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Bradley Cooper, Renée Zellweger Call It Quits

Bradley Cooper, Renee Zellweger

Bradley Cooper may be the star of Limitless, but his relationship with Renée Zellweger has come to an end.

The Hollywood couple has broken up, according to People. The two first met when they worked together on the 2009 film Case 39.

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Blue Bloods Promotes Jennifer Esposito to Series Regular

Blue Bloods

Jennifer Esposito has been promoted to series regular on Blue Bloods, CBS announced Thursday.

Esposito, 37, joined the show in October as Detective Jackie Curatola, the new partner of Donnie Wahlberg's Danny Reagan, who had... read more

Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg: What Makes Danny Tick?

Blue Bloods

As a proud Bostonian, Donnie Wahlberg knows he's going to get flak for what he's about to say.

"It's awesome being a New York cop!" the Blue Bloods star tells "Everyone at home is going to kill me for this, but New York cops are the best. To work so closely with them and to get to play one, it's a great, great feeling. Nothing is better than walking through the streets of New York. We did a huge scene outside a few weeks ago and there's hundreds of New Yorkers watching. This guy riding ...
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On the Set: Jennifer Esposito, Blue Bloods' New Cop on the Block, Feels "at Home"

Blue Bloods

On the Blue Bloods set, it's not uncommon to see fake handguns, mock suspect files, claustrophobic interrogation rooms ... and dance numbers?

"We have dance-party Fridays!" Jennifer Esposito tells after grooving and clapping with the crew to Donnie Wahlberg's beatbox tune in between takes. "It's our little way of ...
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Jennifer Esposito Engaged to Mark Philippoussis

Jennifer Esposito, Mark Philippoussis

Rescue Me and ex-Samantha Who? star Jennifer Esposito is engaged to tennis pro Mark Philippoussis, People reports.

Philippoussis popped the question this summer and the two "are happily engaged and enjoying ...
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What Makes Samantha Who's Outrageous Andrea Tick?

Jennifer Esposito

It's fun, sure, but it's not necessarily easy playing a sitcom lush. Jennifer Esposito of ABC's Samantha Who? (Mondays at 9:30 pm/ET) reveals the perils of pounding mock-tails, hints at what makes outrageous Andrea tick, and previews big tension with upcoming guest star Mary-Kate Olsen. Plus: Esposito shares the surprising reason why one costar wants to kill her.

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Who Could Forget About Jennifer Esposito?

Jennifer Esposito by Bob D'Amico/ABC

We all have those friends who bring out the worst in us Unfortunately for Jennifer Espositos character on Samantha Who Mondays at 930 pmET ABC her impressionable pal is an amnesiac who doesnt necessarily want to muck up her clean slate We caught up with Esposito to discuss Whos early success what its like to play a bad seed and whether we can expect her character to have a moral makeover of her own Adam BryantTVGuidecom So how glad are you to be back at workJennifer Esposito Its so nice The cast is so awesome That strike was just horrendous for everyone and its great to see our crew and our writers all back We have a really lovely set so its so much fun to be backTVGuidecom Samantha Who was this seasons highest-rated freshman comedy Did you fear the strike would cripple that momentumEsposito I think some of the executives did because thats their job to think about stuff like that But I didnt worry about it at all and neither d read more

Drew By Day; Comedy Tonight

Drew Carey host of The Price Is Right by Monty Brinton/CBS

Giggling at the antics of the slap-happy contestants who “come on down” at what he calls “the happiest place on Earth,” Drew Carey looks like he’s having a blast, and looks right at home, on the spiffed-up set of The Price Is Right as he takes over as host today. There’s no fuss and no ceremony, and outside of the introduction telling us we’re at the Bob Barker Studio in Television City, and that one of the games is still called “Barker’s Bargain Bar,” and that Carey chooses to sign off with the traditional plea to have your pets spayed, there’s no actual homage to the former host as the new Price era begins.And yet, probably the greatest tribute to Bob Barker is that the show goes on, and goes on effortlessly with its funny-looking new ringleader, who appears to be genuinely tickled at the breathless excitement of the frantic folks who come to play the game. When one of the contestants does a cartwheel after taking the stage, C... read more

Finale Watch: Rescue Me Nods Off

Denis Leary in Rescue Me by Barbara Nitke/FX

After Wednesday’s formless, scattershot finale of Rescue Me, I’m with Charles Durning. Almost. Head down, eyes closed, taking a long, long nap. For me, this respite will last until next summer, when Rescue Me returns for its fifth and what we have to hope will be a more satisfying season. For Durning, who played Tommy’s dad, there’s no waking up. Will he in retrospect be seen as the lucky one?In a poignant though not entirely unpredictable moment, made more notable for a quiet tenderness one rarely sees on this raw and raucous show, Tommy’s dad slipped away into a final rest as he sat beside his son at a minor-league baseball game. He brushes something off his clothes and then he’s gone. Just like that. Sure beats the violent end that has come to most people Tommy has lost during the run of this series. And yet: sad. Denis Leary played the reaction beautifully. Poor Tommy.I will try to resist using the most obvious baseball-as-life-metaphor analogy here... read more

Live Press Tour Diary: ABC, Day 2

Anne Heche and James Tupper by Jeff Petry/ABC

It's the final day! I survived another press tour! Hooray for me! Here's a rundown of what's on tap today:9 am/PT: Nightline (aka time to get my bags packed)11:15 am: Greek (ABC Family)Noon: Kyle XY (ABC Family)2 pm: Samantha Who? 3 pm: Men in Trees4 pm: Private Practice5 pm: Big ShotsGREEK PANEL11:27 am: Came in a little late to this one. In my defense, I had a lot of swag to pack up and ship home. 11:35 am: Confession time: I have yet to see this show. I plan to jump on board soon, though. I'm hearing nothing but good things. 11:40 am: The cast seems really down-to-earth.KYLE XY PANEL12:04 pm: Spoiler alert! By the end of the season, Kyle will let his parents in on his secret, according to supervising producer Julie Plec.12:05 pm: On revealing so much about Kyle in the season premiere, Plec says "out of respect for the audience, [we didn't want] to tease them."12:11 pm: Spoiler alert! Jaimie Alexander hints that something happens to Jessi in an upcoming ep that leads her "to act i... read more

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