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Moving In, Moving On
Kailyn is forced to borrow money from Jo to pay for school and Chelsea lets Adam move in so Aubree can have a normal family. Jenelle meets a new guy a (more…)
01:10 — "Teen Mom 2" continues its 5th season as it follows Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah as they grapple with dramatic new situations that will impact th (more…)
Girls Talk
02:43 — Catch up with Chelsea, Kailyn, Jenelle and Leah before the new season!
Pushing the Limit
Jenelle and Kieffer ask Barbara if they can move in with her. Chelsea’s dad strains her to have Adam to find a job.Kailyn starts dating her ex without (more…)
Judgment Day
Chelsea plans for Aubree’s birthday, while her dad tries to keep Adam from coming. Jenelle is arrested for breaking and entering and sees kieffer is a (more…)
Nothing Stays the Same
Teen Mom Jenelle's partying forces her mom to take away custody and Leah tries to work things out with the father of her twins. Chelsea tries to get o (more…)
Too Much Too Fast
Jenelle is trying to figure out how to pay for school and continues to get in trouble, while things get tough for Leah and Corey. Adam moves in and Ch (more…)
Slippery Slope
Jo faces Kailyn about dating Jordan, she moves in with her mom. Leah and Corey plan for their wedding when they get good news about Ali. Jenelle and K (more…)
One Step Back
Chelsea studies for her GED, but abstracts when she meets a new guy. Jenelle faces the consequences of taking her mom’s credit cards. Kailyn focuses o (more…)
Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew
Dr. Drew hosts the cast of Teen Mom 2 on-stage in front of a live studio audience. Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn and Leah reflect on the struggles of their (more…)
So Much to Lose
Leah breaks down when the health of one of her twins is in question, while Chelsea starts hanging out with her ex-boyfriend. Kailyn starts dating a ne (more…)
Taking Sides
Adam and Megan's fighting gets worse and he forces her to move out, while Barbara helps Jenelle and invites her to Jace's first birthday. Leah and Cor (more…)
Switching Gears
Corey shocks Leah with a marriage proposal, but things get hard when they get bad news. Chelsea tries to focus back on school, while Kailyn gets anoth (more…)
Two Steps Forward
Leah and Corey fight when she reconsiders the wedding. Chelsea breaks up with Adam and celebrates with freinds. Jenelle and Kieffer enjoy New Jersey a (more…)
Jenelle Evans Tells Us How to Take a Good Mug Shot!
00:57 — Jenelle Evans has had her share of mug shots so we had to ask her if she has any tips on how to look your best when taking one!
Jenelle Evans: Living the Single Life!
01:03 — We got newly single ‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans out and ask her how the single life is going? Jenelle tells us she’s actually using Tinder now but s (more…)
Jenelle Evans: Is There Anyone from ‘Teen Mom’ You Wouldn’t Let Watch Your Kid?
01:11 — We got Jenelle Evans from ‘Teen Mom’ and asked her out of all the girls from Teen Mom is there anyone she wouldn’t want to watch her sons?
Jenelle Evans Arrested Again!
01:48 — But does she have more mugshots than DMX?
Jenelle Evans: Did You Hear About the Teen Mom Cruise?
00:55 — Yes it’s true there’s a Teen Mom Cruise and someone in our newsroom is really excited about it.
Jenelle Evans Has Some Advice for Rob and Blac Chyna
01:00 — Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans gives some advice to Rob and Blac Chyna who just welcomed their baby girl Dream. Only problem is the advice makes no sense (more…)
Jenelle Evans Addresses Fight With Ex's GF at "Teen Mom 2" Taping
01:01 — The MTV star takes to Instagram to respond to allegations she and her husband David Eason incited drama on set.
Jenelle Evans Responds to Emergency Custody Filing For Son
01:02 — The "Teen Mom" star is opening up about her son Kaiser's grandmother's petition for emergency custody. Get the details.
Teen Mom 2 Season 18
Teen Mom 2 returns for another intense season this time with a twist. Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea & Kailyn are joined by Briana, a teen mom whose story beg (more…)
Teen Mom 2 Season 18
Teen Mom 2 returns for another intense season this time with a twist. Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea & Kailyn are joined by Briana, a teen mom whose story beg (more…)
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