually being a father to a new daughter. But I like seein... read more

Conversation Father: Inside Heroes' Big Paternity Twist

Heroes' Hayden Panettierre, Adrian Pasdar

Nathan is the babydaddy! The Feb. 5 episode of NBC's Heroes ended with a stunning and super-sudsy twist: Viewers learned that cheerleader Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) is the out-of-wedlock offspring of trailer-park mama Meredith Gordon (Jessalyn Gilsig) and ambitious politico Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar). Are we gearing up for a Kennedy-esque scandal here? Series creator Tim Kring gave TV Guide the lowdown on this wild development.TV Guide: Was it always your plan to have Nathan be Claire's father?Tim Kring: Yes, from before Day 1. When the show was just a diagram on paper, I read more

December 5, 2006: Willy Ward

Weeks ago when Escobar said goodbye to Sean and told him Were even now and that he wouldnt be back you knew that was too good to be true Tonight after James shot herself to death you knew that would not be the end of Michelles troubles But who knew James would be working for Escobar Nice twist Now Escobar wants Michelle to take over for James Thats not going to fit into Christian and Michelles perfect new family life with little Wilber We all knew as soon as Michelle got into her car that someone was going to be inside but did any of you expect it to be Escobar Yes Robert LaSardos name was in the opening credits but I thought hed be seen in one of Seans dream sequences Well have to wait until next weeks season finale to find out more about Escobars diabolical plans but lets cross our fingers that those plans dont involve one of Wilbers kidneys How about James gifting Wilber tonight with an Operation game board and pointing out the tiny little read more

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