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Once Upon a Time: Emma's New Life, Regina's New Love and a Wicked New Villain

Once Upon A Time

There are still seven weeks until Once Upon a Time returns! That's the bad news. The good news is caught up with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis to get the scoop on what's ahead.

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Law & Order in Review: A Classic Transported to L.A. and U.K.

Skeet Ulrich

The most radical departure in NBC's Law & Order: Los Angeles (Wednesday, 10/9c) isn't the new location, but the lack of a portentous "these are their stories" intro. It's not the only thing that has been lost in the transition. 

The pilot episode (which includes a brief glimpse of Wanda de Jesus as the police lieutenant, replaced afterward by ... read more

Galaxy Rangers and Other Announced Releases

Galaxy Rangers - The Collection: Volume 2 courtesy Koch Vision

New releases announced today, May 16:The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - The Collection: Volume 2 will be coming out August 5 Dick Francis: The Racing Game - The Complete Mini-Series will be coming out August 12 The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries - Season 1 will be coming out September 9 Visit for the complete stories on these and other news items. read more

On Stage: Seinfeld's George Eyes an Odd Job

Jason Alexander (who got his start as a Broadway hoofer) recently seized the reigns of Los Angeles' Reprise! theater series. For his first offering, he's thinking of starring in a reading of The Odd Couple opposite Martin Short. "I want to do an absolute crowd-pleaser," Alexander told (which must be why he nixed the idea of a Bob Patterson adaptation).... A musicalization of 9 to 5 will enjoy a star-studded reading later this month, as West Wing's Allison Janney channels Lily Tomlin and Bebe Neuwirth takes on Roz, the office suck-up. The Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton and Dabney Coleman roles will be filled by stage vets Stephanie J. Block (Pirate Queen), Megan Hilty (Wicked) and Marc Kudisch.... Even in death, Law & Order's Lenny Briscoe gets justice: The Snapple Theater Center is rechristening its third-floor house as "The Jerry Orbach Theater." Snappleholic Michael Ausiello is green with envy. — Reporting by Raven Snook read more

I was wondering if there is a ...

Question: I was wondering if there is a difference in either the reviews or the ratings for the two different versions of Law & Order: Criminal Intent? I happen to like both versions, for the completely different approaches each set of characters takes to solving the crimes and how they relate interpersonally and to suspects and victims. Yes, Vincent D'Onofrio is sometimes a little over the top, but I still like him. I also really like his partner, and this season there seems to be more insight into their nonworking relationship. I will forever love Chris Noth, dating back to the original Law & Order (he and Jerry Orbach were my favorite combination from any L&O series). I am not sure his partner, Julianne Nicholson, is quite up to snuff yet, but I will give her a chance. Anyway, thanks for the insight. Answer: On this subject, you have more insight than I do. Of the L&O shows, this is the one I've watched the least. I'm more inclined to watch the Mike Logan episodes over the Rober ... read more

Is NBC trying to kill off Law ...

Question: Is NBC trying to kill off Law & Order? How else would you explain them putting it opposite Lost? I think that NBC is content to just have Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (which is clearly the best of the L&O shows) and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (only watchable when Chris Noth is on) in their stable and bid farewell to the original. It's too bad. L&O has been a good show for a long time. Who knew that the death of Jerry Orbach would be so devastating? No offense to Dennis Farina, but he has been unable to generate any interest from this fan. Answer: I agree that classic Law & Order's glory days are behind it, but NBC (which merged a while back with Law & Order's parent company, Universal) isn't about to kill it or let it go just yet, regardless of this latest short-term, boneheaded move. (Second only to CBS continuing to run Amazing Race at the too-late hour of 10 pm/ET on Tuesdays.) If Law & Order were being thrown to the wolves — not just Lost, but the American Idol ... read more

L&O's Merkerson Is a Golden Girl

S. Epatha Merkerson, Law & Order

S. Epatha Merkerson likely gave fans of NBC's Law & Order (Wednesdays at 10pm/ET) a jolt with her downright giddy acceptance speech at this year's Golden Globes. Far from the levelheaded sobriety of her TV alter ego, Lt. Anita Van Buren, Merkerson let it all hang out. "I feel like I'm 16!" gushed the 53-year-old stage and screen veteran as she accepted the best-actress award for her role in HBO's Lackawanna Blues TV-movie. "And if I wasn't in the middle of a hot flash, I'd believe that." Merkerson's been feeling a lot of warmth lately. She's not only the longest-running cast member on Law & Order but the "longest-running African-American woman on a television drama." That makes her, read more

L&O Remembers Jerry Orbach

For 12 seasons, Jerry Orbach and S. Epatha Merkerson were a team on Law & Order. He was the series' signature seen-it-all police detective, Lennie Briscoe. She was his all-business lieutenant, Anita Van Buren. Because he was fighting prostate cancer, Orbach left for a less strenuous role on L&O creator Dick Wolf's latest spin-off, Trial by Jury, which debuts on NBC in March. (He'll be seen in several episodes.) The 69-year-old Orbach's passing on Dec. 28 left both fans and colleagues shocked and saddened. "It just never occurred to me that Jerry wouldn't make it," Merkerson tells TV Guide Online. "It just seemed that even death couldn't beat him." The actress already felt devastated when Orbach exited the original series, she says. "It didn't hit me until the day we said goodbye to him, and there was such an outpouring of love for this dude. I bet it was a 20-minute ovation. It was more than I could take. H read more

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