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Web Therapy: Desperate Measures Trailer
01:53 — Fiona hopes to explot the sexual issues of her client, Jerome, to impress her former employer and potential investor. Meanwhile, the fustrations in he (more…)
Web Therapy: Stalk Therapy Trailer
01:51 — Fiona's mother is in trouble with the law, and Newell Miller has a bone to pick with Fiona over a shared college experience twenty years ago. Meanwhi (more…)
Billie Drops the B Word
03:14 — An argument at a fancy party gets a little too real when Billie and Gene let the barbs fly.
Gene's Test Prep
00:57 — Gene gets ready to take her GED test the only way she knows how: by casually insulting the nearest authority figure.
Web Therapy: Click To Start Trailer
01:24 — Fiona Wallice develops a new brand of therapy for the internet: three-minute sessions called Web Therapy. To generate interest in her brand she contac (more…)
Web Therapy: Infanticipation Trailer
02:00 — Jerome introduces Fiona to the surrogate who is carrying his triplets. Meanwhile, her relationship with her husband's campaign manager suffers when s (more…)
Web Therapy: The Insanity Offense Trailer
01:55 — Fiona uncovers some surprising news about Jeromes surrogate, Conan O'Brien flexes his muscle long-distance, and Newell Miller does his best to get up (more…)
A Very Brady Sequel - Official Trailer
02:01 — On a groovy trip to Hawaii, the Bradys get a surprise when Mrs. Brady's long lost first husband shows up...and attempts to 'divide and conquer' the fa (more…)
A Weekend In The Country - Official Trailer
02:02 — Six people. One weekend. The possibilities are endless when city meets country in this roundelay of old flames, new flings, and last chances.
Billie Texts With Her Ex
01:40 — Gene tries to cheer Billie up after she says yes to a date with her successful ex-boyfriend.
A Dinner Date With McCallister Dobbs
03:34 — Gene and her ex-boyfriend catch up while cooking for Billie, who struggles to impress her own former flame.
Welcome to the Revolution
03:17 — When Billie finds Gene and Joy's war room, she's disturbed to discover how they're planning to get revenge on Kent.
Joy Gets Her Some Paper
02:39 — When Joy tries to negotiate with Kent for better pay, it doesn't work out as planned.
Web Therapy: Psychic Analysis Trailer
01:02 — Fiona gets a new client: an internet psychic who has lost her powers. Can Fiona find them?
Web Therapy: Strange Bedfellows Trailer
01:47 — Fiona hits it off professionally and personally with a new client, media mogul Austen Clarke, until her marriage to Kip suddenly becomes more more att (more…)
Web Therapy: Adaptation Trailer
01:55 — Fiona's frustrations with Kip make media magnate Austen Clarke even more invaluable, and she asks for his help with troublesome journalist Kristen Nob (more…)
Web Therapy: Public Relations Trailer
01:07 — Fiona blackmails her new client, marketing executive Claire Dudek, in order to garner her expert promotion skills for Web Therapy. Then, fate hands he (more…)
Web Therapy: Whistle While You Work Trailer
01:43 — Fiona's principal investor, Robert Lachman, is out of business, yet Fiona still manages to make him pay.
Web Therapy: Royally F'd Trailer
01:56 — Fiona gets her first international client when Gemma Pankhurst-Jones calls from Buckingham Palace, where she works as a "proxy" for the royal family. (more…)
Web Therapy: Getting It Straight Trailer
01:58 — Fiona and Austen send Kip off to sexual reorientation camp while she flies to New York to work on her book. There, she hears from Kip's counselor, Ca (more…)
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