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Why Inside's Doom And Gloom Is Worth Your Time
04:38 — Jess implores you to put down Pokemon Go for a few hours and try your hand at Inside, the atmospheric and macabre follow-up to Limbo. (No spoilers) C (more…)
How Pokemon Go Helped Me Get Up In The Morning
03:59 — Pokemon Go is simple, and often extraordinarily broken. But it’s had a really positive impact for some people who are struggling. Here's Jess’s story. (more…)
Indie Hour: Let's Play... The Basement Collection
1:05:18 — Jess and Ed fire up and run through Edmund McMillien's collection of early works, featuring the original Meat Boy, Coil, Triachnid, Aether, Gish, Time (more…)
Plays Like... Medal of Honor: Warfighter & COD: Black Ops 2
03:37 — For the inevitable moments where life drags you away from your favourite FPS, Jess McDonell serves up some great mobile replacements to keep you shoot (more…)
5 Game Characters I'd Date - The Gist
04:58 — In lieu of Valentine's Day plans, Jess digs through the sexy, disarming and charming, and tells you five video game characters she'd totally date. Yea (more…)
House of Horrors: System Shock 2 Highlights
10:11 — Jess and Zorine tackle tentacle-faced monsters and hadouken monkeys on a mutant-infested space ship. Will they be able to fight their way through or w (more…)
House of Horrors - Expletives And Furniture Fly In The Horrifying Insanidade
14:46 — Jess and Zorine play one of the most terrifying indie games set with jump scares, knife-wielding mannequins, demons, subtext, and it's all in Portugue (more…)
Melrose Place - Electric Attraction
02:41 — Jo resists and then gives in to her attraction to Jess. (Melrose Impossible)
Games That Refuse To Grow Up And Why That’s OK - The Gist
05:23 — Jess covers off on some awesome nostalgia-inspired games that are refusing to compromise for the support of big publishers. Visit all of our channels (more…)
Ghostly Frights And Rave Parties In Daylight - House of Horrors Highlights
13:43 — Zorine and Jess play the whole of Daylight, fending off fire-hating ghosties and picking up every sigil in sight. Visit all of our channels: Features (more…)
House of Horrors - Among The Sleep
27:48 — Think horror games aren't scary enough? Well try playing them as a BABY. Jess and Zorine take a look at the alpha version of this recently Kickstarter (more…)
The Gist - 5 ways to help you decide between the Xbox One and the PS4
04:30 — Jess brings you five things worth considering if you haven't found yourself firmly planted in camp Xbox One or camp PlayStation 4 just yet. So, what n (more…)
House of Horrors - Contagion
07:54 — Jess proves the fairly well understood suspicion that she's awful at FPS games as the girls take on killing zombies, running from zombies, and eventua (more…)
The Gist - 4 Reasons Why Wolfenstein: The New Order Isn't Another Mindless Shooter
04:19 — Jess covers off on what makes Wolfenstein: The New Order more interesting than your run-of-the-mill Call of Duty-esque shooter. Visit all of our chan (more…)
Gaming Meme History: E3 2013 Special Edition
01:57 — Jess digs into some of the best memes that have sprung out of this year's E3. Which was your favorite? Features & Reviews - (more…)
Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings? TODAY Anchors Say: ‘It Works!’
04:03 — Kicking off our “Get Grilling” week, cook and TV personality Jess Pryles demonstrates her recipes for grilled peanut butter and jelly wings and steak (more…)
House of Horrors - Sudden Death And Co-Op Ultra Violence In Obscure!
14:03 — Jess and Zorine delve into a zombie-laden high school, try not to hit each other in the face, and lose a few friends to some gruesome untimely deaths (more…)
Now Playing - Rise of the Tomb Raider: The First Hour
1:10:58 — (Produced In Partnership With Xbox) Ed and Jess put on their winter coats and join Lara Croft in the first hour of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Subscribe (more…)
Forza Horizon 3 Impressions - E3 2016 Stage Show
15:16 — Jess and Scott sit down with Forza's Ralph Fulton to chat about what's on the... well, horizon... for Forza Horizon 3. Subscribe to us on YouTube Gam (more…)
Gaming Meme History: Leeroy Jenkins
02:41 — Jess checks out a hugely popular meme that got started on one of the biggest games in the world; LEEROY JENKINS!!!
4 Things You Need To Know About Mario Kart 8 - The Gist
03:54 — From speed-boost collisions to brand new items, Jess covers you off on all the good stuff you need to know about if you're thinking about picking up M (more…)
What Gamer Are You? Good & Evil - Part 4
04:02 — In the final episode, Jess McDonell rounds of the quick look at gamer types by featuring The White Knight and The Ultimate Evil Doer among others.
Indie Hour: Chasm and Dawning Highlights
10:40 — Jess and Ed take on 2D action in the demo for Discord Games' Chasm and control a suspected naked Slenderman in entropixel's Dawning. Features & Revie (more…)
The Gist - 5 Reasons Why The 3DS Should Be Your Next Console Purchase
05:29 — This week, Jess gives you a bunch of reasons why you should leave the Xbox One and PS4 by the wayside and go spend your hard earned dollars on a 3DS i (more…)
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