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Anna Faris Loves a Scary Good Time

Anna Faris, Scary Movie 4

Believe it or not, Anna Faris likes it when her lovable but clueless Cindy Campbell, who returns in Scary Movie 4 (now in theaters), takes a hit or two as she saves the world. "I'm always pretty game for that," says the actress. "Cindy's so sweet and innocent, which gets a little annoying, [so] it's fun to take me down every now and then." Faris gets her wish in one scene in the latest sequel, when an airplane cart slams into Cindy's face. "It looks like it could have been [my] stunt double, which was frustrating because it was me," she reveals. On the flip side, Faris thinks moviegoers will see that it's definitely her "twin" taking hits from a Mike Tyson look-alike in the spoof of a boxing film. "[We] had this 10-minute, very choreographed sequ read more

Lacey Chabert Isn't a Mean Girl at All

Lacey Chabert, Hello Sister, Goodbye Life!

Oh, how Party of Five's sweet Claudia has grown up. In the nearly six years since the sibling sudser aired its swan song, Lacey Chabert has gotten wild with the Thornberrys, at one point found herself Lost in Space, and then fell in with some Mean Girls. This Sunday at 7 pm/ET, Chabert stars in ABC Family's Hello Sister, Goodbye Life!, a TV-movie about a snarky coed forced to watch over her 7-year-old half sister — with barely an assist from mom Wendie Malick — when tragedy strikes. I have to think that having Just Shoot Me's Wendie Malick play your mom was a big incen read more


My Network (you know, the network made up of all the WB and UPN affiliates left out in the cold by those networks' merger) has found its "face"... you know, its Jennifer Love Hewitt, its Lauren Graham, its Teri Hatcher — and she's... Bo Derek. No kidding, the onetime 10 has been chosen to play the feisty fashionista at the center of its nightly telenovela, Secret Obsessions. Of course, if My Network were my network, the part would've gone to Apollonia. read more

John Edward Is One Psyched Psychic

John Edward

He still connects with the dead, but now John Edward is getting up close and personal with the living. On his just-debuted documentary-style WE series, John Edward Cross Country (Fridays at 10 pm/ET), the famed psychic is conducting public séances — just as he did on Crossing Over — only this time he'll go home with the people who get readings. TV Guide: Clearly this new format is a cooler experience for the "chosen," but what's in it for you? John Edward: It's grounding me. I've always done my readings and split, but Cross Country is forcing me into a deeper realization of what I do. I follow up on the people, hear their personal stories, and learn how the reading affected their lives and changed their views on spirituality. There's a lot of emotion and healing. I've never had this kind of intimacy in my work. TV Guide: Crossing Over started six years ago on Sci Fi, home of the weir read more


Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer executive producer John Gray promises "a big surprise ending" to the just-renewed CBS series' first season, setting the stage for a sophomore year with "darker elements." "We're not going to mess with our formula too much," he tells Sci Fi Wire. "At the same time, we don't want it to get stale." Citing as examples the mysterious entities he calls Laughing Man and Wide Brim Hat Man, Gray says, "We're going to be giving some explanation for their presence." What, they're not just ogling Jennifer Love Hewitt like the rest of us? read more

I'm new here and I like ...

Question: I'm new here and I like Smurfs, so be gentle: Any information on Ghost Whisperer?

Answer: Hey, there's no shame in liking Ghost Whisperer. The shame would be in watching it live every Friday night instead of FauxVoing it and going out. That would be really embarrassing. In any event, there's tons happening in the April 7 episode, beginning with the arrival of Duane Martin (All of Us) as a love interest for Aisha Tyler's Andrea. He plays a high-school teacher who dabbles in spoken-word poetry. Also, Jennifer Love Hewitt's TV mom, Anne Archer, returns when Melinda takes a spill and winds up in a coma. When she comes to, she discovers that she can no longer see dead people and fears that she has lost the gift forever.

read more


Brokeback Mountain scribes Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana are developing Sheriff Luke, an ABC drama — likely for fall 2007 — about a widowed lawman in a small Midwestern town.... Jennifer Love Hewitt is teaming with Oxygen to exec-produce Angry Little Girls, an animated series based on the book and website of the same name, says Variety.... Ron Rifkin has joined the cast of ABC's family sudser Brothers & Sisters, per the Hollywood Reporter. read more

Supernatural Don't even get me...

SupernaturalDon't even get me started on the fact that after a six-week hiatus and only two original episodes, WB — nay, the future CW — throws a repeat on us. Trying to sidestep the two-hour juggernaut that is American Idol, perhaps? Who knows. Luckily, this is a really good Supernatural. It's the one where Sam and Dean investigate a haunted asylum in Rockford, Ill. The brotherly dysfunction really kicks in big time with Dean exhibiting some major daddy issues. And Sam makes it his business to alert Dean to the fact that his blind faith in his pops is way not cool, plus he's sick and tired of BossyDean, so back off. Love Dean's alias: Nigel Tufnel. Although, I admit, it took me more than just a little while to realize that Nigel read more

Love Hewitt's Only Wish Is Fulfilled

Jennifer Love Hewitt in If Only

Years ago, Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt came across a script that she simply had to turn into a film. ABC Family's If Only (premiering Jan. 15 at 7 pm/ET) tells the story of Samantha and Ian, lovers who, soon after a regrettable row, are blindsided by a tragic accident that claims Sam's life. The morning after watching his sweetheart slip away, however, Ian (played by Brit Paul Nicholls) wakes to find Sam alive and back in his life, as he gets a second chance at that fateful day. The lengths to which Ian goes to save Sam from death — and himself from heartbreak — are great and romantic, but will it be enough? spoke with Christina Welsh, the writer of If Only, about her and Hewitt's labor of love. First, tell me about the genesis of I read more

Wasn't there a TV series a ...

Question: Wasn't there a TV series a few years ago about a rescue team in the Sierras (Tahoe)? It was called High Mountain Rescue Team or something similar, had Jennifer Love Hewitt in it and started after Byrds of Paradise but before Jaw Breaker.

Answer: There was a mid-season CBS series called High Mountain Rangers, but it debuted in January 1988 and breathed its last breath by mid-July, six years or so before Byrds of Paradise launched on ABC. Ms. Hewitt wasn't in it, and I'm not familiar with Jaw Breaker.

I can tell you, however, that HMR starred the ever-tough Robert Conrad as the semiretired (and tough-named) Jesse Hawkes, who'd created a team of — you guessed it — high-mountain rangers based in the Sierra Nevadas near Lake Tahoe. read more

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