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Woman Addicted to Exercise Works out 8 Hours a Day
02:29 — Erin is consumed with exercising, many days working out for up to 8 hours. She’s come to The Doctors for help with her addiction.
Why Feeling Tired May Be Harmful to Your Health
05:04 — The Doctors are joined by Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, who explains when being tired might be more than just fatigue and possi (more…)
Domestic Abuse Victim Returns after Amazing Nose Reconstruction
03:48 — Donna, who survived years of domestic abuse, is back after plastic surgeon Dr. David Alessi and Face Forward founder Deborah Alessi helped give her a (more…)
Instagram Star’s Booty Test Results
05:05 — Find out what plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon discovers when he examines social media star Abby Pollock to find if she had butt implants or if her re (more…)
New Way to Protect Your Pet from Domestic Violence
01:28 — A new law is helping to ensure that pets are not caught up in the domestic violence.
A New Way to Treat Gynecomastia
04:17 — Plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Hurwitz explains the new technique that can treat enlarged breasts in men.
Clinic Delivers False Alzheimer Diagnoses?
02:56 — The Doctors weigh in on a report of a clinic allegedly diagnosing patients with a disease they never had.
Drs. Rx: Do THIS to Make Your Clothes Last Longer in the Wash
01:19 — Learn about a simple technique that will help your clothes last longer in the washing machine.
Daycare Provider Breastfeeds Baby?
02:37 — The Doctors examine the shocking case of the daycare worker who breastfed someone else’s baby.
Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat OCD?
04:50 — Neurosurgeon Dr. David Vansickle explains how he used deep brain stimulation to help ease Amanda and Sara’s extreme obsessive compulsive disorder.
Rat & Mouse Infestation: What to Do!
05:01 — Exterminator Nick Isaac from Bio Con is back, sharing tips on what to do if you have a rodent problem and how to avoid having the pests from taking up (more…)
Eating Disorder Compels Man to Steal Food
02:10 — Tyler, 20, suffers from a rare disorder called Prader Willi syndrome, which causes uncontrollable hunger. His mother, Michelle, and sister, Chelsea, d (more…)
Drs. Rx: Surprising Food to Get You in the Mood
01:47 — ER physician Travis Stork reveals a surprising food item that can help boost your libido!
Daredevil Grandma Gets a Tattoo!
00:52 — Polly says she started ticking off items from her bucket list after the death of her husband. To help her accomplish one of her lifelong dreams, The D (more…)
What’s Causing Man’s Mysterious Bumps?
04:21 — Shawn says the mysterious bumps that have cropped up throughout his body have made him self-conscious and concerned for his health. Can dermatologist (more…)
Dr. Ashton Sexts Her Husband!
02:02 — Watch what happens when OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton sends her first sext to her husband, Rob! To get sexting tips to spice up your relationship today, (more…)
The Doctors Investigate: Double-Dipping
03:59 — Sure, double-dipping is gross...but is it bad for your health? You won’t believe what’s uncovered during this Doctors’ investigation!
The OTC Birth Control Debate Continues
04:50 — The OTC birth control pill debate continues with OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, family practitioner Dr. Rachael Ross, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, E (more…)
News in 2:00
02:09 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors”’ News in 2:00!
Popular Hair Product Makes Women Go Bald?
02:41 — The Doctors discuss recent class-action lawsuit against Chaz Dean’s WEN Hair Care line claiming it causes hair loss, breakage, bald spots, scalp irrit (more…)
Disturbing Video of a Toddler Smoking Marijuana?
04:08 — The Doctors discuss the disturbing viral video of a toddler being encouraged to smoke marijuana by an adult off-camera.
Breathalyzer Condom Vending Machine?
02:56 — The Doctors share their opinion on a new condom machine being tested in the UK that will give you a free condom if you pass a breathalyzer test.
Do You Have Frankenstein Face?
03:15 — A woman who says she has “Frankenstein face” gets a procedure done by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mitchell Chasin to correct her sunken temples. To see the r (more…)
Doctors’ Staffer Takes Scary Fall into a Fire Pit
03:22 — In the summer of 2015, Doctors’ staff member Blake fell into a fire pit while camping with friends, resulting in second degree burns across his legs a (more…)
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