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CBS has finally picked up Jennifer Finnigan's Close to Home for a full season — and, in turn, locked the freshman drama into its new Fridays-at-9 time slot, where it has been flourishing in the ethereal afterglow of Jennifer Love Hewitt's assets. Threshold, meanwhile, continues to play the waiting game. Will it be saved by the belle Elizabeth Berkley? Check out our Insider Q&A! read more


Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ghost Whisperer attracted a series-high 12.6 million viewers Friday, but only 8.1 million of 'em stuck around at 9 pm for Threshold. That would explain CBS' decision to test out the freshman serial thriller on Tuesdays at 10 pm beginning Nov. 22. In turn, Close to Home, which currently occupies that slot, will shift to Fridays at 9 pm. read more

Jennifer Loves a Good Ghost Story

Jennifer Love Hewitt

When Melinda Gordon sees dead people, CBS eyes ratings gold, as Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ghost Whisperer handily wins its time slot, sometimes drawing nearly 3 million more viewers than its Fridays-at-8 predecessor, Joan of Arcadia. As such, the net gave the freshman drama a ghost of a chance, ordering posthaste a full season. What led America to "catch the spirit," so to speak? invited Love to whisper sweet nothings — or, at least, the answers to our questions — in our ear. How delighted are you with Ghost Whisperer's reception? Some critics scoffed at its prospects early on.Jennifer Love Hewitt: We're more than delighted. I know everybody on the show feels really lucky and I definitely feel like, I don't know, t read more

Awww… it seems like just yesterday...

Awww… it seems like just yesterday that Jason the Chronic Cheater was boozily abusing Poor Dumb Jess after Winter Formal. But here it is, prom already. So, in honor of the biggest dance of the gang's lives, I offer y'all the "Our Show Was Just Renewed For a Third Season, So Let's Get All Drunked Up and Embarrass Our Parents" survey.1) Which invite was lamer? Alex H and Poor Dumb Jess' gorilla-outfitted suitors, Cabbage Patch Taylor's car being towed by the mohawked redhead, or Kristin's garage of roses from Talan?2) Who the hell throws a catered preprom party with a velvet rope? And were those the parents or the paparazzi? Monsignor Bonner High would totally nix that action.3)  Is it me, or is Talan's mom a MILF?4)  Jason the Chronic Cheater ditching his sophomore date to mack on Awful Alex: man-skank or drunken mistake? (Consider: He may have kissed her just to shut her up.)5)  Seriously, Cas read more

I'm ordinarily pretty cynical,...

I'm ordinarily pretty cynical, and unlikely to be touched by a show that is designed to tug on emotional heartstrings — OK, I make exceptions for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Everwood — but I just knew there was no way I would be moved by a show in which Jennifer Love Hewitt helps the deceased reunite with their loved ones. Boy, was I wrong. And I learned it the hard way when I watched a screener copy at work and found myself sniffling at the sweet old couple at the VFW and the stubborn son who never met his father and finally got to right before he had a child of his own. I'm weepy just thinking about it again. What's wrong with me? I did have some quibbles with the "scary" ghost appearances. I mean, honestly, a sickly Wentworth Miller randomly showing up on my doorstep in the middle of the night would be far from terrifying. OK, maybe that's just my opinion, but the whole poltergeist-y aspect seems like a silly ploy to g read more


Jennifer Love Hewitt's Medium clone, Ghost Whisperer, hooked a solid 11 million viewers in its debut Friday. The CBS drama ranked as the night's most-watched show. NBC, meanwhile, got a decent performance out of feel-good reality show Three Wishes, which bowed at 9 pm with 8.6 million viewers. Less impressive was the 10 pm premiere of NBC's Inconceivable: The fertility-clinic soap arrived stillborn with 6.4 million viewers. read more

Not giving Lauren Graham a ...

Question: Not giving Lauren Graham a nomination was shameful! Asking her to present was a nice gesture. Putting her on stage with Jennifer Love Hewitt was downright insulting! That's like putting Meryl Streep with Pia Zadora!

Answer: But, inexplicably, Love was the one acting insulted. First she darted past Lauren in a rush to get to the dais, and then she recited her lines like someone had a gun to her head. I don't know what her damage was, but you damn well better believe I'm going to find out. Not cool. Not cool at all.

read more

The "If it ain't broke, don't...

The "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" doctrine is alive and well at CBS. At least that's the impression you get after spending two days in the network's company as the first of the broadcast networks presenting a fall lineup at the summer press tour.

Although No. 1 in prime time, with the hottest nights of drama (Thursday) and comedy (Monday), they're not especially cocky. They didn't produce the breakout hits of last season (that would be ABC), and they're not likely to this year, either. But who's complaining when you have Survivor, The Amazing Race, CSI and all those other Bruckheimer shows, plus Two and a Half Men, as tentpoles?

Most of CBS' new shows appear solid, and a few even feel unusually fresh for a network that loves its formulaic procedural dramas and standard-issue sit read more

Day 1: CBS — Knots, Knockers and Love Hewitt!

Ghost Whisperer

8:50 am My first official day of the Television Critics Association press tour gets off to a smashing start when what to my wondering eyes should appear on the front page of Daily Variety but a smiling Papa Smurf! Turns out Paramount is developing a trilogy of Smurf features to debut in 2008! Azrael is gonna pee himself!

8:58 My Smurferrific mood dampens a bit when I learn that the Godfather of CBS, Mr. Leslie Moonves, will not be headlining this morning's executive session for the first time in, like, a decade. It seems Les is holed up in the Big Apple at a Viacom board meeting, leaving CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler to go it alone. Bummer. Nothing against Ms. Tassler, but press tour without Les Moonves is like Deadwood without Al Swearengen.

Executive Session

9:05 Before Tassler takes the stage, it's time for a quick TCA checklist: Laptop? Check. Diet Raspberry Snapple (courtesy of the public-relations s read more

Jen Love Hewitt's Psychic Trends

We didn't need a psychic to tell us that the success of NBC's Medium would have other networks jumping on the afterlife wagon.

But a new CBS drama pilot, starring former Party of Fiver and Neutrogena hawker Jennifer Love Hewitt as a young woman who communicates with the dead, isn't as similar as it sounds. Or so claims the show's creator, famed seer James Van Praagh.

"Unlike Medium, we have nothing to do with crime solving. Our psychic is a ghostbuster who helps the dead cross over into the light," says Van Praagh, who previously hosted the syndicated spiritfest Beyond with James Van Praagh.

He based his pilot (working title: The Ghost Whisperer) on a popular Cleveland medium known only as Mary Ann. "She believes that there is a 48-hour period after death where we all have free will; [our souls] can stay earthbound or go to the other side," Van Praagh says. Love Hewitt's character will be married to a pa read more

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