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Interview with a Hexenbiest: Grimm's Claire Coffee Gives Scoop on Adalind

Claire Coffee

What's a poor, powerless Hexenbiest to do? When Grimm returns for its third season Friday (9/8c, NBC), Nick's Scooby gang will still be battling zombies, but Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee) has more important matters to take care of: getting her Hexenbiest mojo back! read more

Piers Morgan Leaving America's Got Talent to Focus on CNN Show

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is leaving NBC's America's Got Talent after six seasons to focus on his CNN show, Piers Morgan Tonight.

"I'm leaving America's Got Talent after 6 wonderful years. Turned out that juggling's harder than it looks, so I'm going to focus on CNN," Morgan tweeted late Wednesday. " Big thanks to NBC, Fremantle, and of course, my friend Simon Cowell, for giving me such a great opportunity. It's been a... read more

Provocative Anna Nicole Smith Opera to Debut in London

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole, an opera about the late blonde bombshell Anna Nicole Smith, will make a controversial debut in London on Thursday.

Described as "a celebrity story of our times that includes extreme language, drug abuse and sexual content," the opera will run for six sold-out shows beginning Feb. 17 at the prestigious Royal Opera House, according to the venue's official site. Mark-Anthony Turnage, the man behind 2003's Jerry Springer: The Opera, also composed Anna Nicole.

read more

America's Got Talent Announces First Tour

America's Got Talent

For the first time since America's Got Talent debuted in 2006, the top 10 finalists will go on a nationwide tour.

Who made America's Got Talent's final four?

The finalists — including... read more

David Hasselhoff Gets Roasted for Career, Cheeseburger Incident

David Hasselhoff

Baywatch star David Hasselhoff was a brave man to sit in the hot seat during Comedy Central's Roast of David Hasselhoff. Friends of the Baywatch star — including Pamela Anderson, Jerry Springer and Hulk Hogan — did not hold back on publically ribbing of their pal. After making a mockery of his acting and singing career, roasters weren't shy about ridiculing Hasselhoff's troubles with alcohol and the now-infamous "cheeseburger" video. ... read more

Ready to be Roasted: David Hasselhoff Says "Bring it on!"

David Hasselhoff

In commercials for the Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff (airing Sunday, August 15, 10/9c), the actor gamely acknowledges the abundance of material that is likely to be slung at him at the legendary no-holds-barred event: Knight Rider, Baywatch, the undying devotion of his German fans to his music and, of course, "the video." That's the infamous clip from 2007 in which one of Hasselhoff's two daughters pleads with her shirtless, intoxicated father to stop drinking, all while he munches on a hamburger. It will all be easy fodder for confirmed roasters like... read more

Jerry Springer Gets "Feel-Good" with Baggage

Baggage - Jerry Springer

When Jerry Springer compares the Game Show Network's dating show, Baggage, to The Jerry Springer Show, he is just as forthcoming as the contestants on his new show have to be.

"The biggest difference is the people on Baggage have teeth... read more

Jerry Springer to Make Stage Debut in Chicago

Jerry Springer

Give him the old razzle dazzle: Talk-show host Jerry Springer is slated to take to the London West End stage in a production of the musical Chicago, The Associated Press reports.

Springer's six-week stint as lawyer Billy Flynn —played by Richard Gere in the Oscar-winning 2002 film version — begins in ...
read more

Reader's Jeer of the Week: America's Springer Fever

Posted by lilacgirl57...Jeers and jeers again to the audience of America's Got Talent. I was afraid this would happen with Jerry Springer as host, and I was right. They are as obnoxious and out-of-control as the crazies Jerry has on his own show. Please settle them down, and let the judges do their job. The audience distracts the viewer from the talent (or lack thereof) on the stage. MAKE THEM STOP!!!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Auditions, Week Four

Piers, Sharon, The Hoff and Jerry are back in Atlanta to start off week four.Billy Dodson - He's big, he's burly, he's imposing. He gets on stage and sings...soprano? Three quick X's.Alex Pyles - A 10-year-old cutie with a great southern accent. She comes out on stage with her father, and they perform a combination of acrobatics, gymnastics and self-defense. I mean, they are hurling each other around the stage and kicking the you-know-what out of each other (with very light contact). Piers gives 'em an instant X. Sharon and The Hoff are intrigued. Piers asks a very valid question: how can this act help you win the competition? Sharon asks if Alex and her Dad are sent on to Vegas, how can they build upon this act in the upcoming weeks? Alex: "I would bring in more people and fight off more attackers because it's not always one person who attacks you." Can't argue with that. She wins Sharon over and they're headed to Vegas.Sarah Lenore - She comes out with her guitar and belts out Car... read more

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