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Jennifer Garner's New Alias Is Nothing to Sneeze At

The actress whose winning smile made a married man of Ben Affleck has been chosen to be the poster girl for... influenza? Yes, that's the disease that the American Lung Association has chosen her lovely mug to represent in a series of PSAs. Personally, I think Abe Vigoda would have been the more logical choice. He could scare me into getting immunized. Sydney Bristow? Not so much. — Ben Katner read more

Saving Grace, the Movie! And Other Film News

Tatum O'Neal by Michael Wong/FX

Tatum O'Neal will play the title character in Saving Grace, a period drama having not a thing to do with the TNT series but that instead is about a woman released from an asylum into the custody or her sister (Penelope Ann Miller) and brother-in-law (Michael Biehn). The 4400's Joel Gretsch plays Grace's ex-husband.... Also per the Reporter, Jennifer Garner is in talks to star opposite (a presumably bare-chested) Matthew McConaughey in the rom-com Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.... Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Stewart have joined the cast of the coming-of-age comedy Adventureland, playing an aspiring rock star and a tomboy amusement-park employee, respectively.... Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer-winning thriller The Road (shop Amazon) is being brought to the big screen. Viggo Mortensen has been rumored for the lead role. Production starts in January. read more

Jennifer Garner Rox Broadway's Cyrano

Jennifer Garner courtesy Columbia Pictures

Alias' Sydney is teaming with another undercover agent of sorts — shy and super-schnozzed Cyrano de Bergerac — in a new Broadway staging of the romantic classic. Playing Cyrano to Jennifer Garner's Roxanne is Kevin Kline, while Rescue Me's Daniel Sunjata will fake ownership of Cy's poetic profferings as the delish-yet-dim Christian. Cyrano starts previews Oct. 12 before opening Nov. 1. read more

Short Takes: Harry Potter, Jennifer Garner, Popeye

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

Global box office tallies for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have now reached the $700-million mark. Why, one more matinee, and the flick'll have earned almost as much as I have for filling in for Mitovich all week. Jennifer Garner is in talks to join Kevin Kline on Broadway this fall in a revival of Cyrano de Bergerac. Hey, she can't possibly tank worse than Julia Roberts did. Olive Oyl's man yis what he yis, and we love 'im for it. So Warner Home Video and King Features Syndicate have put out a four-DVD collection called Popeye the Sailor, 1933-1938, Vol. 1. Suddenly, I have a hankering for a can of spinach. And a can of whupass, too. read more

At the Movies: Deadwooder Not Afraid of the Dark

Per Variety, Ian McShane will star in the fantasy pic The Dark Is Rising.... Jennifer Garner will produce and possibly star in Devil in the Junior League, a comedy about a lawyer who agrees to help a socialite scorned if she will make over his trashy wife.... Per the Hollywood Reporter, Matthew Lillard and Efren Ramirez are set for an American Summer, playing a pool boy and gardener who squat in a Beverly Hills mansion and become neighborhood pimps. I can't decide who should sue first: Joel Goodson, Deuce Bigalow or Axel Foley.... Bend It Like Beckham's Gurinder Chadha is in talks to helm Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, a comedy based on the best-selling 1999 novel. read more

At the Movies: A Sex and the City Update

Cynthia Nixon tells the New York Daily News' Gatecrasher that the recently resuscitated big-screen Sex and the City venture "is still in negotiations".... Per Reuters, Saturday Night Live cast member Kristen Wiig is in final talks to join John C. Reilly and the fabulous Jenna Fischer in the Walk the Line send-up Walk Hard.... Universal Pictures has opted to push back the Jamie Foxx-Jennifer Garner action thriller The Kingdom from Apr. 20 to Sept. 28, as the result of a successful research screening. read more

How Ben Affleck "Suited Up" as Hollywoodland's Superman

Ben Affleck, Hollywoodland

Recently, Ben Affleck seemed to be better known for his romantic involvements than his talents on screen. But with Hollywoodland (available now on DVD), the actor is changing all that. The fact-based flick, detailing the mysterious death of ‘50s Superman George Reeves, earned Affleck great reviews and a Golden Globe nod (for best supporting actor). More importantly, this dark Tinseltown tale reminds audiences that Affleck was delivering fine performances — in films such as Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting — long before read more

At the Movies: A Whedon-less Wonder Woman?!

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Pictures and Silver Pictures, which have been developing a big-screen Wonder Woman with Buffyverse creator Joss Whedon, are in the process of buying a spec script from a pair of newbies — but as a preemptive measure, to keep the rival take (set during World War II, whereas Whedon's is present-day) off the market.... Universal emerged victorious in a bidding war for a revisionist take on Robin Hood, with Russell Crowe playing the Sheriff of Nottingham as the investigator in a string of murders in which Robin is suspected.... Per Variety, Jennifer Garner will star in a remake of Christmas in Connecticut.... Unfaithful's Richard Gere and Diane Lane will reteam for Nights in Rodanthe, an adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel about a traveling doctor who has a life-changing romance. read more

First of all, great to see ...

Question: First of all, great to see Alias back in (in my opinion) top form. I still care about these characters, and I can't wait to see how it all wraps up. Likewise, another great episode of Invasion. The story keeps moving along, with quite a bit revealed each episode — certainly more than I expected when I got into it in the first place. I've been particularly impressed with Evan Peters as Jesse; I've loved the "kids return to school" aspect of the show, and Jesse has really become a centerpiece to all of the aspects of the show. His drunken shooting practice at the end of the episode was wonderfully acted — muted and subtle instead of over-the-top (as it could very easily have been). What I'm really excited about, though, is May 3, which — if my calculations are correct — will be what I've been waiting for for nearly a year: consecutive new episodes of Alias, Lost and Invasion. What a great night of television: three shows with different stories, characters, styles and even color ... read more

Jon Stewart did his best, but...

Jon Stewart did his best, but it wasn't good enough. There are limitations in being a clever, self-deprecating master of irony, when what the job of Oscar host truly demands is being a showman. Which Stewart would probably be the first to admit he's not.

His humor, politically barbed but never obnoxious, was possibly a bit too sophisticated for that cavernous room. But what really defeated him, as it has almost every modern-day Oscar host except for Billy Crystal, is the deadly monotony of the Oscar show itself. What a fossiled relic. The Oscar broadcast is a classy but inert dinosaur, and this year's was more forgettable than most.

Stewart gamely tried to deflate the evening's pomposity whenever he could — after a montage on message movies, he quipped, "and none of these issues were ever a problem again" — but still, we had to sit through it all anyway.

Even with a last-minute shocker, as Crash read more

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