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Lie to Me Hosts "Alternate Universe" Shield Reunion

Lie to Me

Did you ever wonder what would happen if The Shield's Capt. David Aceveda and Officer Danny Sofer were married? Well, viewers will get to see the actors behind those characters as a longtime couple — as well as some other Shield alums together again — on Lie to Me.

Cast members of The Shield set to reunite on Lie to Me

"It's just a fun alternate universe with all these people you're accustomed to seeing in a certain environment," Shield creator and Lie to Me executive producer Shawn Ryan tells of the stunt episode (Monday at 9/8c on Fox). "It was different, but I think everyone was just really happy to see one another again. I think it meant more on a personal level even than a professional level. We had a very tight-knit group on that show, so to be able to reunite ... was very nice."

Ryan says he immediately began looking for ways to bring Shield actors to his new show when Season 2 began, but then got greedy... read more

Tim Roth: Lie Detector

Tim Roth, Lie To Me

The quivering lip. The raised brow. Human lie detector Cal Lightman can read you like a book. But just as fun is interrogating Tim Roth for clues about Lie to Me's return Monday at 8/7c on Fox... read more

Fox's Fall Lineup: More Laughs, Less Idol

Will Arnett

Fox's new primetime lineup will feature more comedy and a little less American Idol, the network announced Monday. Fox will take the bold step of cutting the long-running (and sometimes loooong) show and will introduce three dramas and four comedies, including one that pairs Will Arnett and Keri Russell.

The show, Running Wilde, will join Glee as part of the network's new Tuesday night comedy block.

Fall TV Scorecard: Which shows are returning? Which aren't?

Fox has led in ratings for the past six seasons, and the new slate attempts to fill the rare holes in its lineup: The Tuesday night ...
read more

Report: Fox Renews Lie to Me and Human Target, Picks Up Four Series

Lie To Me

Fox has ordered four new series and has renewed both Lie to Me and Human Target, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

14 Promising Pilots: What looks best for fall?

Despite losing showrunner Shawn Ryan, Lie to Me will move forward with a third season, while Human Target will ... read more

Jennifer Beals Takes a Ride-Along

Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals has landed the female lead in Fox's new cop drama pilot, Ride-Along, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Check out photos of Beals

Beals (The L Word, Lie to Me) will star opposite Jason Clarke (Brotherhood) as Chicago's first ... read more

Mega Buzz on Bones, CSI: NY, Housewives, NCIS and More!

Emily Deschanel (Bones), Carmine Giovinazzo (CSI: NY) and Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives)

Every week, senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

Is Bones coming back this fall? — Byerley
MATT: Well of course it is, on Thursday, Sept. 17. And if only because I had Eddie McClintock (now starring on SyFy's Warehouse 13) dropping by for a video Q&A, I reached out to Bones boss Hart Hanson to see if Eddie's Special Agent Tim Sullivan might ever reenter Temp's life. "We've always thought he might return one day, dead or alive. I prefer alive, actually," Hanson told the Buzz. McClintock in turn told me, "I had such a great time with Emily [Deschanel] and David [Boreanaz], so for Hart to say that makes me happy. I would love to [do Bones again]." Hmm, W13 did just wrap production on Season 1.... 

Do you have any info on what's in store for CSI: NY's Danny and Lindsay? — Tasha
Danny and Lindsay will have a tough time balancing their jobs and relationship this season as they face serious pressures at both work and home. Look for both of them to ... read more

Jennifer Beals Brings Ex Appeal to Lie to Me

Jennifer Beals

Fresh off her six-season run as The L Word's Bette, Jennifer Beals has signed on for a short-term role on Fox's freshman hit Lie to Me.

Beals will guest-star as ... read more

Jennifer Beals Talks About The L Word, Love Scenes and Flashdance

Jennifer Beals, The L Word

Now in its fifth season, Showtime's The L Word is back (Sunday at 9 pm/ET) with its latest forays into the girlfriends' loves, lusts and career problems, not to mention a women-behind-bars side story, a "Don't ask, don't tell" crisis and a starlet-on-the-make chronicle of Jenny's movie about sapphic life in L.A. We talked to Jennifer Beals (we've loved her since Flashdance), who plays the starchy though smashingly sensual art-school dean Bette Porter, about her character's romantic dilemma, going nude and, yes, playing a dancing welder back in the day. TV Guide: What are the big themes on The L Word this season?Jennifer Beals: For my character, it's loyalty and truthfulness. TV Guide: Which is a problem, since Bette bounces between two lovers — Jodi (Marlee Matlin) and, secretly, Tina (Laurel Holloma read more

The Joy of Sets: Damages, Tudors and Kick-Ass Cable Lesbians!

Glenn Close by Craig Blankenhorn/Sony Pictures TV, Jonathan Rhys Meyers by Jonathan Hession/Showtime, Jennifer Beals by Paul Michaud/Showtime

Three good things about the writers' strike:1) No more Bionic Woman to disappoint us.2) Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua gets more "me" time.3) More chances to catch up on kick-ass cable shows on DVD!And let me tell you, that last one is a biggie, considering that a few cable shows I had to skip out on because of too many TiVo conflicts have just hit the shelves. One of them being FX's stellar, chilling Damages, which features quite possibly the single greatest performance of the last season. Is Golden Globe winner Glenn Close's Manhattan litigator Patty Hewes ingenious or pure evil? I'm not sure yet, but she is delicious nonetheless and I am having a hoot finding out.Centered around an Enron-type class-action suit against billionaire Arthur Frobisher — played with demonic menace by Ted Danson — the show should be about the case, since nobody does trial-angst better than Close (see Jagged Edge). But instead of courtrooms, we get boardrooms and some seriously twisted detours, co... read more

Cybill Shepherd on L Word Lovin': "To Me, Sexy Is Sexy"

Cybill Shepherd, The L Word

In a candid TV Guide interview, outspoken showbiz vet Cybill Shepherd revels in her risky new role as a wife turned lesbian on Showtime's The L Word (Sundays at 10 pm/ET). TV Guide: Isn't joining the cast of The L Word risky? Cybill Shepherd: My kids [Ariel and Zach Oppenheim and Clementine Ford] think it's cool. They were so excited, they were dancing around the house. TV Guide: How do you think they'll feel after they see it? Shepherd: [Laughs] After shooting my first sex scene, I said to my daughter Ariel, "Don't worry, it won't be embarrassing." She said, "Mom, I don't want to know!" TV Guide: What's your character like? Shepherd: Phyllis Kroll is an executive vice chancellor of a maj read more

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