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Herpes from Wrestling?
04:36 — Former Georgia high school wrestler recently filed a lawsuit with a complaint that he contracted type 1 herpes and a staph infection while wrestling i (more…)
Hire an Expert to Sleep Train Your Baby?
03:05 — Sleepless nights are a common complaint for parents of newborns, but would you pay someone $30 an hour to sleep train your baby for you?
Drs. Rx: The Quick and Easy Way to Boost Your Immune System
01:05 — The Doctors reveal the vitamin you should be adding to your diet for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Life-Changing Surgeries in Nepal
02:00 — Doctors' producer Jenn talks about how traveling to Nepal to help victims of a devastating earthquake was a life-changing experience. For more informa (more…)
What You Should Know about Genetic Testing
01:42 — Do high risk cancers run in your family history and are there things you can do to lower your chances of getting that specific cancer? Find out if you (more…)
Jaw Dropping Veteran Makeover
02:52 — Military veteran Debra is fighting to rebuild her life after serving our country for years. Check out the amazing surprise makeover The Doctors and Ma (more…)
Fake Dentist Pulls Teeth!
04:12 — Robert Rheinlander performed tooth extractions, exams and made dentures out of his home to help people save money. Robert was arrested after alleged c (more…)
Uber Issues Riding Rules?!
02:02 — Uber recently published specific guidelines for passengers banning everything from vandalism, vomiting and flirting. And if you break the rules you co (more…)
Drs. Rx: Having THIS Is Good for Your Mental Health!
01:32 — New research has been released stating that owning this can be good for your mental health and even lower thoughts of suicide.
Pet Healthcare Costs More Than Humans?!
04:06 — A new report suggests that pet owners may be spending more money on their pet’s health care then they do on their own! Are you guilty?
Quick Fixes for Thinning Hair
03:46 — Looking to pump up the volume on your hair? Celebrity hair stylist Chris Appleton joins The Doctors to share some tips on how to get your hair to achi (more…)
Blythe Danner's osteoporosis battle
03:23 — Postmenopausal osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones over time, making them more likely to break. CBS News Medical Correspondent, Dr. Jenni (more…)
Experts: Worst spring allergies in years
02:31 — Chris Wragge speaks with medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton about why this is the worst allergy season in decades.
Study: Women healthier due to genetic advantage
03:08 — Dr. Jennifer Ashton speaks to the "Early Show" anchors about new research that suggests a biological advantage could explain why women get sick less t (more…)
Allergic to Wi-Fi?
05:32 — Can you be allergic to Wi-Fi? Chemical electromagnetic-sensitivity expert Dr. Lisa Nagy joins The Doctors to increase awareness about this very real c (more…)
Drs. Rx: Eating THESE Can Help You Lose Your Belly!
01:59 — The Doctors reveal the foods you should be eating to help you lose your belly! For more great tips, check out Dr. Travis Stork's new book, "Lose Your (more…)
Is Juice Bought at a Juicery Different Than Grocery Store Juice?
03:00 — Twins Megan and Jessica try similar cleanses: one cleanse purchased from a juicery, and the other a grocery store bought cleanse. Is there a differenc (more…)
Drs. Rx: How to Cut Sugar from Your Juice Habit
01:28 — The Doctors reveal that adding this to your juices will lower your sugar intake.
Does Sex Improve Memory?
03:48 — Most new moms experience forgetfulness and memory loss. The Doctors discuss a news study that suggests sex could help all of this.
3D Mammograms
01:53 — Chris Wragge speaks with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about new 3D mammograms that allow doctors to more accurately detect cancer.
“Study Drug” Abuse on the Rise
03:07 — Over 2.5 million young adults admit to misusing prescription stimulants. Elite Daily launched an initiative exposing the use and abuse of “study drugs (more…)
Wasabi to Plump Lips?
03:18 — Can applying wasabi to your lips make them plumper? Watch as The Doctors put the wasabi lip trend to the test.
Surprises for Woman with Failed Surgeries
04:13 — After multiple failed surgeries, Kim’s body was left extremely scarred. See what surprises The Doctors have in store for her.
My Dad Injected Me with HIV
04:27 — Brryan’s father injected him with HIV tainted blood when he was just 11 months old. The Doctors meet Brryan and hear more about his horrifying story.
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