Sneak Peek
05:30 — Get a sneak peek into Brad's fashionable world as he branches out on his own.
02:08 — VH1's Baseball Wives give their take on style.
Week 3: Colts vs. Jaguars Game Highlights
18:23 — Check out the game highlights as the Indianapolis Colts take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 3 of NFL action.
Welcome, Shanna Moakler!
06:21 — Welcome the newest cast member, Shanna Moakler to the third season of Hollywood Exes.
Sneak Peek
03:12 — Meet the new ‘Wives of New York City, and catch an extended sneak peek of the explosive drama ahead in season 5.
Ask John Legend: Fear of Failure
00:33 — Sing It On Executive Producer John Legend encourages aspiring singers to confront their fears in this Q&A series with the young artists from Pop's Aca (more…)
Sing It On - Sneak Peek - The Poached Vocal Percussionist
01:00 — The ladies of S#arp Attitude regret the loss of their beatboxer Linnea to a rival a cappella group on campus in a sneak peek of Sing In On season 2. (more…)
Sing It On - Meet the Hexachords
00:30 — Get to know ICCA competitors the Hexachords from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, one of the talented a cappella singing groups featured in se (more…)
Ask John Legend - Musical Intelligence
00:54 — Sing It On Executive Producer John Legend discusses how his time as a collegiate a cappella singer has helped him throughout his music career. ABOUT (more…)
Sing It On - An Aca-Awkward Bus Ride
04:35 — True feelings come out when UMass Amherst a cappella rivals S#arp Attitude and the Hexachords share a party bus to their ICCA showdown in a scene from (more…)
Sing It On - Rohan and Jasmine and Wishy-Washy Feelings
03:15 — Off the Beat soloist and president Rohan confronts Jasmine about cutting his song from their ICCA set in a scene from Sing It On S2E5, "Northeast Quar (more…)
Sing It On - Family Time With the Hexachords
03:45 — Bonus Scene: On the eve of their ICCA Northeast Semifinal performance, members of the Hexachords share a meal with Xander's family and reflect on what (more…)
Sing It On - Faux Paz Prepares for Finals
04:03 — With just three days before ICCA Finals in New York, Faux Paz stages a dress rehearsal for some alumni and gets real about the obstacles they're facin (more…)
Sing It On - Faux Paz Quarterfinal Sneak Peek
01:40 — Mitul and the rest of Faux Paz begin their ICCA Quarterfinal set in this teaser clip from Sing It On S2E2, "Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinals #1." ABOUT SIN (more…)
Ask a Legend - Getting Started in Music
00:59 — Sing It On Executive Producer John Legend reveals how his college a cappella experience helped him become the star he is today. ABOUT SING IT ON: Now (more…)
Sing It On - Faux Ladies Brunch
03:04 — Faux Paz members Lynique, Amrita and Cat get together to discuss "Dog Days Are Over" and their chances of winning before the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semifin (more…)
Ask John Legend: The Appeal of A Cappella
00:31 — Sing It On Executive Producer John Legend reveals what led to his interest in performing a cappella. ABOUT SING IT ON: Now you can get a real-life lo (more…)
Sing It On - Courtney Galiano & Jonah Platt Help Off the Beat
01:53 — UPenn's Off the Beat a cappella group gets help fine-tuning their ICCA set from alum Jonah Platt and his fiance, dancer Courtney Galiano, in a scene f (more…)
Ask a Legend: Life Balance
00:29 — Sing It On Executive Producer John Legend reveals how he balances his personal and professional lives now versus when he was in college. ABOUT SING I (more…)
Sing It On Bonus - Faux Paz Are So Punny
01:20 — Faux Paz singers Brad and David bring their mad pun game to Central Park while in New York for the ICCA Finals in this bonus video from Sing It On S2E (more…)
Sing It On - Every Note Counts
00:30 — Sing It On returns with a brand new season Wednesday, July 27, at 9/8c. Find your channel at
Sing It On - Step By Step With Joey McIntyre
01:00 — The stars of Sing It On celebrate their Blockhead love with a special a cappella rendition of NKOTB's "Step by Step" with special guest Joey McIntyre. (more…)
Sing It On - Hexachords Improv & Rehearsal
03:16 — As the Hexachords prepare for their ICCA quarterfinal, they loosen up with some inspired musical improv in a scene from Sing It On S2:E4, "Mid-Atlanti (more…)
Sing It On - A Passion for A Cappella
00:44 — Members of S#arp Attitude, Faux Paz and Off the Beat share what being part of a musical family means to them in this SING IT ON bonus video. ABOUT SI (more…)
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