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Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Trailer
02:10 — Fearing the actions of a god-like super hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, mode (more…)
Love For Lydia: Episode 5 Trailer
01:48 — Lydia finds the raucous Sunday tea at the Holland farm amusing. At first enthusiastic about going to society dances with Richardson and his friends, s (more…)
The Pink Panther 2 - Trailer
02:31 — Inspector Jacques Clouseau teams up with International detectives.
Patience tied to obesity says study
01:22 — A new study says that delaying gratification in children is associated with lower stress and a decrease in Body Mass Index. Dr. Holly Phillips reports (more…)
The Civil War Trailer
01:13 — Acclaimed PBS documentary series examines the causes and effects of the tragic war, as well as individual battles. Nine volumes.
Brideshead Revisited: The Bleak Light Of Day Trailer
01:59 — Back at Oxford, Charles and Sebastian both fall into a funk. Lady Marchmain enlists a tutor and Charles to watch over wayward Sebastian, but Sebastian (more…)
Jeremy Irons On His New Film, ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’
04:25 — Jeremy Irons plays professor G.H. Hardy in the new film “The Man Who Knew Infinity,” the fact-based story of a self-taught mathematician from India wh (more…)
Louis C.K. on Broadway and why he cries watching plays
01:45 — Stand-up comedian Louis C.K. talks to Charlie Rose about the possibility of writing a Broadway play and describes why he gets emotional every time he (more…)
Impact of Trump and Clinton's Northeast primary landslides
02:35 — "Face the Nation" moderator and CBS News political director John Dickerson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Republican front-runner Donald Trump's (more…)
Will Target bathroom policy boycott impact retail giant?
02:19 — Nearly 850,000 people have signed a pledge to boycott Target stores over the company's bathroom policy. The retail giant publicly stated last week tha (more…)
Clinton reaches out to Sanders voters after winning 4 states
02:34 — Hillary Clinton's near-sweep in Tuesday's primaries brings her 90 percent of the way to the Democratic nomination. She needs another 245 to clinch the (more…)
Louis C.K. talks future of "Louie"
02:14 — The stand-up comedian and actor tells Charlie Rose why he put a pause on working on the FX comedy series.
Dyson looks to electrify hair dryer industry
04:14 — Dyson, the one-time vacuum company that continues to expand its range of electronics, is looking to take on bad hair days across the globe. Founder Ja (more…)
Celebrities and politicians gather at Time 100 gala
03:29 — Time Magazine celebrated this year's "100 Most Influential People" Tuesday night at a star-filled gala in New York City. The honorees included actors, (more…)
Trump sweeps 5 states, says he's "presumptive nominee"
02:55 — A string of primary victories Tuesday gave Donald Trump new momentum in his fight to win the Republican nomination. Trump won all five states, getting (more…)
Louis C.K. on "Horace and Pete," stand-up and Donald Trump
07:19 — Famous for stand-up, Louis C.K. has been labeled America's undisputed King of Comedy. But he's turning to drama in his latest project, "Horace and Pet (more…)
107-year-old woman who danced with Obamas finally gets ID
02:14 — Virginia McLaurin's impromptu dance with the Obamas at the White House made her an online sensation. Thanks to some high-profile help, the 107-year-ol (more…)
Squeeze in quick exercise bursts in your busy day
03:58 — Less than 20 percent of American adults meet the federal guidelines for aerobic and muscle-building exercise. Those guidelines call for 150 minutes of (more…)
Replacement Test 2
00:10 — test
Louis C.K. reflects on friendship with comedian Garry Shandling
00:45 — Stand-up comedian Louis C.K. shares with Charlie Rose what Shandling meant to him and reflects on an email he received a few weeks before Shandling di (more…)
What's behind Apple's 1st revenue drop in 13 years?
03:00 — Apple is facing new questions after its first slump in sales since 2003. Sales of the iPhone fell for the first time ever. Apple's quarterly revenue w (more…)
The Man Who Knew Infinity
Written and directed by Matthew Brown, The Man Who Knew Infinity is the true story of friendship that forever changed mathematics. In 1913, Srinivasa (more…)
Brideshead Revisited: Et In Arcadia Ego Trailer
01:59 — Early spring 1944. Army captain Charles Ryder, an artist in civilian life, prepares to transport his dispirited company to brigade headquarters at a s (more…)
Love For Lydia: Episode 1 Trailer
01:32 — Young reporter Edward Richardson despises his job at Evensford's small-town newspaper and longs to be a real writer. As he gazes out the window throug (more…)
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