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Ask Matt: Smash and the Ellis Problem, The Middle, Awake

Megan Hilty and Jaime Cepero

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Question: I'm not sure what NBC is thinking with their recently announced decision to leave Smash off the fall schedule. read more

Legally Blonde's Jennifer Coolidge Joins 2 Broke Girls

Jennifer Coolidge

Look who's soon to be knocking on Max and Caroline's door.

Jennifer Coolidge is joining the cast of 2 Broke Girls as the new neighbor of Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs), Deadline reports. The recurring role of Sophie was... read more

"Candy Richards"

Back on November 14 2006 when we saw the future lives of the NipTuck characters I mostly praised the episode since it was such a pleasant change of pace What I wasnt thinking at the time was how unfortunate it would become as a viewer that we know exactly what will become of the characters So Julia got shot last week so what We know that she survives since she was in the future episode So Christian and Annie got in a car crash caused by paparazzi this week We knew immediately that theyd be OK since theyre also in that episode And now even after multiple knife stabs in his back by crazy Colleen at the very end even though blood was gushing out of his mouth Sean cant be dead he too was in that damn futuristic episode Of course one can argue that the episode-of-the-future couldve just been someones dream but it wasnt presented that way when it aired so I guess I have the right to bitch about it right Imagine how shocking and suspenseful that stabbing read more

As American Idol Truly Begins, Nip/Tuck Ends

American Idol's David Archuleta by Frank Micelotta/Fox

When Nip/Tuck’s Julia McNamara (Joely Richardson) woke up from her gunshot coma in a state of retrograde amnesia, I found myself thinking: Can I have some of what she’s having? There’s a lot about Tuesday night’s TV offerings I’d like to forget, from the musical mediocrity of American Idol’s disappointing opening night of actual competition to the bloody mess of Nip/Tuck’s season finale.Regarding Idol: I can’t imagine it will be all that hard to kick two male contestants on Thursday night’s results show. Honestly, I’d be hard-pressed to find two guys to keep.OK, that’s overstating things a bit. I could make a plausible case for five, maybe six of the guys. But only a precious few showed any actual star quality, or joy in performing: young charmer David Archuleta, who, as Ryan Seacrest noted, many of the viewing audience would probably like to adopt; Australian hottie Michael Johns, who just as many might prefer to marry; and dre... read more

Street Date Moves Closer for Joey - Season 2

Matt LeBlanc by Mitch Haaseth/NBC

The other day we posted that Joey - The Complete 2nd Season (the final 22 episodes of the Friends spin-off, including 8 that NBC never aired) is coming to Canada.The American branch had not decided to go ahead with this release, but Warner - Canada decided to move forward with it, in the full knowledge that American fans could use these discs on any standard DVD player. Anybody with an Amazon account will be able to easily import these, once Amazon's Canadian branch lists it. TVShowsOnDVD will have a link to that once it's available.The release date given on Monday was May 13th, but since then Warner - Canada has issued a date correction notice. It seems the date they gave at first was too far off, and so they've revealed that they will release it sooner than expected. The new release date is April 15th.These episodes star Matt LeBlanc (reprising his Friends role), Drea de Matteo (The Sopranos) and Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie). Time to celebrate with a really big Joey-s... read more

"Carly Summers"

Why hello strangers Its been ages since Ive blogged about this show 105 months to be exact Im hoping that most of you will agree that the Season 5 premiere was well worth the wait especially after all the hype and advance publicity awesome job by the way FX After four seasons in Miami it was a welcome change of pace seeing our favorite nippers and tuckers start anew in our countrys plastic-surgery capital Los Angeles As we expected Christian Julian McMahon and Sean Dylan Walsh started out as small fish in an extremely large pond once they hit LA or to be exact Beverly Hills It was crickets and tumbleweeds for McNamaraTroys new Rodeo Drive offices until Fiona McNeil came along One of the things that helps you make it here in Hollywood is a powerful publicist so meeting Fiona in that nightclub was excellent timing Right away I have to point out the fabulous casting of Lauren Hutton as Fiona Lauren is one of the few actresses over 60 in this town wh read more

Nip/Tuck: A Fresh Start in L.A.

Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh by Prashant Gupta/FX

Just when you thought you'd had your fill of those over-the-top plastic surgeons on FX's Nip/Tuck, they've shaken things up and moved those hot docs Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) and Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) to the world capital of face-lifts and body augmentation, Los Angeles, for the fifth season. (The first of 22 new episodes will premiere in October; it hasn't yet been determined how this season will be broken up.)Series creator Ryan Murphy took the stage Thursday at a Television Critics Association panel in Beverly Hills to describe the new season, and he and the rest of the cast certainly sold me — including Joely Richardson, back after taking a personal hiatus for part of last season; John Hensley and Kelly Carlson as newlyweds Matt and Kimber; and Roma Maffia as nurse Liz, whose character travels West after being offered double her previous salary. (The core cast will be reassembled in L.A. over the first three or four episodes, Murphy says.)Guest stars will includ... read more

At the Movies: Cage Gunning for Untouchables Prequel

Per Variety, Nicolas Cage is in talks to star in Brian De Palma's The Untouchables: Capone Rising, a prequel chronicling Al's rise to power and his relationship with nemesis Detective Jimmy Malone.... Maria Bello is replacing Rachel Weisz as aventuress Evelyn O'Connell in the third Mummy movie.... Guy Ritchie will return to his Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels roots with Rocknrolla, an action comedy about "a dangerous crime lord, a sexy accountant, a corrupt politician and a band of petty thieves".... Per the Hollywood Reporter, Gary Cole is an estranged hubby and father trying to reconcile with his boozing wife (Jennifer Coolidge) and their daughter (Agnes Bruckner) via a cross-country RV excursion in Say Hello to Stan Talmadge. read more

November 15, 2006: Today's Special - A Double Elimination

We all knew there was going to be a double elimination; I just didn't think it was going to be this week, until three teams did so horribly in the elimination challenge. Josie and Marisa were both forced to pack their knives and leave the competition. I was simply happy that Marisa got her walking papers. But after Josie's "talented" comments about herself, I was actually glad she was given the boot, too. And speaking of Josie and Marisa, when in the world did they become BFFs? I didn't have one clue that they were tight until this episode. And, of course, saying that in the first five minutes of the show all but guaranteed their elimination. Unlike the guest judges that sometimes pop in on American Idol, the ones on Top Chef are real contributors to the process, and I've loved pretty much every one. Tom, Gail and guest chef Michelle Bernstein were very vocal and, might I add, kinda cranky. I think they had every right to be. But first, let's start things off with the Quickfire chal... read more

Jennifer Coolidge Ribs a Hopeless Biz

Jennifer Coolidge

Ever since moviegoers enjoyed their first slice of American Pie, Jennifer Coolidge (aka "Stifler's Mom") has been turning up everywhere. In addition to the gross-out comedy's two sequels and a pair of Legally Blondes, she has joined Christopher Guest's troupe of usual suspects and these days plays juggernaut agent Bobbie on NBC's Joey and voices bimbo film-exec Traci on IFC's animated Hopeless Pictures, which wraps up its first season tonight at 10 pm/ET. Coolidge recently talked to us about being Hollywood's go-to brassy blonde. I have to imagine that at least once a day you get some cr read more

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