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Jennifer Love Hewitt to Receive an Inspiration Award

Jennifer Love Hewitt courtesy Step Up Women?s Network

Jennifer Love Hewitt — aka TV Guide's Sexiest Star of 2008 — is about to get another accolade. The Ghost Whisperer maven is to be honored Friday by the Step Up Women's Network at the organization's 2008 Inspiration Awards.Last week, Love Hewitt hosted a set visit from two Step Up mentees who have entertainment biz aspirations. In a statement to, Hewitt said of her visitors, "I loved having Jerrie and Dianica visit the set of Ghost Whisperer. It was fun to be able to see the excitement of making a television show through their eyes and was a great reminder of why I do what I do."The Step Up organization works on "strengthening community resources for women and girls." A national non-profit, the group leverages professional skills of its volunteers to give back to communities. Along with Ms. Whisperer, Gossip Girl mom Kelly Rutherford will be honored in New York, May 29. And as for Love Hewitt: Sexy and inspiring? We knew it all along. — Anna DimondUse our ... read more

People's "100 Most Beautiful" Issue

It's about that time of year again — People's "100 Most Beautiful" issue (for 2008) is about to hit the stands. And who was the lucky one to make the cover? Kate Hudson. A correspondent for the magazine revealed some of celebs who made the cut. Categories include "No Makeup," "Radiant Reds" and "Do-Gooders" with everyone from Brooke Shields, Rhianna, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Love Hewitt, to even the ever-so-controversial Miley Cyrus. read more

Jennifer Love's Bucking the Body Banter, Again

Movies weren't the only thing on Jennifer Love Hewitt's mind over Oscar weekend. At a viewing party Sunday, she was still talking about those bikini pics that sparked a bit of a controversy earlier this winter, and she made sure to buck the notion that she's caving to criticism. Despite having said in December that she would not "address this subject" again, on Sunday Hewitt told People, "The thing I think is great is when those pictures were taken, no matter what, I had just been asked to marry [by fiancé Ross McCall]. So he loves me just the way I am."She added, "If I do work out more it will be for my health, so I can live a long time and we can have kids and be happy together until we are in our eighties." At a time when all of Hollywood is scrutinized on the red carpet, what's your take on Hewitt's comments (especially as a reprise)? Refreshing... or eye-rolling? — Anna DimondRelated:• Jennifer Love's Bikini-photo Rebuttal: "I Love My Body"• Body Talk: Insid... read more

Top 10 Shocking Scandals: From Anna Nicole to Heath - How Readers Reacted

Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger

It has been a busy week. Britney Spears was released from a psychiatric hospital. We finally got some answers from Heath Ledger's toxicology report. And today, Feb. 8, as it happens, is the anniversary of Anna Nicole Smith's death. Throughout this tumultuous year, our users’ opinions have often been as provocative as the news itself, so now we’re turning the spotlight on them. Here’s our list of some of the best user comments from the most shocking scandals of the last 12 months: 1. Anna Nicole Smith dies. (Feb. 8, 2007)"Anna Nicole certainly chose some very difficult paths in her life. I respe read more

Happy New Year from GW!

Happy, Happy New Year! Love wanted us to give you a special Happy New Year greeting from her!Ghost Whisperer is opening '08 with a very special repeat performance of the season's premiere episode "The Underneath". The show picks up where last season's finale left off as Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has just come back from the dead and kicks off the beginning of her journey to uncover "secrets"... secrets about her family's past and secrets about the town of Grandview's past and how they perhaps relate to each other.The show also brings back Anne Archer (Oscar Nominated for Fatal Attraction; Patriot Games; Clear and Present Danger) as Melinda's mother and introduces Martin Donovan (The Dead Zone; Weeds) as her mysterious father.As the new season began, some new sets have been added including an archive under Grandview's City Hall and a basement under the antique store. We seem to be digging down! Our new Production Designer, Mayling Cheng, and her new art department have begun to p... read more's Top 20 Beauty Scandals and Stories of 2007

Anna Nicole Smith by Jamie McCarthy/

In Part 1 of's new Body Talk series, we count down the biggest beauty scandals of the year. You think you've got it bad, what with those holiday pounds you packed on and that fresh batch of New Year's resolutions? Try being a star, with all that plus the heat of the Hollywood spotlight and red-carpet season just around the corner. In 2007,'s editors and readers certainly saw more than a few stars waiver under the pressure of the biz's obsession with perfection, and in this blog we will feature stories and photo galleries on how the "beautiful people" get that way.Jennifer Love Hewitt is the most recent star to come under fire for her appearance. Lots of fellow celebs have spoken out about the controversy surrounding the unflattering photos of her on the beach showing a little extra "junk in the trunk." Girl Next Door and Hugh Hefner honey Holly Madison told, "Jennifer Love Hewitt looks amazing.... She has the perfect body for [Playboy]." Supermode... read more

Love Hewitt Naked in Playboy? She'd Be "Perfect," Says Hef's Love

Jennifer Love Hewitt by Steve Granitz/

Will Jennifer Love Hewitt silence her snarky critics once and for all by doffing the pretense of a bikini and baring all for Playboy? The gentlemen's weekly allegedly invited the Ghost Whisperer to slip into something wispy, "but she declined," the actress' rep tells Us. Though Playboy, as a matter of policy, will not discuss who it has or has not approached for a pictorial, Hugh Hefner's No. 1 girlfriend thinks Love could have made for some lovely photos. "Obviously, she looks amazing," Holly Madison tells "She has the perfect body for [Playboy]."For my complete Q&A with Holly — in which the Girl Next Door discusses going solo, the Playmate she'd like to date and more — watch for Friday's Interviews & Features. read more

Jennifer Love? Not Pregnant! Pamela Anderson? Not Divorcing!

Jennifer Love Hewitt by Jeff Vespa/

Most of us who navigate the celebuverse see this game played every day, so the Internet rumor that Jennifer Love Hewitt — she who dared to gain a few pounds — is in fact pregnant with her fiancé's baby comes as no surprise. The Ghost Whisperer's rep, though, is quick to nip the rumor in the bud, telling Us Weekly, "Jennifer is not pregnant."Elsewhere in the land of denials, Pamela Anderson on Friday filed for divorce from husband No. 3, Rick Salomon, but those crazy kids might stay together after all. "We're working things out," the bombshell blogs on her website. You know, if Pammy worked half as hard as her publicist, there's no telling where her career might be. (Mind you, this divorce talk surfaces on the same day Pam penned a letter chastising Mars, Inc. for animal testing.) read more

Janice Dickinson Calls Tyra "Fat"

Looks like Janice Dickinson's big mouth has got her into a boatload of trouble yet again. During and interview with Al Roker yesterday on the Today Show, the self-proclaimed supermodel stuck up for Jennifer Love Hewitt stating she looked "healthy." But rather than leaving it at that, Dickinson definitely stuck her foot in her mouth when she continued on to say "You want to see someone who's fat, I'm sorry, Tyra, Tyra Banks is fat." When Roker stopped her mid sentence to call her out on that comment, she unconvincingly explained she was kidding. See for yourself.Dickinson's publicist more than likely sat her down in an attempt to run some damage control because when she appeared later on The Star Jones Show, she managed to bring up her "stupid comment" towards the end of her interview, re-emphasizing that she was just kidding. Do you buy it? Or do you think she's just trying to cover her behind? read more

Cindy Crawford: Jennifer Love's Bikini Backlash Was "So Mean"

Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Love Hewitt by Steve Granitz/

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is super-supportive of Jennifer Love Hewitt, who last week railed against the paparazzi's invasion of privacy — as well as the nastiness of anonymous bloggers — when photos of the Ghost Whisperer in a bikini splashed across the 'Net. "It was so mean, and there's no reason for it," Crawford told TV Guide Saturday at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church's annual Christmas Celebration benefiting Malibu Presbyterian Church, Crawford's home church, which burned to the ground during the Malibu fires. "She wasn't on the beach saying, 'Hey, I think I look fantastic from any angle at any time so take my picture.' She was just on the beach being herself."Referring to pics snapped of her own recent beach getaway, Crawford says, "I am 41 and I've had two kids, so people, I know I look different than I did when I was 20. I’m telling you I know I do, so you don’t have to point it out to me. Every woman, we know our own faults better than the paparazz... read more

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