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Low-Carb Diet Dangers
03:01 — Erica Hill spoke with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about low-carb dieting health risks.
Kim Kardashian’s Belly Button Makeover
04:52 — The Doctors discuss the reality star’s latest cosmetic surgery procedure, a belly button lift.
Hollywood Hope or Hype: Superfood Mushrooms
04:25 — The Doctors sample an array of smoothies with added mushroom powder. Does the panel think adding mushrooms to your diet can help your health?
Woman’s Bra Bulge Removal Procedure Reveal
04:46 — Plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Davis explains the technique he used to help Carol get rid of her “bra bulge.”
Should A Dog Lick A Newborn Baby?
01:49 — Is it dangerous if a dog licks a newborn baby? Simon Cowell's dog did it. INSIDE EDITION spoke to ABC News Senior Medical Contributor Dr. Jennifer Ash (more…)
Michael Douglas' Tumor is Throat Cancer
03:47 — Chris Wragge spoke with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about diagnosing and treating throat cancer. Actor Michael Douglas was recently diagnosed with throat canc (more…)
Emergency room advice
02:57 — Dr. Jennifer Ashton gives advice for protecting yourself during emergency situations at a hospital.
Slowing the Signs of Aging
03:58 — Dr. Jennifer Ashton offers practical tips on how to slow the appearance of aging.
How Seniors Can Prevent Slips, Falls
03:41 — Maggie Rodriguez speaks with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about how older persons can prevent slips and falls by working on balance.
New Drug Crisis on the Horizon?
01:04 — Learn about ayahuasca, a plant-based drug that supposedly purges the body of toxins by causing violent retching. As OB-GYN Jennifer Ashton notes, just (more…)
New Study: Which Drinks Lead to Weight Gain?
03:39 — Dr. Jennifer Ashton spoke with Maggie Rodriguez on a new study that found sugar-sweetened beverages could be a significant factor in weight gain.
Heart problems to be screened in all newborns
02:00 — Government health advisers laid out a plan for testing all newborn babies for a life-threatening heart problem. Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports.
Yale Hockey Star Seeks Marrow Donor
04:42 — Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports on the inspiring story of 22-year-old Mandi Schwartz, a Yale athlete stricken with Leukemia.
Tips to Avoid Pantry Pests!
02:26 — The Doctors are joined by professional exterminator Nick Isaac, who shares tips and tricks on how to rid your pantry of pests.
Health Benefits of Cash; Surprising Depression Trigger; Put To The Test: Yoga Pants For Your Period
00:30 — Could carrying cash boost your health? What science says might surprise you! Are you struggling with depression? Research reveals a new trigger and ma (more…)
Ds’ Exclusive: The Little Blue Pill Could Save My Daughter; DEA Bans Dangerous Synthetic Drug; Plastic Surgery for seniors
00:30 — In a Doctors’ Exclusive, hear the story of a little girl whose life hangs in the balance as insurance denies her a potential, and unexpected, cure…Via (more…)
Shocking Viral Videos; Marijuana Massage; Biological Dad Banned From Seeing Son
00:30 — Marijuana massages! It’s the latest relaxation trend in states where the drug has been legalized, but is it any different than a regular massage? Then (more…)
Young Woman Suffering Since Birth Needs Help & Hope; Student Asks Clown To Kill Teacher; Med Students Forced to Endure Genital P
00:30 — Is there help for a young suffering since birth with a painful genetic condition? Middle schooler calls clown to kill teacher?! Should medical student (more…)
Elementary School ‘Kill’ List?
03:38 — The Doctors are joined by two parents of a child from Lake Mathews Elementary School in Riverside, CA, where another student is accused of bringing a (more…)
A Sex Toy with Breakup Insurance?
03:40 — The Doctors discuss a sex toy that comes with an insurance policy that allows you return it for a new toy in the event of a breakup with your partner.
Is Town’s Pink Water Safe?
03:42 — Following the news of a Canadian town’s water turning pink – from potassium permanganate – The Doctors welcome the Water Quality Association’s Executi (more…)
Wedding Surprises for Engaged Couple Including a Message from Country Duo Dan + Shay
04:31 — After sharing their amazing engagement story with The Doctors, Jamacio and Kayla are treated to a slew of amazing gifts to help with their upcoming we (more…)
Drs. Rx: The Diet That Could Cut Breast Cancer Risk
01:40 — The Doctors discuss the research that found The Mediterranean Diet – lean meats, plant-based proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables – ca (more…)
Woman Who Never Lost Her Baby Teeth
02:06 — Tyrica has been bullied and teased because she never lost her baby teeth. After her friend Pat contacted The Doctors, she bravely comes forward and op (more…)
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