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Lisa Kudrow Previews the Return of Web Therapy

Lisa Kudrow

What isn't going wrong in the life of Fiona Wallice? The wildly unethical Web Therapy shrink — played by Lisa Kudrow — is simultaneously dealing with a gay husband (Victor Garber), a straying boyfriend (Alan Cumming) and a mean-ass mom (Lily Tomlin) who started a rival business called Net Therapy and is now making a global killing. Plus, there's an unauthorized, scandalously unflattering musical based on Fiona's life that's heading for Broadway. But there's some good news when the Showtime improv series returns Tuesday, July 23 for Season 3 (11/10c).

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Mega Minute: Smallville Showdown, Lost Teasers Found and More

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:

• Will Smallville's Clark — or perhaps Superman himself? — eventually get a piece of Doomsday?

• More Lost teasers found: a slap, a shared interest and a gunshot!

• Which Brady kid is popping by Privileged?

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Exclusive: Pushing Daisies Gets a Very Brady Visitor

Jennifer Elise Cox by Victor Spinelli/

Last week, the magical world of Pushing Daisies scoop delivered unto us Mary Kay Place, playing a sure-to-be-colorful character named Annabelle Vandersloop.Now, has learned, a separate episode will boast another three-named actress: Jennifer Elise Cox, who in recent TV seasons has ad-libbed with the best of 'em on such series as Lovespring International and 10 Items or Less, but to some will always be the big screen's Jan Brady.Cox will pop up in an episode titled "Robbing Hood," playing a widow. But read that episode title again. Yeah, she has a secret agenda up her sleeve. Rhymes with "cold-wigging door." Pushing Daisies returns Oct. 1. — Matt MitovichRelated:• Lee Pace Teases Daisies' New Season, Shares Casting Scoop• VIDEO: Chi McBride previews Season 2• VIDEO: Lee Pace on Ned and the Pie Hole's future• VIDEO: Anne Friehl teases a Daisies catfight!• VIDEO: Swoosie Kurtz spills the Season 2 beans read more

Lucky '07: Stars Share Their New Year's Resolutions

Vanessa Marcil, Matt Dallas and Rob Lowe

As the old year gives way to the new, TV Guide resolved to get the scoop on some celebrities' New Year's resolutions — and here is what we found out. Rob Lowe, Brothers & Sisters"I always make one resolution, and I haven't come up with it yet [as of early December]. Last year's was to be more aware of how I speak to people, whether it's my kids, my wife or coworkers. It's always a self-betterment thing, something that I can do to change myself in a good way, and that I will actually be able to do on a long-term basis." Jack Coleman, Heroes"I'm going to work on being more disciplined, because now there are a lot more demands on my time. And on getting everything done t read more

Sex in Aisle 4

'What Women Want'This is our fourth episode and my favorite. Without giving too much away, four of our characters get it on. It’s a make-out free for all. There’s also a fight—two characters end up with black eyes. What more could you ask for?This was my first real kissing scene as an actor and I was scared to death. Actually, I had a brief kiss in an episode of ‘Jesse’ on NBC. I played Christina Applegate’s mute brother—probably the easiest gig of my life. I had a network job sandwiched between ‘Friends’ and ‘Frazier’ (by the way, I think 30 minutes of black screen sandwiched between ‘Friends’ and ‘Frazier’ would get good numbers). I got network money and I didn’t have to learn any lines! Although I have to admit that is sort of what I’m doing now. Since the show is improvised, I don’t have any lines to learn, but somehow it doesn’t feel as easy as those salad days on ‘Jesse’.My... read more Goes Shopping with 10 Items or Less

10 Items or Less

Even if the murder of Desperate Housewives' Nora is still giving you the heebie-jeebies about venturing to your local grocery store, it's entirely safe to check out TBS' supermarket-themed sitcom 10 Items or Less, premiering tonight at 11 pm/ET. Fronting this semi-improvised look at a family-run market is John Lehr (I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here), who not only serves as cocreator, executive producer and writer, but is penning a blog about the program for Explaining 10 Items' supermarket setting to during a recent visit to the set, Lehr said, "We wanted to do something relatable. We wanted to have characters who are absurd and funny, but also ones you feel could truly exist, i read more

November 14, 2006: Conor McNamara, 2026

Well that was a nice change of pace Ive got to ask right away though did any of you get a Back To The Future vibe I kept waiting for them to call each other McFly or to have a senior-ized Lea Thompson walk in or for Christian to ask Sean What are you lookin at butthead Kidding but yet not the makeup reminded me of that classic flick I kept thinking how unrealistic it was for Sean and Julia to not get Conors other hand done Why would Sean so obsessed with his own childhood deformity allow his son to only get one of his hands done Yes Hurricane Lenore caused a delay but I found it hard to believe Sean would give up Thats why I was hoping to see Sean wake up at the end and say I dreamed that we decided not to get Conors other hand fixed and he chose to get it done 20 years from now So thats really my only complaintWhat a treat it was to see young Kelsey Lynn Batelaan get another chance to show some emotion as Annie and not get her usual throwaway read more

Funny Girl Jennifer Elise Cox Teases a Time-Trippy Nip/Tuck!

On Nip/Tuck, Jennifer Elise Cox (inset) is Julia and Sean's "little girl."

Tonight's episode of FX's Nip/Tuck (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET) splits its time between the present day, when Julia is preparing to leave Sean and Christian behind for good, and the year 2026, when a grown-up Annie and Conor McNamara reveal just how troubled an upbringing they each endured. Playing adult Annie is Jennifer Elise Cox (the Brady Bunch movies, Lovespring International), who recently gave a sneak peek at the future-shock ahead, and also talked up her new, freewheeling comedy series. TVGuide: Were you a fan at all of Nip/Tuck going into this role?Jennifer Elise Cox: Oh, my god, I am a stalker-obsessed f read more

Jane Lynch Enters the Dating Game

Jane Lynch, Lovespring International

Who put the overly amorous boss from The 40 Year Old Virgin in charge of a dating service?! Part of the credit goes to Will & Grace's Eric McCormack, one of the executive producers of the Lifetime series Lovespring International (premiering tonight at 11 pm/ET). In this improv comedy, Jane Lynch plays Victoria, the head of an "elite Beverly Hills" dating service... based out of Tarzana, California... whose staffers are as pathetic as its pretend pedigree. At the read more

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