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Sat Mar 28 1:02am
19 Kids and CountingThe Duggar Brides TLC

A look back at Jill's wedding features her and Derick's photo album. Also: a preview of Jessa's big day.

Sat Mar 28 11:00am
19 Kids and CountingAll About Jill(Season 14, Episode 12) TLC

Jill's bridal shower allows her to spend time with the new mothers she's met through her work as a midwife.

Sat Mar 28 12:00pm
19 Kids and CountingJessa's Engagement(Season 14, Episode 14) TLC

Ben plans a scavenger hunt as a surprise wedding proposal for Jessa that highlights the most memorable moments of their courtship.

Sat Mar 28 1:00pm
19 Kids and CountingJill's Secret(Season 15, Episode 1) TLC

In the season premiere, Jessa and Ben's wedding is on the horizon, but time is running short to get everything ready. Meanwhile, Jill surprises her family with a big announcement.

Sat Mar 28 2:00pm
19 Kids and CountingJessa Says Yes to the Dress(Season 15, Episode 2) TLC

Jessa goes shopping for a wedding dress with an opinionated entourage of Duggars and Seewalds. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick get a special gift from Josh and Anna.

Sat Mar 28 2:30pm
19 Kids and CountingBridesmaids and Babies(Season 15, Episode 3) TLC

Jinger wields her camera to take Ben and Jessa's engagement photos with the couple's wedding just six weeks away. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick prepare for parenthood at their first midwife visit.

Sat Mar 28 3:00pm
19 Kids and CountingInvites and Ride-Alongs(Season 15, Episode 4) TLC

Jill makes a gift for Derick's mom; and Jim Bob rides along with John-David in his police car. Meanwhile, Jessa and Ben ask Josh to design their wedding invitations with the ceremony only a few weeks away.

Sat Mar 28 3:30pm
19 Kids and CountingWedding Prep and Pies(Season 15, Episode 5) TLC

Ben designs a wedding ring for Jessa, while the girls visit a florist to select the flowers for the wedding party. Also: Jason and James create a special dish for the rehearsal dinner, but first it has to be approved by Jessa and Ben.

Sat Mar 28 4:00pm
19 Kids and CountingMichelle's High School Reunion(Season 15, Episode 6) TLC

Michelle attends her 30th high-school reunion, but details about her past come as a surprise to her family. Later, Johannah celebrates her ninth birthday with a horseback-riding party.

Sat Mar 28 4:30pm
19 Kids and CountingRace to the Altar(Season 15, Episode 7) TLC

Jessa and Ben register for gifts, but Ben is distracted by toys and candy. Later, Jessa and Ben join Joy and Jason for some exercise before the wedding; and Jill and Jana prepare a Nepalese meal for Derick.

Sat Mar 28 5:00pm
19 Kids and CountingWedding Prep(Season 15, Episode 8) TLC

The family have a pizza party while Jill and Derick and Jessa and Ben go on a double date that involves painting. Later, Jessa and Ben work on finalizing their wedding plans.

Sat Mar 28 6:00pm
19 Kids and CountingAll About Jessa(Season 15, Episode 9) TLC

A profile of Jessa features recollections from her family about her formative years; and the memorable moments from her engagement to Ben. Also: Jessa and Ben host a flag-football game.

Mon Mar 30 7:00am
19 Kids and CountingDuggars Shoot for the Sky(Season 6, Episode 1) TLC

A new season begins as Jessa celebrates her 18th birthday with a trip to the shooting range and a skydiving adventure. Back at home, Michelle takes a pregnancy test.

Mon Mar 30 7:30am
19 Kids and CountingDuggars Rock the Vote(Season 6, Episode 2) TLC

John-David decides to follow in his dad's footsteps and run for political office. Also: Joseph gets braces; an update on Josh and Anna's pregnancy.

Mon Mar 30 12:00pm
19 Kids and CountingThe Big Question(Season 13, Episode 8) TLC

Jim Bob gets a Nepali shave; Jill volunteers at a birth center; Derick has a surprise for Jill before she goes back to the U.S.

Mon Mar 30 1:00pm
19 Kids and CountingSomething New(Season 13, Episode 9) TLC

Josh and Anna go skiing with Jana and Joseph; Michelle attends Joy Anna's violin lesson; Jessa and Jinger visit Ben's house, where his sisters teach Jessa how to cook his favorite meal.

Mon Mar 30 1:30pm
19 Kids and CountingCouples' Weekend(Season 13, Episode 10) TLC

Jinger plays chaperone when Jessa and Ben visit Josh and Anna in Washington, D.C., where Anna is anxious to show them the city. Meanwhile, Jill and Jana assist at a birth; and Jim Bob and Michelle have an appointment with a fertility doctor.

Tue Mar 31 6:00am
19 Kids and CountingJill Says Yes to the Dress(Season 14, Episode 6) TLC

Jill goes shopping for a wedding dress on a trip to Washington, D.C., with her mom and a few of her sisters. Meanwhile, back in Arkansas, Derick and Ben go camping with Jim Bob and John-David.

Tue Mar 31 7:00am
19 Kids and CountingDuggar Girls Go Glam(Season 14, Episode 7) TLC

Jill's vintage-dress vision drives the search for her bridesmaids' attire as she and her sisters also discuss their hairstyles and makeup.

Tue Mar 31 7:30am
19 Kids and CountingDuggar To-Do's(Season 14, Episode 8) TLC

The search for the right bridesmaids' shoes is next on Jill's list of wedding preparations. Meanwhile, Josh and Anna make a special wedding gift; and Jim Bob supervises the carpet installation at the newlyweds' first home.

Tue Mar 31 8:00am
19 Kids and CountingDuggars in Cuffs(Season 14, Episode 10) TLC

Jim Bob and Michelle go on a triple date with Jill, Derick, Jessa and Ben to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, Josh runs a 5km race in Washington, D.C., to get back on track with his fitness goals.

Tue Mar 31 8:30am
19 Kids and CountingDuggar Derby(Season 14, Episode 9) TLC

A soapbox derby champ is crowned. Meanwhile, Jessa and Ben take the younger Duggars on an outing to practice their parenting skills.

Tue Mar 31 9:00am
19 Kids and CountingWedding Countdown!(Season 14, Episode 11) TLC

Jill's wedding is a week away, and she and Derick are busy filling up their new home with furniture purchased at a local auction and lining up transportation for their rehearsal.

Tue Mar 31 10:00am
19 Kids and CountingAll About Jill(Season 14, Episode 12) TLC

Jill's bridal shower allows her to spend time with the new mothers she's met through her work as a midwife.

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