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Vitamins: Healthy or hype?
03:04 — Chris Wragge talks to medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton about the vitamins that are most essential to women.
Loose Skin Removal Makeover Reveal!
04:04 — Amanda joins The Doctors to show off the amazing results of skin removal surgery by plastic surgeons Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Ritu Chopra.
Rosie Mercado’s Big Changes Since Starting Dr. Travis’ ‘The Lose Your Belly Diet’
01:48 — Find out the progress Rosie has made on Dr. Travis’ “The Lose Your Belly Diet” and more about her fitness and weight loss goals.
Why Feeling Tired May Be Harmful to Your Health
05:04 — The Doctors are joined by Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, who explains when being tired might be more than just fatigue and possi (more…)
Why There's Been a Spike in Births Since Hurricane Harvey Hit
01:21 — Hospitals around Houston have been reporting a spike in births since Hurricane Harvey struck. Experts in the field of childbirth believe heavy rain st (more…)
One Woman’s Struggle with Bulimia & Addiction Recovery
03:02 — Relapses in recovery are very common. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks Christina, “Are you still using cocaine?” which she answers honestly as well (more…)
Help for Woman Struggling with Recovery
03:06 — ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork tries to help Christina with the assistance of Mackenzie Phillips, the primary counselor at Breathe Life healing centers (more…)
Former USC Football Coach Sues for Discrimination and Breach of Contract
03:34 — Attorney Areva Martin joins The Doctors to discuss former USC football coach Steve Sarkisian’s recent lawsuit filing against the university. Sarkisian (more…)
Hosptial drug shortages
03:58 — Hospitals are reporting severe shortages of many key medications, including some for cancer. Rebecca Jarvis speaks with CBS News Medical Correspondent (more…)
Did You Know Rats Can Invade Through Your Toilet?!
03:23 — After learning about complaints to an animal control office in Washington, D.C., National Geographic studied how rats can swim up your plumbing and in (more…)
Kids Christmas Wishes Fulfilled With Adopt-A-Letter
06:35 — Kimberly Moore Foundation’s Adopt-A-Letter program fulfills kids Christmas wishes. Francisco and Kimberly join The Doctors to talk about Francisco’s h (more…)
Study: Aspirin, Cancer Survival Link
01:49 — Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports on a new study in the British Journal Lancet that shows a possible new link between aspirin and a lower rate of deaths fro (more…)
Testing Your Cold I.Q.
03:23 — Dr. Jennifer Ashton separates fact from fiction about the common cold with a health I.Q. test.
“CSI” Star Bow Wow Talks Parenting in the Social Media Age
02:52 — “CSI: Cyber” star Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, discusses how he monitors his daughter’s use of social media and some of the challenges he faces. Plus, clic (more…)
Low-Carb Diet Dangers
03:01 — Erica Hill spoke with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about low-carb dieting health risks.
Kim Kardashian’s Belly Button Makeover
04:52 — The Doctors discuss the reality star’s latest cosmetic surgery procedure, a belly button lift.
Hollywood Hope or Hype: Superfood Mushrooms
04:25 — The Doctors sample an array of smoothies with added mushroom powder. Does the panel think adding mushrooms to your diet can help your health?
Woman’s Bra Bulge Removal Procedure Reveal
04:46 — Plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Davis explains the technique he used to help Carol get rid of her “bra bulge.”
Should A Dog Lick A Newborn Baby?
01:49 — Is it dangerous if a dog licks a newborn baby? Simon Cowell's dog did it. INSIDE EDITION spoke to ABC News Senior Medical Contributor Dr. Jennifer Ash (more…)
Michael Douglas' Tumor is Throat Cancer
03:47 — Chris Wragge spoke with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about diagnosing and treating throat cancer. Actor Michael Douglas was recently diagnosed with throat canc (more…)
Emergency room advice
02:57 — Dr. Jennifer Ashton gives advice for protecting yourself during emergency situations at a hospital.
Slowing the Signs of Aging
03:58 — Dr. Jennifer Ashton offers practical tips on how to slow the appearance of aging.
How Seniors Can Prevent Slips, Falls
03:41 — Maggie Rodriguez speaks with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about how older persons can prevent slips and falls by working on balance.
New Drug Crisis on the Horizon?
01:04 — Learn about ayahuasca, a plant-based drug that supposedly purges the body of toxins by causing violent retching. As OB-GYN Jennifer Ashton notes, just (more…)
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