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January 5, 2007: My Ghost Whisperer Is Back!

Ahhhh, yes. Red eyes and a tear-streaked face feels so good after meandering through a couple of consecutive "dry" Ghost Whisperer eps over the holidays. I can't help it. I like to cry during this show, because it's quite cathartic. Whenever I watch an episode that doesn't make me cry even a little, I feel rooked. But I'm a classic romantic. A certified sap. And I make no apologies for being a horror nerd that also enjoys a little tenderness in my shows here and there. With Ghost Whisperer, I get just enough dark and creepy with just enough tears shed *to keep me in touch with my inner sentimentalist. *I draw the line with my music collection. Not a single Celine Dion or Air Supply CD in the bunch, I swear. Would the soundtrack to Pretty in Pink be considered a sappy CD to own? A Ghost Whisperer's Best Friend"OK, Bob, you lead." Tsk, tsk, Miz Gordon. The Dog Whisperer could teach you a thing or two about "calm, assertive energy!" Well, you've never claimed to be a dog whisperer (at ... read more

Family Awards Honor Numbers, Chris

CBS' Numbers and the CW's Everybody Hates Chris took top honors Wednesday at the eighth-annual Family Television Awards. Among the other winners: Dancing with the Stars (in the reality-show category), Ugly Betty (new series), Ghost Whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt (for fostering early-onset puberty), Monk's Tony Shalhoub and Deal-maker Howie Mandel. read more

November 10, 2006: I'm Singin' in the Rain

Living with an addiction to shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives and Battlestar Galactica can turn a TV fan into a nervous wreck these days, especially during November sweeps. These shows have been putting the "hang" in cliff-hanger lately, so I didn't really watch tonight's Ghost Whisperer in a relaxed, "Friday night TV" sort of fashion. I also happen to know that this Ghost Whisperer fan wasn't the only one on edge from this week's "a fire will tear them apart" promo. I feel silly admitting this, but I thought about all of you as the hour unfolded tonight. You have given me great comfort, as I've learned over the past couple of weeks that: 1) I'm not the only one who cries every week when I watch this show, 2) I'm not the only one who loves Jim and Melinda together, and 3) I'm also not the only one who would be about as heartbroken as Melinda if Jim ever left us.All together now, let us pause for a moment and take a nationwide Ghost Whisperer-community collective sigh of relief: ... read more

November 3, 2006: Don't You Forget About Me

The DeepTonight's episode made me cry. I found the themes particularly sensitive, so this week's ghost story struck some chords with this viewer.The "sins of the father" impacting a family like a generational curse is particularly profound and a topic that can never be explored too deeply or conveyed too urgently. The bond between Mama Ghost and Lanie also came as a surprise: they both found the courage to "leave him." Studies on abusive relationships over the years have proven that leaving isn't as easy as one would think, but it can be done. It must be done. I love that this episode showed that it can be done. Pretty deep stuff for spooky television. The CreepsSpeaking of spooky television, should I take a poll to see how many of us find dolls thoroughly creeptastic? OK, all those who feel permanently scarred by every creepy doll ever flashed on a screen, raise your hand. "Me!" Had I been in Lanie's haunted shoes, I would have preferred a baby blanket as a token of Mama Ghost's lo... read more

Will Ghost Whisperer bring ...

Question: Will Ghost Whisperer bring back Aisha Tyler to the show next season? The producer did not answer the question in a direct manner in the TV Guide interview. Answer: If they're being coy, maybe they don't want you to know for sure. Seems to me that you might see her as a ghost again, all things considered (this is a show about a ghost whisperer, after all). But as Michael Ausiello has reported, they are seeking a new confidante for Jennifer Love Hewitt, so it sounds like if Aisha Tyler is back at all, it probably won't be for long. Besides, isn't it better to let sleeping friends lie? ... read more

What's the latest on Aisha ...

Question: What's the latest on Aisha Tyler staying/leaving Ghost Whisperer?

Answer: The latest is it's not looking good. Producers are bringing in a new confidante for Jennifer Love Hewitt, and word has it The Practice's Camryn Manheim has the inside track.

read more

Anna Faris Loves a Scary Good Time

Anna Faris, Scary Movie 4

Believe it or not, Anna Faris likes it when her lovable but clueless Cindy Campbell, who returns in Scary Movie 4 (now in theaters), takes a hit or two as she saves the world. "I'm always pretty game for that," says the actress. "Cindy's so sweet and innocent, which gets a little annoying, [so] it's fun to take me down every now and then." Faris gets her wish in one scene in the latest sequel, when an airplane cart slams into Cindy's face. "It looks like it could have been [my] stunt double, which was frustrating because it was me," she reveals. On the flip side, Faris thinks moviegoers will see that it's definitely her "twin" taking hits from a Mike Tyson look-alike in the spoof of a boxing film. "[We] had this 10-minute, very choreographed sequ read more

Lacey Chabert Isn't a Mean Girl at All

Lacey Chabert, Hello Sister, Goodbye Life!

Oh, how Party of Five's sweet Claudia has grown up. In the nearly six years since the sibling sudser aired its swan song, Lacey Chabert has gotten wild with the Thornberrys, at one point found herself Lost in Space, and then fell in with some Mean Girls. This Sunday at 7 pm/ET, Chabert stars in ABC Family's Hello Sister, Goodbye Life!, a TV-movie about a snarky coed forced to watch over her 7-year-old half sister — with barely an assist from mom Wendie Malick — when tragedy strikes. I have to think that having Just Shoot Me's Wendie Malick play your mom was a big incen read more


My Network (you know, the network made up of all the WB and UPN affiliates left out in the cold by those networks' merger) has found its "face"... you know, its Jennifer Love Hewitt, its Lauren Graham, its Teri Hatcher — and she's... Bo Derek. No kidding, the onetime 10 has been chosen to play the feisty fashionista at the center of its nightly telenovela, Secret Obsessions. Of course, if My Network were my network, the part would've gone to Apollonia. read more

John Edward Is One Psyched Psychic

John Edward

He still connects with the dead, but now John Edward is getting up close and personal with the living. On his just-debuted documentary-style WE series, John Edward Cross Country (Fridays at 10 pm/ET), the famed psychic is conducting public séances — just as he did on Crossing Over — only this time he'll go home with the people who get readings. TV Guide: Clearly this new format is a cooler experience for the "chosen," but what's in it for you? John Edward: It's grounding me. I've always done my readings and split, but Cross Country is forcing me into a deeper realization of what I do. I follow up on the people, hear their personal stories, and learn how the reading affected their lives and changed their views on spirituality. There's a lot of emotion and healing. I've never had this kind of intimacy in my work. TV Guide: Crossing Over started six years ago on Sci Fi, home of the weir read more

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