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Will Alex Take the Plea?
01:36 — What does the future hold for Alex?
Jo Tells Alex About Her Husband
02:46 — Jo finally tells Alex she ran away from an abusive husband.
Alex Says Goodbye to Meredith
02:19 — Meredith doesn't want to let Alex take a plea deal.
Webber Confronts Bailey About Dr. Minnick
02:05 — Richard has to ask Bailey if he still has his job.
The Doctors Will Fight for Webber
01:00 — Jackson, Arizona, April, and others are ready to go to bat for him.
Dr. Minnick Asks Arizona Out
01:15 — Arizona agrees to have a drink with Minnick.
Alex's Apology and Goodbye to Jo
01:06 — Alex tells Jo he's sorry for calling her trash.
Sneak Peek: Jo's Afraid to Testify
01:13 — Preview Episode 9: Jo panics when she's called to testify at Alex's trial.
Meredith Apologizes to Webber
01:27 — Webber explains why he uses his mother's case to humanize patients.
Tragedy Helps Meredith Be a Better Doctor
02:50 — Meredith relives having to tell Zola and Bailey that Derek died.
Meredith Pulls Rank On Webber
01:30 — Preview Episode 8: Meredith overrules Dr. Webber in the OR.
Owen Talks to His Sister Megan
02:15 — Owen is still racked with guilt over Megan's death.
Remembering Derek Keeps Meredith Going
01:06 — When Meredith is exhausted, remembering Derek is what keeps her going.
Who Is John Doe?
01:15 — Preview Episode 8: Dr. Webber wants to give their patient a name.
Amelia Tells Owen She Doesn't Want a Baby
01:01 — Amelia admits her true feelings to Owen.
Jackson Gives April Dating Advice
01:39 — Things get awkward when April joins Tinder.
Will Bailey Fire Webber for Dr. Minnick?
01:01 — Dr. Minnick tells Bailey she works alone.
Does Dr. Minnick Like Arizona?
00:55 — Dr. Minnick definitely knows who Arizona is.
Are Heads Going to Roll at Grey Sloan?
00:54 — An "education consultant" is coming to the hospital.
Dr. Webber Confronts Chief Bailey
00:46 — Preview Episode 7: Is Bailey replacing Webber?
Are Changes Coming to Grey Sloan Memorial?
01:51 — Catherine Avery tells Bailey they need to talk.
Amelia Shares a Tragic Secret With Alex
03:04 — Amelia opens up about the child she lost.
DeLuca Thinks Jo Deserves Better
01:03 — DeLuca doesn't like seeing Jo with Alex.
Alex Wants to Have Waffle Sundays
01:42 — Alex tells Meredith he wants to have family time before he goes to jail.
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