Episode 6
Nessa and Dave's wedding is fast approaching and the preparations are in full swing. Stacey breaks some life-changing news to Gavin, whilst Bryn and J (more…)
Congo Killer
Jeremy Wade travels to one of the few rivers left on earth that will still test a fisherman. The Congo, a river steeped in legends, and soaked in viol (more…)
Cordelia’s vision of a girl in danger uncovers an even greater danger after Angel discovers her telekinetic powers have attracted the attention of Wol (more…)
The Pancake Flip Flop/Stand Up Funny
Rooney has invented a machine that makes pancakes but it doesn’t work properly and he’s too stubborn to ask for help. The Doodlebops invite Tracy to (more…)
It's a Dad, Dad World
It's a father-son role reversal when Dr. Bindlebeep's father is injured and Dr. B must act like a parent to his own dad.
4WD Complex
Takumi continues wrestling with the differences in his Eight-Six and the Impreza. Later, when Keisuke falls prey to a trap set by Project D’s next opp (more…)
Africa's Deadliest
Jeremy Wade returns to Africa's Okavango Delta to investigate a pack-hunting carnivore blamed for mauling the victims of a capsized boat. This time, J (more…)
The One With the Dollhouse
Joey thinks he's found his true love. Rachel's boss dates Chandler, creating big trouble for Rachel. Monica inherits a dollhouse.
Tricks of the Trade
A skateboard ramp tank has Wayde & Brett grinding their gears to find a solution to keep the acrylic from scratching; The ATM team builds a surprise o (more…)
Bleach 76
Ichigo, Rukia, Lirin, Noba, and Kurodo enter the Bount mansion and for the first time come face to face with Jin Kariya and the other Bounts. Ichigo a (more…)
Invisible Executioner
03:04 — Jeremy Wade takes on Africa's wild Zambezi River to unmask an invisible predator that's dragging fisherman to their deaths. Crocs and hippos are guilt (more…)
Prehistoric Terror
Jeremy Wade is on the trail of horrifying killers from the depths of time. Fearsome, prehistoric beasts are brought back to life using cutting edge te (more…)
Deep Sea Demon
Extreme angler and underwater detective Jeremy Wade goes in search of the real creature behind the enduring legend of the sea serpent - starting with (more…)
Laser Lenses
Master Shake's megalomania soars to new heights once he steals Frylock's laser-shooting contact lenses.
Jungle Terminator
07:00 — Jeremy Wade investigates three mysterious deaths in three South American countries on his most remote mission to date. Will living with a secretive ju (more…)
If I Had a Hammer
In suburban Tucson, Bonnie Sanborn's kids wake up one morning to find their mom gone, blood in the bedroom and her car missing. The abandoned car soon (more…)
Underwater Nest of Horrors Home to a Killer?
01:50 — Jeremy Wade stumbles into a creepy, murky, underwater nest of a giant, monstrous beast. What could live here and could this be a killer?
Bride Killer Discovered Deep in Colombian Amazon
03:24 — Jeremy comes face-to-face with the likely killer of a bride in Colombia - a monstrous stingray. But, reeling it to shore to prove his theory is a chal (more…)
Man's Face Ripped Off, Eaten by Black Piranhas?
02:28 — As Jeremy Wade's hunt for a face-eating fish continues, he makes a disturbing discovery.
WARNING! Tigerfish and Croc-Infested Waters Ahead
03:14 — Jeremy Wade is hunting the watery predator, the tigerfish, in Africa which leads him to crocodile-infested waters. He's about to dive deep into one of (more…)
Face-to-Face With One MONSTER Croc
02:00 — Jeremy Wade dives deep in search of one mega beast. He comes face-to-face with the greatest monster yet!
Hunting a Face Ripper, Freshwater Stingray Caught
03:07 — While on the hunt for a face-eating fish, Jeremy Wade captures a dangerous river stingray.
Reel Talk With Jeremy Wade
02:08 — Jeremy Wade gets *reel* and answers your fan questions! Find out why he always wears blue shirts ... and, how he feels to 'be so sexy'.
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