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The River Monsters Crew Can’t Find Their Sea Legs
01:37 — Director Kelly Neaves and cameraman Christopher Stichman describe the agony of being seasick while filming off the coast of Peru.
What Does Tagging Tell Us About Shark Behavior?
03:12 — Tagging and tracking sharks in South Africa’s Breede River showed that bull sharks aren’t as fearsome as many would think.
Are Microscopic River Monsters Inside Jeremy?
02:54 — Jeremy’s medical tests reveal some surprising results.
Terror in Paradise: How to Catch an Octopus
02:01 — Jeremy looks back on how he managed to find one of the ocean’s most intelligent and opportunistic creatures.
Deep Sea Demon: Life and Death in the Bahamas
02:01 — Cameraman's appendix bursts, but the show must go on.
Jeremy Becomes the Bait
03:05 — The best way to learn how sharks react to bigger bait is to jump into the water with them as they feed!
Jeremy Sea Sick?
02:01 — Could this be the first time Jeremy Wade gets properly sea sick?
Diver Almost Drowned by Giant Octopus
02:07 — This diver learned not to mess with octopi the hard way.
The Octopus Is a Supreme Aquatic Predator
02:20 — After searching the ocean floor, Jeremy comes face-to-face with an octopus, the likely source of the Lusca legend.
Cell phone tech history as seen via film
00:45 — On the 40th anniversary of the first cell phone call, "CBS This Morning" takes a look back at the technology of cell phones in pop culture.
Could Unseen Forces Be Behind Jeremy's Greatest Catches?
01:13 — Jeremy looks back on the traditions and superstitions he has encountered across the world.
Viewers Share Their Fishing Superstitions
01:02 — Kissing your catch? Putting flowers in the water? Jeremy shares stories fans submitted detailing their unusual traditions.
Death Down Under: How to Catch a Box Jellyfish
02:01 — It took patience and sure hands for Jeremy Wade to handle one of the most venomous animals on Earth.
A Barracuda Big Enough to Smash Your Ribs Open
01:55 — Between the teeth, power and streamlining, it’s easy to see why the barracuda is one of the ocean’s super predators.
Death Down Under: Rescuing a Castaway in Northern Australia
02:01 — Jeremy recalls the time he and the River Monsters film crew saved a fisherman stranded on a remote island in the sweltering heat.
Fishing Can Be a Race Against Line
01:32 — With the clear waters of the Florida Keys working against him, Jeremy is forced to reel in a large predator with thin, almost invisible fishing line.
A Fish With Force and Bite Could Knock Someone Senseless
01:35 — Karri and her boyfriend Michael recall the day a fish flew out of nowhere and left her with broken ribs and punctured lung.
Grabbing a Jellyfish With Your Bare Hands
01:07 — Jeremy puts his fears aside to get a close look at animal with the potential to kill 50 people in under two minutes.
Death Down Under - How to Catch a Box Jellyfish
02:01 — It took patience and sure hands for Jeremy Wade to handle one of the most venomous animals on Earth.
Deep Sea Demon
02:01 — Jeremy recalls how he found not one but two elusive oarfish swimming in the depths of the Mediterranean.
The Oarfish Leaves Jeremy Wade in Awe
02:46 — Jeremy`s encounter with not one, but two, of these illusive creatures has him struggling for words.
Jeremy and the Crew Reel in a Castaway
02:15 — Jeremy and the River Monsters film crew are on their way to a remote group of islands when they find a stranded fisherman in dire need of medical atte (more…)
A Maimed Diver Lives to Tell His Tale
01:46 — In Phuket, Thailand, Jeremy meets Matt, a diving instructor that survived a devastating bite at the mouth of an eel called Emma.
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