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Fri Jul 29 1:00pm
BaywatchSubmersionNew(Season 4, Episode 8) POP

After agonizing over which of two drowning brothers to save first, Mitch struggles with guilt when one of them clings to life in a coma. Roger: Donald Most. Chuck: Spencer Vrooman. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Fri Jul 29 2:00pm
BaywatchIronman BuchannonNew(Season 4, Episode 9) POP

An upcoming birthday prompts Mitch (David Hasselhoff) to prove he's still a young and tough by entering an athletic competition. Destiny: Lisa Stahl. Summer: Nicole Eggert. Matt: David Charvet. C.J.: Pamela Denise Anderson. Jackie: Susan Anton.

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Fri Jul 29 3:00pm
BaywatchTower of PowerNew(Season 4, Episode 10) POP

A former gang member (Carlos Lauchu) joins the lifeguard staff when violence hits the beach; C.J. shadows a magician planning a dangerous underwater stunt. C.J.: Pamela Denise Anderson. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul.

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Mon Aug 1 1:00pm
BaywatchThe Child InsideNew(Season 4, Episode 11) POP

The staff organizes a Special Olympics event with the help of Mary Lou Retton; Stephanie bonds with one of the athletes (Andrea Friedman) when she realizes they were both abandoned as children. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Mon Aug 1 2:00pm
BaywatchSecond Time AroundNew(Season 4, Episode 12) POP

Summer (Nicole Eggert) is suspicious when Matt agrees to pose as an ex-girlfriend's fiancĂ© to discourage her leering boss; Hobie dreams about becoming a rock star. Jesse: Jennifer Campbell. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson. Victor: Drew Pillsbury. Mitch: David Hasse (more…)

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Mon Aug 1 3:00pm
BaywatchRed KnightsNew(Season 4, Episode 13) POP

A self-pitying, former lifeguard (Richard Jaeckel) encounters his old buddies at a reunion; Mitch labors to deliver a baby on the beach. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Jackie: Susan Anton. Summer: Nicole Eggert. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul.

Tue Aug 2 1:00pm
BaywatchCoronado Del Soul, Part INew(Season 4, Episode 14) POP

On a trip to San Diego, Mitch learns that his brother plans to desert his son; Summer is haunted by the feeling that someone's watching her. Part 1 of two. Summer: Nicole Eggert. Matt: David Charvet. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Tue Aug 2 2:00pm
BaywatchCoronado Del Soul, Part IINew(Season 4, Episode 15) POP

Conclusion. Fog hinders efforts to find Mitch and Buzzy; Summer confronts an amorous apparition; C.J. is in over her head at Sea World. Buzzy: John Beck. Keith: Jon Lindstrom. Diana: Eve Brenner. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Summer: Nicole Eggert.

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Tue Aug 2 3:00pm
BaywatchMirror, MirrorNew(Season 4, Episode 16) POP

Summer helps Matt put his nightmares to rest; Mitch finds his focus split when sisters compete for his attention. Gwen/Mattie: Carrie-Anne Moss. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Matt: David Charvet. Summer: Nicole Eggert.

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Wed Aug 3 1:00pm
BaywatchFalcon ManifestoNew(Season 4, Episode 17) POP

Mitch is attracted to a woman who's vague about her life and who hasn't "felt safe in a very long time." Meanwhile, Matt pressures Summer about moving in together. Mathers: James Horan. Garner: Gregory Alan Williams. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Wed Aug 3 2:00pm
BaywatchRescue BayNew(Season 4, Episode 18) POP

In a tongue-in-cheek episode, a TV producer (Jeff Altman) is inspired by Mitch's crew to create "an action-adventure series with great-looking people saving lives on the beach, and they wear bathing suits!" Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Stephanie: Alexandra Pau (more…)

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Wed Aug 3 3:00pm
BaywatchWestern ExposureNew(Season 4, Episode 19) POP

C.J. fishes a country singer out of the surf and helps him find his estranged wife and son; Hobie's heartthrob gets a crush on Mitch. Sadie: Martina McBride. Crystal: Kassie Wesley. Jackson: Brady Bluhm. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Thu Aug 4 1:00pm
BaywatchThe Life You SaveNew(Season 4, Episode 20) POP

When proposed budget cuts threaten to close beaches and reduce the lifeguard staff, the crew's supporters rally to help. Julia: Elizabeth Lambert. David: Charles Van Eman. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Matt: David Charvet. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Summer: Nic (more…)

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Thu Aug 4 2:00pm
BaywatchTrading PlacesNew(Season 4, Episode 21) POP

Stephanie confronts an old terror---helicopters---when she takes part in a Coast Guard exchange-training program. Daniels: Phillip Troy. Mahorn: Rene Assa. Chief Clark: Marshall Teague. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Matt: David Charvet.

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Thu Aug 4 3:00pm
BaywatchGuys & DollsNew(Season 4, Episode 22) POP

Matt doesn't know whose story to believe when he tries to reunite a runaway teen and her father. Meanwhile, Stephanie must choose between Mitch and Scott. Krebs: Dick Van Patten. Rachel: A.J. Langer. Matt: David Charvet. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul.

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Fri Aug 5 12:00pm
BaywatchTo Everything There Is a SeasonNew(Season 6, Episode 5) POP

Sparks between Cody and Caroline ignite Logan's jealousy, giving Neely ammo against all three. Meanwhile, Mitch learns that his mom (Anne Jeffreys) has Alzheimer's, and Stephanie (Alexandra Paul) and Cody bust a group of drunken boaters. Caroline: Yasmine (more…)

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Fri Aug 5 1:00pm
BaywatchSweet DreamsNew(Season 6, Episode 10) POP

Logan (Jaason Simmons) tries fatherhood when he assumes the baby abandoned in his tower was left by a former flame. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Cody (David Chokachi) prep for his Olympic trials. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson. Caroline: Yasmine Bleeth. C.J.: Pamela Le (more…)

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Fri Aug 5 2:00pm
BaywatchGo for the GoldNew(Season 6, Episode 22) POP

Cody develops a case of decompression sickness while rescuing a drug smuggler, left by her partner to die at the bottom of the ocean. C.J.: Pamela Lee. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Caroline: Yasmine Bleeth. Logan: Jaason Simmons. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Fri Aug 5 3:00pm
BaywatchThe EdgeNew(Season 9, Episode 11) POP

Cody (David Chokachi) puts his career---and his life---on the line when he starts using a performance-enhancing supplement in hopes of making it to the Sydney Olympics. Meanwhile, Alex becomes the object of Newmie's affection and Mitch's rejection. Mitzi K (more…)

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Mon Aug 8 1:00pm
BaywatchLivin' on the Fault Line, Part INew(Season 5, Episode 1) POP

Hobie and Jackie's lives are threatened as an earthquake rocks Malibu; Stephanie's sister (Yasmine Bleeth) arrives unexpectedly after leaving her husband. Part 1 of 2.

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Mon Aug 8 2:00pm
BaywatchLivin' on the Fault Line, Part IINew(Season 5, Episode 2) POP

Conclusion. The earthquake leaves Hobie, Jackie and Stephanie in peril as Matt and Mitch try to rescue them. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson. Jackie: Susan Anton. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Logan: Jaason Simmons.

Mon Aug 8 3:00pm
BaywatchAftershockNew(Season 5, Episode 3) POP

Mitch and Gail (Wendy Malick) surprise everyone when they decide to remarry; Matt and Logan get into a fight over Caroline. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Matt: David Charvet. Logan: Jaason Simmons. Caroline: Yasmine Bleeth. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson.

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Tue Aug 9 1:00pm
BaywatchBaja RunNew(Season 5, Episode 4) POP

Mitch agrees to help a friend (John Allen Nelson) in a dune buggy race across the Mexican border. Meanwhile, Caroline (Yasmine Bleeth) catches Logan (Jaason Simmons) kissing an older woman. C.J.: Pamela Anderson. Matt: David Charvet. Jake: Gary Kasper. Ste (more…)

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Tue Aug 9 2:00pm
BaywatchAir BuchannonNew(Season 5, Episode 5) POP

Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) goes up against a pair of hang gliders, while Mitch and Stephanie (David Hasselhoff, Alexandra Paul) try to put their romance back on track during a beach patrol. C.J.: Pamela Anderson. Wendie: Charisma Carpenter. Reece: Bobby Jacoby (more…)

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