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PETA Sues to Give Monkey Copyright Ownership of Selfie
The copyright of the famous 'monkey selfie' is once again being challenged, now by animal rights group PETA who is suing to assign a copyright to the (more…)
Study Shows Violinists Can't Tell Old Violins from New
An acoustic scientist and violin maker used a double-blind test to prove new violins sound no different and in most cases better than priceless instru (more…)
Jennifer Aniston Has No Plans To Get Remarried
Jennifer Aniston says she has no plans to get remarried. Sorry Justin. Jennifer Aniston is sick and tired of hearing rumors about her love life, so sh (more…)
Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend Fill Their Faces With Thanksgiving Feast!
The Sports Illustrated supermodel shared a hilarious photo of her hubby and a few of their good pals € celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin and her hu (more…)
JK Rowling to Write New Harry Potter Inspired Movie
Author JK Rowling is returning the Harry Potter world of witches and wizards to movie theaters for a new film, signing a deal with Warner Bros. to tur (more…)
Jennifer Aniston Sends Angelina Jolie Flowers
Ever since Angelina stole her husband, Jennifer Aniston has avoided her and Brad, except for the occasional insult or dig in magazine interviews. But (more…)
Life In Pieces - Hospital Date
04:55 — Jen and Greg make the most of it when they have to wait in the hospital for hours.
University Of Ottawa Scraps Yoga Class Over "Cultural Issues"
Student leaders at University of Ottawa have put a free yoga class on hold over 'cultural issues,' and some people are not having any of it. Jen Scha (more…)
Miley Cyrus Drops New "Lighter" Video
This is just Miley being Miley. Following Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips' surreal first Dead Petz gig together at Chicago's Riveria Theatre, the sin (more…)
Idol Moments: Wardrobe Change
00:52 — ā€œIā€™m more excited to see what you come out wearing than Jen!ā€ Harry exclaims at the sight of Quentin, Idol fashion maven par excellence, on stage in h (more…)
About the Movie
Trying to recover from a sudden break-up, Jen Kornfeldt believes she'll never fall in love again. But when she reluctantly joins her parents on a trip (more…)
Wildlife Researchers Use Calvin Klein Obsession to Lure Jaguars
Wildlife researchers studying jaguars say they've found the best way to lure them close enough to camera traps to capture their movements is with Calv (more…)
Scientists Decode The Secret and Otherworldly Language of River Otters
It turns out giant river otters aren € t just called giant because of their massive, six-foot-long size, but also because of how much they talk. (more…)
Giant Panda at Toronto Zoo Loves Somersaulting in the Snow
A giant panda at the Toronto Zoo named Da Mao is celebrating the northeast snowfall by playing and tumbling in the snow in his outdoor enclosure. Jen (more…)
Giant Lifelike Polar Bear Puppet Spotted Roaming London
An 8-foot long lifelike polar bear puppet is spotted strolling through the streets of London. Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) explains how the bear's appea (more…)
Johnny Depp Injured On Location for New 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Film
A Jack Sparrow lookalike threatens security and Johnny Depp suffers an injury that forces him to return to the states. Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) has (more…)
'Star Wars' Movies To Be Released As HD Digital Downloads
Disney and 20th Century Fox announced on for the first time all six Star Wars films will be available to purchase at digital retailers li (more…)
Mom Throws 'First Moon Party' For Daughter Faking Her First Period
A tampon delivery service scores a viral hit with an ad showing what a mom does when her daughter fakes getting her first period. Jen Markham explain (more…)
Scientists Explain Where That After-Rain Smell Comes From
Scientists say they € ve figured out what happens during a rainstorm to make it smell so good after a rainstorm. Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) explai (more…)
Snape from 'Harry Potter' Is Alive and Works for American Airlines
After passenger photos started popping up on Reddit of an American Airlines gate agent bearing a remarkable resemblance to Alan Rickman € s chara (more…)
Bonus: Wedding Gown Tips For Jen
Dress expert Shangela dishes out must-have tips for Jen Aniston's white wedding gown!
Coca-Cola Giving Away Innovative Bottle Caps to Upcycle Empty Bottles
The aim of Coca-Cola € s latest campaign in Asia called € 2nd Lives € is to encourage people to up-cycle its beverage bottles using u (more…)
You Can Help the LEGO 'Golden Girls' Set Become Reality
The next LEGO set may not feature Yoda or Batman, but it could come with Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, Blanche and Stanley. Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) has th (more…)
Sand Sculpting Artists Draw Attention to Devastated NY Beach
These are contemporary artists handpicked to elevate the simple sandcastle into a work of art. The competition is held for the second time at New Yor (more…)
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