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We Help Jennifer Esposito Name Her Cupcakes!
00:57 — Actress Jennifer Esposito owns a very popular gluten-free cupcake shop, so our camera guy tries to help her come up with some new and creative names f (more…)
Vivian Shocks Karen With Her Secret
01:19 — Vivian lets Karen know that the man she saw her with was just an old, dear friend. Their conversation was an intense one. That's because Vivian was co (more…)
Harry Has a Big Surprise for Joss
02:05 — Harry reveals that he made an offer on the house Joss loved.
Someone Dies On Mistresses
01:52 — Karen is by Vivian's side when she passes away.
Karen's Relationship With Alec & Vivian Is Over
02:38 — Karen walks in on a big blowup fight between Alec and Vivian. The complexities of their arrangement have taken a toll on all of them. Alec wants to en (more…)
Daniel Declares April the Love of His Life
01:13 — With Blair out of town on a trip, April gives her ex, Daniel, a call regarding the Joss situation. Plans for a lunch date are made. Daniel does what h (more…)
Karen Questions Her New Relationship
02:03 — Karen worries about her newfound relationship with Alec and Vivian.
Harry Wakes Up in Bed With Niko
02:02 — Joss tells Calista she didn't hook up with Brad because she's still in love with Harry.
Joss Makes a Realization About Harry
02:18 — The sequence of fantasies throughout the episode has Joss realizing that Harry was always going to be her destiny.
Mistresses: Meet Calista Raines (Jennifer Esposito)
01:31 — Calista Raines (Jennifer Esposito) makes her grand entrance on Mistresses!
Calista Confesses to Luca's Murder
00:45 — Joss considers a plea deal. At least that will give her a shot at a life with Harry. David tries to talk her out of it, but to no avail. This move has (more…)
Joss and Harry Celebrate Her Release from Prison
02:17 — Plus, Joss gives Harry advice on a big interview.
Marc Tells Harry the Truth
02:01 — Don't miss all-new episodes THURSDAYS 9|8c.
Joss Tells Calista About Savi and Harry
01:52 — Calista (Jennifer Esposito) has advice for her new friend on Mistresses.
Karen Gets Unwelcome Pregnancy Advice
01:54 — Karen's advised by a priest give her baby up for adoption. She's offended by this suggestion as well as the other judgments hurled her way.
Marc and April Kiss
01:59 — April and Marc finally confess their feelings.
Joss Is Arrested!
01:50 — Don't miss all-new episodes THURSDAYS 9|8c.
Mistresses Season Finale Cliffhanger
03:40 — Does Joss find Wilson dressed to kill?
Calista's Revenge On Mistresses
02:14 — Calista is kicking herself for allowing Luca to trick her into stealing the accessory line -- but she gets her revenge in front of the press during th (more…)
More Bad News for Joss
01:18 — Joss believes things are finally going her way once she sees Calista being led into prison. They're not. David reveals that the police are still charg (more…)
Vivian Collapses On Mistresses
01:10 — Vivian is sick again. She wants to keep her condition from Alec, but as they're preparing to leave for an event, she collapses to the floor. A panicke (more…)
April Faces Off Against Her Mother
02:08 — April gets upset when Marjorie suggests Lucy come stay with her for a while. She can't forgive her mother for driving drunk with her daughter years ag (more…)
April and Marc Talk Relationships
01:47 — After April learns it's over between her and Blair, she returns home and confides in Marc about her relationship woes. The two of them have a nice cha (more…)
Joss & Calista: the Prison Brawl
01:16 — Calista starts a fight with Joss which gets them locked up in nearby private cells.
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  • Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, Untied States
  • Birthday: April 19, 1972, Aries
  • Profession: Actor

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