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Jessica Simpson's Outrageous Fashion Choice
Jessica Simpson € s fashion line is worth 1 billion dollars! A lot of that networth comes from Jess € s shoe line, which she obviously swea (more…)
IGN_Strategize: L.A. Noire Drive Recklessly
Watch Jess cover the 'Lead Foot' and 'Public Menace' achievements.
Jessica Simpson Can't Wait to Meet Her Baby
Jessica Simpson can € t wait to meet her baby! tired of waiting! Tired of waiting Hey everyon this is Nora Gasparian for Hollyscoop. Now that th (more…)
IGN_Strategize: Arkham City: Nightwing Combat Guide
Join Jess as she welcomes Nightwing to the Arkham City bat-family in this weeks IGN Strategize!
IGN_Strategize: From Dust
Jess guides you through 'The Raging Earth' level.
Doctors Who Need Sleep The Most Aren't Sleeping
Doctors typically make mistakes for two reasons: they're human and they're tired. The former is ok. The latter isn't. Nancy Redd is joined by guests J (more…)
PGA Championship Round 2 Recap: Dufner Leads, Scott in the Hunt and More
Jess Marksbury, Jeff Ritter and Sean O'Donoghue discuss Jason Dufner's incredible second round and what to expect from the PGA Championship over the w (more…)
House of Horrors - Lucius
Jess and Zorine pre-record an episode with a creepy little boy in Lucius.
Ori and the Blind Forest Is Metroidvania Meets The Swapper
Jess and Dan chat about upcoming indie title Ori and the Blind Forest and tell you how it plays, what it offers and what it € s currently missing (more…)
Jess Glynne at UK Number One, The Proidgy Has Top Album
British singer Jess Glynne has claimed a second week at the top of the UK singles charts with her song 'Hold My Hand'. She beat Ed Sheeran's 'Bloodst (more…)
Labour MP Jess Phillips Threatened With Rape, Murder On Twitter
A Birmingham MP says she's received a barrage of rape and murder threats on Twitter by Internet trolls who disagreed with something she said.
Jess Phillips MP on Twitter Trolls
Jess Phillips MP says she wants to be seen as a 'warrior' rather than a 'victim' after received hundreds of violent comments on social media, includin (more…)
Christie Brinkley Approves of Jessica Simpson Dressing as Her For Halloween
Jessica Simpson dressed up as Christie Brinkley for Halloween this weekend. But what did the model think of Jess € s look? She LOVED it!
Jessica Simpson offered big bucks for post baby diet deal. Hey everyone this is Nora Gasparian for Hollyscoop. Jessica Simpson is reportedly in talk (more…)
Jess Ghannam: Netanyahu Will Expose the Real Israel
As the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians swells from the recent rocket attacks against Israel and Israel's offensive in Gaza, many (more…)
Newtown Father's Emotional Plea to Gutless Politicians
Neil Heslin, who lost his son Jess Lewis during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, pleads with politicians during a Bloomberg/Biden press conf (more…)
5 Ways to Help You Decide Between the Xbox One and the PS4
Jess brings you five things worth considering if you haven't found yourself firmly planted in camp Xbox One or camp PlayStation 4 just yet. So, what n (more…)
House of Horrors - Lucius Keeps Delivering On Nudity And Satanism
Jess and Zorine go for #HumpScare round two, and defeat a tricky stealth section as well as four more unlucky innocent inhabitants of Dante Manor.
'New Girl' Teachers Clip
Jess performs intimacy exercises with cute new colleague Ryan in 'Teachers'.
The Lowdown on Drew Barrymore's New Movie 'Miss You Already'
'Miss You Already' stars Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore as Milly and Jess, two best friends since childhood. They share everything, but their friend (more…)
Jessica Simpson: The Billionaire That's Just Like Us
Jessica Simpson's fashion empire is worth 1 billion dollars! And she credits all of it to her humble lifestyle. See how Jess has made it so big, and f (more…)
Jess Phillips MP on Twitter Trolls
Jess Phillips MP says she wants to be seen as a € warrior € rather than a € victim € after received hundreds of violent commen (more…)
Jessica Simpson Discovers Her Pregnancy Thanks To Drinking Binge
Now, this sounds a lot like Snooki's first thought when she found out was pregnant, but's good girl Jessica Simpson that now admits binge dri (more…)
Jessica Simpson Can't Hide Pregnant Belly Anymore
Jessica Simpson is definitely pregnant! Hey everyone this is Nora Gasparia for Hollyscoop. Jessica Simpson hasn € t really announced that she & (more…)
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