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Season 2 Preview
02:02 — Get a preview at season 2 of Reign.
Other Way
01:37 — Queens do not bow to their subjects. Mary tries to take back Scotland
01:07 — It's a race against the clock to cover up murder in the royal court!
00:52 — Elizabeth is haunted by a family scandal
My Order
00:36 — Mary is caught in a new love triangle
It's Time
00:38 — Mary keeps Francis' memory alive during his successor's Coronation.
My Dinner with Rachel Skarsten
01:59 — Reign's Queen Elizabeth, Rachel Skarsten, answers fan questions!
Never Leave
00:55 — Queen Elizabeth uses Lola against Mary
01:03 — Mary finds herself in the middle of an unsavory love triangle.
CWestinator: Rachel Skarsten
00:42 — Get to know the woman behind Queen Elizabeth when Reign's Rachel Skarsten takes her turn on The CWestinator.
Carriage Ride
01:33 — Mary and Francis plan for their future.
01:32 — Queen Elizabeth is determined to be a strong ruler, with or without a king.
Rachel Skarsten New Queen New Corsets
00:33 — Rachel Skarsten describes the magic behind the costumes of Reign.
Rachel Skarsten Megan My Hero
00:38 — Rachel Skarsten raves about her experience working with Megan Follows. Watch Reign Friday at 8/7c.
Season 3 Interview: Rachel Skarsten Rival Queen
00:40 — Queen Elizabeth continues to fight for her right to the throne.
Rachel Skarsten Interview
01:02 — Rachel Skarsten expresses the pressure of playing Queen Elizabeth.
Reign - Season 2 Preview
02:00 — Get a preview of Season 2 of Reign.
Reign - Season 2 Preview
02:00 — Get a preview of Season 2 of Reign.
No Prior Knowledge: Reign
Is there any chance actual history will sneak into this drama?
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