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Dancing's Anna Trebunskaya Getting Kurt Warner in the "Music Zone"

Dancing With The Stars

After coming oh-so-close to the Mirrorball trophy twice, Dancing with the Stars' Anna Trebunskaya is ready to go all the way this season with Kurt Warner. "I hope so. It's still a long way to go, but I think we can do it," she tells "Kurt's working really hard and has made a lot of strides in the past week alone." That progress was reflected last week, as the retired National Football League quarterback earned unanimous praise from the judges and improved his score two points to 21. Find out what Trebunskaya — who finished second with Jerry Rice and Evan Lysacek in Seasons 2 and 10, respectively — is working on with Warner the most for Monday's storytelling theme and get her thoughts on Bruno Tonioli's harsh critique of Michael Bolton.

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Dancing's Anna Trebunskaya: Evan's WALL-E Voice May Get Us into Final

Anna Trebunskaya, Dancing With The Stars

It's been eight long seasons since Anna Trebunskaya last made the semifinals on Dancing with the Stars (she eventually finished second with Jerry Rice in Season 2), but now she's back with Evan Lysacek. "It feels so gratifying, but mostly I'm really happy for Evan because I see how hard he's working and how much he does besides Dancing," Trebunskaya tells "He does Stars on Ice and his whole schedule has been crazy, so I'm just happy he's in." But if the Olympic champ wants to make it to the final three, he's going to have to up his performance factor, according to the Dancing pro. See what else Trebunskaya has to say about traveling with Lysacek on Stars on Ice and why we may see more WALL-E impressions from him.

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Mega Buzz on Grey's, Housewives, CSI: Miami, Tree Hill and More!

Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy), Marcia Cross (Housewives) and David Caruso (CSI: Miami)

Every week, senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

Color me shocked that Katherine Heigl isn't leaving Grey's Anatomy. Is it possible we're being duped in some way? — Krista
MATT: I must say that the lack of fanfare surrounding ABC's confirmation of Heigl's status — especially when juxtaposed with the flurry of official statements regarding T.R. Knight's departure — made me raise one of my overgrown eyebrows. "Sure, she's staying... for just one more episode," I cynically hypothesized. But one of my best sources insists that this is not a case of clever semantics, and that Heigl's Izzie will have a significant presence in the fall. 

Please give me some scoop on what's next for Desperate Housewives' Bree.  — Fernando R.
MICKEY: Bree may come off like a brittle maneater, but at heart she's a real softy, which is why juggling an angry Orson and a horny Karl will really ... read more

Will Warren Sapp Tackle Dancing?

Warren Sapp by Arnold Turner/

Dan Marino may not be joining Dancing with the Stars, but have no fear: You may still get your football fix on the dance floor next season.Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp is next on ABC's most wanted list, according to Season 2 runner-up Jerry Rice."They're really going after a big one this time. I think it's Warren Sapp," Rice revealed to Access Hollywood.If it's true, Sapp, who retired in 2007, will fulfill the "Big, Lumbering Athlete" quota for the series. Our wish list had Shaquille O'Neal, but Sapp will definitely do. "You're probably going to see him trim down, lose some weight," Rice said. "I know Warren, Warren is very competitive so he's going to give it 100 percent."Sapp, 35, would be the fourth football star DWTS recruits, following Rice, Season 3 winner Emmitt Smith and Season 6 runner-up Jason Taylor. So if history holds, he should at least make the final two.ABC will announce the full cast on Good Morning America on Monday. ... read more

February 5, 2007: Moroccan Chicken

OMG! How hilarious was this episode? I've thought other weeks were funny, but never did I laugh the entire way through. And it might be a bit hard to recap, since I was laughing while taking notes. So, as I like to do now and again, I'm just going to spout off my favorite quotes from the show (you know, the adult diaper moments).The first really funny moment came at the tail end of Nicole getting angry that pizza was being thrown away, since she was on a strict diet. So after she asked the guys to make sure the pizza touched something else in the trash can and they didn't understand her, she screamed at them, "If there's pizza that's only touched the box, I'm gonna eat that son-of-a-bitch." Nicole had another great one later as the cheesesteak conversation got all phone-sexish. She asked Duncan if he got sweet or hot peppers and he told her that he got both. Then in her sexy voice she says, "I like it sweet and hot." Even Jerry Rice had some funny moments in this one, especially whe... read more

October 25, 2006: No More Spring in His Step

Even after being told he was voted out, Jerry Springer was still cracking jokes: “Thank you for having me. And thank you for letting me go home.” It’s that mixture of sincere humbleness and self-deprecating humor that I’m going to miss most about Jerry. I think Tom Bergeron said it best when he called Jerry “the heart and soul of this show.” This season would not have been the same without him. He gave the show a sweet paternal subplot, a little age variety and some wry commentary — much funnier commentary than Samantha Harris provides (could he possibly sub for her the remainder of the season? Just a suggestion). And in spite of his constant wisecracks, he didn’t treat this competition merely as a joke — he did try to learn the dances. While he sometimes fell short in terms of natural ability and technique, he did succeed in entertaining the crowd. Jerry, you will be missed.Speaking of people missed, MIA Season 1 professional champ Alec ... read more

Now that the games are over and...

Now that the games are over and the February sweeps are about to wrap, it seems clear that the relatively lackluster ratings for NBC's Winter Olympics can be chalked up to a simple fact: TV is better than it was four years ago. It wasn't that we didn't get hooked on the Olympics this year. Turns out we were more hooked on TV itself. Hooked on American Idol, to be sure. But also hooked on 24, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, House, Desperate H read more


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