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Wed Sep 20 7:00am
My Wife and KidsMichael's Sandwich(Season 5, Episode 22) VH1

Michael has a golf date at Pebble Beach and he's making a "masterpiece" of a sandwich to eat on the flight. But he keeps getting interrupted by various Kyle crises, and if he doesn't finish it fast, he'll miss the plane.

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Wed Sep 20 7:30am
My Wife and KidsGraduation Day(Season 5, Episode 23) VH1

Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong as Jay gets ready for her college graduation, including a makeup mishap, a shrunken gown---and a black eye. Meanwhile, Franklin learns honesty is not always the best policy when Kady asks him if the dress she's w (more…)

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Wed Sep 20 8:00am
My Wife and KidsMichael Sells the Business(Season 5, Episode 24) VH1

Michael dreams about “the Michael and Jay phase” of his life when he gets an offer to sell his business. Meanwhile, Kady and Claire squabble over the amount of time the other spends in the bathroom. Katt Williams returns as Michael's old nemesis Bobby (more…)

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Wed Sep 20 8:30am
My Wife and KidsR.V. Dreams(Season 5, Episode 25) VH1

It's vacation time again for the Kyles. The destination: the Grand Canyon. The mode of transport: Michael's new Wonder Van 6000. It'll be a bumpy ride. Salesman: Clint Culp.

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Thu Sep 21 7:00am
My Wife and KidsThe 'V' Story(Season 5, Episode 26) VH1

In the series finale, Jay reads about a 67-year-old woman who gave birth, so she orders Michael to get a vasectomy. Not surprisingly, he has reservations. Meanwhile, Tony (Andrew McFarlane) wants to do something “to get God's attention” at Bible camp (more…)

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Thu Sep 21 7:30am
My Wife and KidsPilot(Season 1, Episode 1) VH1

In the series pilot, Michael (Damon Wayans) is upset. Why? Because Janet (Tisha Campbell) wants to work full-time, because Jr. (George O. Gore II) admires gangsta rap and because Claire (Jazz Rycole) wants to go to school in a tank top. Making matters wors (more…)

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Thu Sep 21 8:00am
My Wife and KidsThe Truth Hurts(Season 1, Episode 2) VH1

Michael (Damon Wayans) is ready to pound Jr. (George O. Gore II) because he suspects his son has gotten a tattoo. But Jr. won't own up to it (he won't take off his shirt, either). Meanwhile, Kady's mad at Michael because he won't let her go on a sleepover (more…)

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Thu Sep 21 8:30am
My Wife and KidsGrassy Knoll(Season 1, Episode 3) VH1

Jr. and his friend Tommy (Robert Ri'chard) want to write songs but can't find their muse. Their solution: something they smoke. Meanwhile, Claire doesn't have time for Kady (Parker McKenna Posey); and Jay wants to get rid of Michael's old “stuff” in th (more…)

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Fri Sep 22 7:00am
My Wife and KidsOf Breasts and Basketball(Season 1, Episode 4) VH1

It's “Jr. time” when Michael goes one-on-one with his son (George O. Gore) on the basketball court. Then sore loser Michael must take Claire (Jazz Raycole) on a shopping expedition to buy underwear. Needless to say, she's excruciatingly embarrassed. Ti (more…)

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Fri Sep 22 7:30am
My Wife and KidsMaking the Grade(Season 1, Episode 5) VH1

Jr.'s F in algebra becomes an A through the magic of forgery. But it doesn't fool his parents, who decide to “toy” with him. Making matters worse: Jr. (George O. Gore II) told Claire (Jazz Raycole) and blackmail ensues. Rev. Mayo: Alexander Folk. Micha (more…)

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Fri Sep 22 8:00am
My Wife and KidsWorking It(Season 1, Episode 6) VH1

With Jr. in danger of failing algebra, Michael comes up with a unique plan to help him pass; and Jay has mother-daughter relationship problems with Claire, who is turning into “little Miss Attitude.” Janine: Dawn Stern. Mr. Griggler: David Lewison.

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Fri Sep 22 8:30am
My Wife and KidsSnapping and Sniffing(Season 1, Episode 7) VH1

Jr. (George O. Gore II) is being teased by a new neighbor (Preston Wamsley), a boy who is much bigger than he is. But the bully is no match for Claire (Jazz Raycole). Meanwhile, Michael and Jay are once again sparring over Jay's working. “You're Wonder W (more…)

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Wed Sep 27 10:50pm
Johnson Family Vacation MOMAX

A dysfunctional California family travels to Missouri for a family reunion.

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Fri Sep 29 5:45pm
Johnson Family Vacation MOMAX

A dysfunctional California family travels to Missouri for a family reunion.

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