Jeri Ryan

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Jeri Lynn Zimmerman
  • Birth Place: Munich, West Germany
  • Profession: Actor, Model
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Mon Mar 26 9:00am
Star Trek: VoyagerJuggernaut(Season 5, Episode 21) BBC

When Voyager encounters an adrift Malon cargo ship in danger of releasing theta radiation into the sector, Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) sends an away team to board it and prevent catastrophe. Torres: Roxann Dawson. Fesek: Ron Canada. Malon 3: Alex Enberg.

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Mon Mar 26 10:00am
Star Trek: VoyagerSomeone to Watch Over Me(Season 5, Episode 22) BBC

Seven of Nine learns about human behavior when the Doctor tutors her social skills using the holodeck. Meanwhile, Neelix unwittingly creates trouble for a monastic ambassador (Scott Thompson). Seven of Nine: Jeri Ryan. Doctor: Robert Picardo.

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Mon Mar 26 11:00am
Star Trek: Voyager11: 59(Season 5, Episode 23) BBC

Janeway recalls a 21st-century ancestor who was involved with the creation of a seminal self-contained biosphere called the Millennium Gate, which was based in a small Indiana town. Henry Janeway: Kevin Tighe. Janeway/Shannon: Kate Mulgrew. Seven of Nine: (more…)

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Mon Mar 26 12:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerRelativity(Season 5, Episode 24) BBC

Seven of Nine is recruited by time travelers from the future in order to retrieve a weapon from Voyager's past. Meanwhile, in the present, the ship is disintegrating from temporal distortion. Braxton: Bruce McGill. Patterson: Dakin Matthews. Seven of Nine: (more…)

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Mon Mar 26 1:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerWarhead(Season 5, Episode 25) BBC

Kim leads an away-team mission to investigate a distress signal emanating from an object---a marooned warhead that communicates through the Doctor (Robert Picardo). Kim: Garrett Wang. Seven of Nine: Jeri Ryan. Chakotay: Robert Beltran. Neelix: Ethan Philli (more…)

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Mon Mar 26 2:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerEquinox(Season 5, Episode 26) BBC

Voyager races to the aid of a Federation vessel, the Equinox, which is under attack in the Delta Quadrant---unaware that the Equinox's crew has wreaked havoc within the sector. Part 1 of two. Capt. Ransom: John Savage. Burke: Titus Welliver. Gilmore: Olivi (more…)

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Mon Mar 26 3:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerEquinox(Season 6, Episode 1) BBC

Conclusion. The Voyager is attacked by the aliens, and as Janeway plots to recapture Ransom (John Savage) and his crew, the Equinox is equally determined to escape with the Doctor and Seven of Nine as hostages. Max: Titus Welliver. Seven of Nine: Jeri Ryan (more…)

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Mon Mar 26 4:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerSurvival Instinct(Season 6, Episode 2) BBC

A visit to a space station brings Seven of Nine into contact with her former Borg crewmates, who wish to access her memories in order to recall their break from the Collective. Seven of Nine: Jeri Ryan. Harry Kim: Garrett Wang. Neelix: Ethan Phillips.

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Mon Mar 26 5:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerBarge of the Dead(Season 6, Episode 3) BBC

A near-death experience aboard a shuttlecraft thrusts B'Elanna's consciousness into a Klingon netherworld where she encounters her mother aboard a ship populated by the dead. B'Elanna: Roxann Dawson. Tuvok: Tim Russ. Neelix: Ethan Phillips.

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Mon Mar 26 6:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerTinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy(Season 6, Episode 4) BBC

The Doctor's experiments with a program that allows his mind to experience daydreams place him in the epicenter of a crisis when hostile aliens eavesdrop on his fantasies. Philox: Jay Leggett. Overlooker: Googy Gress. Devro: Robert Greenberg. Doctor: Rober (more…)

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Mon Mar 26 7:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerAlice(Season 6, Episode 5) BBC

Paris's plans to refurbish a used shuttle create big trouble for Voyager when the shuttle's computer manipulates his mind to complete its own plans for repair. Voice of Alice: Claire Rankin. Abaddon: John Fleck. Paris: Robert Duncan McNeill.

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Tue Mar 27 9:00am
Star Trek: VoyagerBasics(Season 2, Episode 26) BBC

A signal from Seska (Martha Hackett) telling Chakotay their child has been abducted by Culluh sends Voyager in pursuit, straight into a Kazon ambush. Part 1 of two. Culluh: Anthony De Longis. Suder: Brad Dourif. Tierna: John Gegunhuber. Chakotay: Robert Be (more…)

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Tue Mar 27 10:00am
Star Trek: VoyagerBasics(Season 3, Episode 1) BBC

Conclusion. The treachery of Seska and Culluh (Martha Hackett, Anthony De Longis) leaves Janeway and the crew stranded on Hanon Four, while the Kazon's control of the Voyager is undermined by unlikely saboteurs. Suder: Brad Dourif. Chakotay: Robert Beltran (more…)

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Tue Mar 27 11:00am
Star Trek: VoyagerFlashback(Season 3, Episode 2) BBC

A Vulcan mind-meld between Tuvok and Janeway takes them back to Tuvok's first deep-space assignment, aboard the Excelsior with Capt. Sulu (George Takei). Janice Rand: Grace Lee Whitney. Kang: Michael Ansara. Valtane: Jeremy Roberts. Helmsman: Boris Krutono (more…)

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Tue Mar 27 12:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerThe Chute(Season 3, Episode 3) BBC

The Akitirians declare Kim and Paris to be terrorists, and they are thrown into a hellish prison where devices attached to the inmates' necks drive them insane. Garrett Wang, Robert Duncan McNeill. Janeway: Kate Mulgrew. Chakotay: Robert Beltran.

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Tue Mar 27 1:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerThe Swarm(Season 3, Episode 4) BBC

Voyager enters a section of space belonging to a culture that doesn't tolerate trespassers; meanwhile, the Doctor (Robert Picardo) begins to lose his memory. Diva: Carole Davis. Chardis: Steven Houska. Kes: Jennifer Lien. Janeway: Kate Mulgrew.

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Tue Mar 27 2:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerFalse Profits(Season 3, Episode 5) BBC

After discovering traces of a wormhole that may lead to the Alpha Quadrant, Chakotay and Paris find something else---two Ferengis who've become holy leaders of a Delta Quadrant planet. Chakotay: Robert Beltran. Paris: Robert Duncan McNeill. Torres: Roxann (more…)

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Tue Mar 27 3:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerRemember(Season 3, Episode 6) BBC

While shuttling a group of telepathic aliens to their homeworld, Torres (Roxann Dawson) experiences realistic dreams, which may represent an actual occurrence involving murders that seem genocidal. Jareth: Bruce Davison. Girl: Tina Reddington. Woman: Nancy (more…)

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Tue Mar 27 4:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerSacred Ground(Season 3, Episode 7) BBC

Kes (Jennifer Lien) becomes comatose after entering a sacred shrine, prompting Janeway to try to learn the cryptic ritual necessary to save her. Kate Mulgrew. Paris: Robert Duncan McNeill (who also directed). Neelix: Ethan Phillips.

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Tue Mar 27 5:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerFuture's End(Season 3, Episode 8) BBC

A 29th-century ship attacks Voyager, then both are drawn through a temporal rift that throws them back to 20th-century Earth. Part 1 of two. Starling: Ed Begley Jr. Rain: Sarah Silverman. Braxton: Allan Royal. Janeway: Kate Mulgrew. Chakotay: Robert Beltra (more…)

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Tue Mar 27 6:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerFuture's End(Season 3, Episode 9) BBC

Conclusion. As Starling and Janeway battle for the timeship, Rain, Paris and Tuvok try to run interference; and Chakotay and Torres are captured by militiamen. Starling: Ed Begley Jr. Rain: Sarah Silverman. Janeway: Kate Mulgrew. Paris: Robert Duncan McNei (more…)

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Tue Mar 27 7:00pm
Star Trek: VoyagerWarlord(Season 3, Episode 10) BBC

Kes (Jennifer Lien) is possessed by a centuries-old Ilari warlord, dragging the crew of Voyager into a civil war that Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) wants to avoid. Adin: Anthony Crivello. Demmas: Brad Greenquist. Nori: Galyn Gorg. Resh: Charles Emmett.

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Thu Mar 29 2:00pm
Law & Order: Criminal IntentBoots on the Ground(Season 10, Episode 3) WE

The detectives investigate a hacker's murder, which may be tied to a conflict between two private security companies.

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Thu Apr 5 9:00am
Star Trek: VoyagerThe Q and the Grey(Season 3, Episode 11) BBC

Q (John de Lancie) returns, intending to mate with Janeway. But the arrival of another Q (Suzie Plakson) reveals his true reason for reappearing---a civil war in the Continuum. Janeway: Kate Mulgrew. Chakotay: Robert Beltran. Neelix: Ethan Phillips. Paris: (more…)

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  • Birth Name: Jeri Lynn Zimmerman
  • Birth Place: Munich, West Germany
  • Profession: Actor, Model