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Dawson's Creek

A popular and cool teen soap about attractive, very self-aware young people in a Boston suburb (though it was filmed in North Carolina). Full of the clever pop-culture references that are a trademark of creator Kevin Williamson ('Scream'), who based it in part on his own experiences.

Episode Credits Year
After Hours Season: 5, Episode: 21 Producer, Writer 2002
Something Wild Season: 5, Episode: 11 Producer, Writer 2002
Capeside Revisited Season: 5, Episode: 3 Producer, Writer 2001
The Graduate Season: 4, Episode: 22 Producer, Writer 2001
Separation Anxiety Season: 4, Episode: 21 Producer, Writer 2001
Late Season: 4, Episode: 19 Producer, Writer 2001
Two Gentlemen of Capeside Season: 4, Episode: 3 Producer, Writer 2000
Cinderella Story Season: 3, Episode: 17 Producer, Writer 2000
A Weekend in the Country Season: 3, Episode: 12 Producer, Writer 2000
Home Movies Season: 3, Episode: 4 Producer, Writer 1999