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VIDEO: Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory: Operation: Save Patty

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Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory: Operation: Save Patty
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Aired: 8/23/2010

Rob finds out that his mom, Patty, has fallen and shattered her ankle. He and Drama embark on a mission to ensure that the Dyrdek household is a more comfortable environment for his injured mom. watch

VIDEO: He's Just a Little Mini-Pig

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He's Just a Little Mini-Pig
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Length: 15:49:23
Aired: 8/23/2010

Rob challenges his manager, Jeremy, to a happiness contest, when he discovers that Jeremy is a devout follower of Indian spiritual guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and that Jeremy considers Rob's version of happiness only transitory. watch

VIDEO: Operation: Save Patty

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Operation: Save Patty
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Length: 21:00
Aired: 8/23/2010

Rob finds out that his mom, Patty, has fallen and shattered her ankle. He and Drama embark on a mission to ensure that the Dyrdek household is a more comfortable environment for his injured mom. watch


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Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory: Operation: Save Patty

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Year Title Description
2010 Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory: He's Just a Little Mini-Pig
Season 3, Episode 7
Episode, Reality Cast Member
2008 A Shot at Love: A Shot at Love: The Hangover
Season 2, Episode 1
Episode, Guest
2003 The Real Cancun Movie, Actor
2003 The Bachelorette TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member
Exclusive TV TV Show Series, Host

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Brains beat brawn when BJ Averell and Tyler MacNiven won the $1 million prize in The Amazing Race 9. But it turns out the close friends' fun-loving hippie image almost did them in — off camera. How? Read on. We never really saw you guys having to go through customs, but you obviously had to. Did you ever get delayed?Tyler MacNiven: In Japan we got held up in customs because we fit the hippie stereotype. Often you'll have hippie guys try to smuggle in drugs because they're very hard to get in Japan. In customs there we had to go into this backroom to get strip-searched — and it was all in Japanese, like some movie where these officers were getting us naked and going through our bags.BJ Averell: Dogs were sniffing through our bags. Tyler: That read more

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