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Man With A Plan - The One I Trust
02:28 — Adam realizes his dad loves him more then he thought.
Man With A Plan - A Reason To Live
02:19 — Adam agrees to go to the doctor if his dad and brother join him.
Man With A Plan - Burning House
03:34 — Lowell and his wife beg Andi and Adam to stay.
Man With A Plan - The 'It' Couple
02:45 — Adam and Andi reach out to Lowell and his wife, but realize someone has beat them to the punch.
Man With A Plan - Sweaty Murphy
04:23 — Andi figures out that Marcy was the one who gave her a really hurtful nickname in high school.
Man With A Plan - Real Life Parenting With Matt LeBlanc
02:54 — Matt LeBlanc tackles a new challenge-parenthood-in the new CBS comedy Man With A Plan. Hear from LeBlanc, his costar Liza Snyder, and Executive Produc (more…)
Man With A Plan - Memories Are Enough
02:17 — Adam reassures Andi that their wedding memories will last forever with or without her wedding dress.
Jenna Fischer Says She And John Krasinski Have 'Very Real Chemistry'
01:09 — Fischer reveals that parts of her were "in love" with her longtime 'The Office' co-star.
Man With A Plan - A Big Gesture
03:36 — Adam and Marcy come up with the only gesture big enough to set things right with Andi and Don.
'The Office' Star Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) Officially 'Welcome' at Any Chili's Restaurant!
01:45 — The 42-year-old actress got the hilariously exciting news on Twitter that the restaurant has 'lifted' the ban on her former character (and her).
Man With A Plan - Currying Favor
02:46 — Adam and Andi try to show their appreciation for their daughter's teacher.
Man With A Plan - Getting Back The Dress
03:48 — Adam and Don ask Lowell to keep Andi from finding out that they may have donated her wedding dress as they try to retrieve it.
Jenna Fischer Reveals How Her Office Character Helped Two Strangers Get Married
01:15 — Plus: Megan Mullally talks about her alternate life as an arm wrestling champion
Man With A Plan - Advanced Parenting Tricks: Don't Try This At Home
01:46 — Matt LeBlanc's new character, Adam Burns, is trying to figure this parenting thing out. He's got some ideas you won't want to miss. Man With A Plan pr (more…)
Man With A Plan - What About Bob? (Preview)
00:20 — Adam tries to pretend he isn't jealous when he discovers Andi has a close male friend at work on the next episode of Man With A Plan airing Monday, Ja (more…)
Man With A Plan - Another Chance
01:57 — Adam builds a puppet theater in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day.
Man With A Plan - Napkins, Napkins, Napkins
04:04 — Adam realizes he is in trouble for the kids school Thanksgiving dinner.
Man With A Plan - Dressing Up
01:01 — Andi gets dressed up to spend time with her co-worker.
Man With A Plan - Flirting
01:44 — Don accidentally sends a flirty picture of Adam to the wrong person.
Man With A Plan - Stealing Food
02:57 — Don and Adam figure out a way to get the food they need without Andi finding out.
Chili's Finally Forgives Pam Beesly Halpert from ‘The Office’ After 11 Years
00:50 — Pam Beesly Halpert, the fictional denizen of “The Office” played by actress Jenna Fischer, is no long banned from Chili’s restaurants, as she was on t (more…)
"The Office's" Pam Halpert Welcomed Back to Chili's
00:49 — The restaurant has lifted its 11-year ban and real-life Pam, Jenna Fischer reacts with the perfect tweet.
Ausiello Interviews Jenna Fischer at SAG 2008
01:58 — |Jenna Fischer|Michael Ausiello|Screen Actors Guild Awards
Celebrity Says: Rob Reiner Part 2
05:57 — "See if you can figure out what's on the minds of some of your favorite stars - including Rob Reiner, Amanda Bynes and Jenna Fischer - by playing alon (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Regina Marie Fischer
  • Birth Place: Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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Jenna Fischer Reveals How Her Office Character Helped Two Strangers Get Married

Plus: Megan Mullally talks about her alternate life as an arm wrestling champion