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Pinhead Raises His Ugly Self, More Movie News

Following the recent success of Rob Zombie's Halloween reboot, Dimension Films is resurrecting Clive Barker's Hellraiser, says the Hollywood Reporter.... Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan, Colm Feore and John Malkovich have joined Angelina Jolie in Changeling, the Clint Eastwood-directed true-life drama about a woman whose son goes missing in 1920s Los Angeles.... Oscar winner Hilary Swank has signed on for a biopic about (Spoiler alert) ill-fated pilot Amelia Earhart, says Page Six. read more

"Loose Ends"

I've been looking forward to this season finale all week. We finally got to meet the mysterious Philip Cowan; that definitely didn't go as planned. Sam's double blackmail case gets more and more complex until ultimately it puts him in mortal danger. Michael finally understands why his mother is so needy and learns that in a crunch he can count on family. And lastly, I think we finally understand why Michael needs to find out why he was burned: His job was his family. He could count on them to have his back and be there when he needed them.Let's start at the beginning. Michael's feeling a little jumpy, as evidenced by him pulling a gun on Sam while he's working out. Cowan burned him, sent someone to kill him and is now off the grid. When Cowan calls him to meet, they start a kind of high-stakes scavenger hunt — Cowan leaves sophisticated clues that Michael must interpret and follow to get a face-to-face meeting. Michael's first mistake is taking Sam as backup. Cowan spots Sam an... read more

Lucy Lawless Gives Notice: I Need Rescuing!

Lucy Lawless sports a shiner on Burn Notice.

Lucy Lawless as a damsel in distress? Say it ain't so! In a wild departure from her usual badass roles, the former Xena: Warrior Princess star will appear on USA Network's Burn Notice (tonight, 10 pm/ET) as a weepy, needy, emotionally frazzled mom who hires Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) to track down her missing husband and son. A much ballsier Lawless plays herself on Curb Your Enthusiasm in an episode airing Oct. 21. We gave the actress a call to discuss both gigs, plus the one that got away — the disastrous American version of Footballers' Wives. It's downright surreal seeing you — a fem read more

A TV show that (almost) fills ...

Question: A TV show that (almost) fills the void left by my dearly departed Alias, USA's Burn Notice has become my new favorite show. While it's not as flashy as Alias, and the twists and turns not nearly as breathtaking, it does manage to seamlessly blend the best of all worlds: action, comedy, espionage, sexual tension, family dramedy, escapade-of-the week storylines and a series-spanning mystery to solve (who put out the "burn notice" on Michael and why). It's as if someone threw Alias, Moonlighting, CSI: Miami and MacGyver into the spin cycle and out popped Burn Notice. Jeffrey Donovan, whom I only remembered as the smarmy client in Hitch, delivers such a charmingly witty performance as burned CIA operative Michael Weston. The spectacular casting of his cohorts — bold-n-brassy yet sexy former-IRA assassin (Gabrielle Anwar), washed-up alcoholic ex-spook with uncertain loyalties (Bruce Campbell), not to mention his formerly estranged, not-as-helpless-as-she-seems mother (the ... read more

"Broken Rules"

I know this blog is coming a little late in the game, but I’ve been watching this show since the beginning. So whether you’ve been a fan from the first episode or a Johnny-come-lately, welcome to the party.The PlayersMichael Westen: a former spook who’s been burned. He's deposited in Miami without any money, credit or job references. He takes on local cases to make money while he tries to find out who burned him.Fiona: Michael’s former flame, who still carries a torch. Her accent in the first episode (and her name) might have us believe she’s Irish, but she can fake an American accent pretty well. She’s former IRA and met Michael on the job.Sam: a spy buddy of Michael’s forced to keep tabs on him. Sam’s living comfortably off his pension and can’t have his friendship with Michael interfere with that. When Michael discovers his duplicity, the agency sends in new surveillance.Jason Bly: the new guy. He works for a branch of the NSA and isn&... read more

Coming Soon: 24 Vet's News Hour, and More

As a sort of "test drive," Fox News Channel will premiere 24 producer Joel Surnow's The 1/2 Hour News Hour, a right-leaning version of The Daily Show, this Sunday at 10 pm/ET, then air a second episode on Mar. 4.... USA Network has given a series order to Burn Notice, a drama starring Jeffrey Donovan as a secret agent whose espionage careeer is mysteriously sabotaged, to debut in June. Gabrielle Anwar costars.... TBS has announced a summer premiere for The Bill Engvall Show, a domestic comedy starring the Blue Collar Comedy Tour headliner and Nancy Travis. read more

Coming Soon: Evil Dude Gets Burn'd

Touching Evil's Jeffrey Donovan has landed the lead in Burn Notice, USA Network's drama pilot about a special-ops agent who uses his training to try to uncover the reason he's been blacklisted.... Also per the Hollywood Reporter, Shiri Appleby (Roswell) will star as a fun-loving woman who tracks down her dad — only to learn he's an assassin — in the USA comedy pilot To Love and Die in L.A..... Showtime has picked up Meadowlands, an eight-episode drama about a family of four struggling to escape its troubled past via the witness-protection program, to premiere in summer 2007. read more

I heard there's a new ...

Question: I heard there's a new character joining Crossing Jordan in Season 6. Got the scoop?

Answer: Jordan's actually adding a few new characters this season. In the Oct. 20 season premiere, you'll meet the new medical examiner in the morgue, Dr. Kate Switzer, played by Grey's Anatomy's Brooke Smith. In the second episode, Jeffrey Donovan (Touching Evil) joins the cast as a special prosecutor investigating alleged improprieties in the Boston Medical Examiner's Office. Finally, a new and yet-to-be-cast rogue cop will be introduced later in the season.

read more

Monk Hey, hey fellow Monkies,...

MonkHey, hey fellow Monkies, did you miss me? I for one missed Monk, although I didn’t realize how much until I saw tonight's episode, which was hilarious and, at times, heartbreaking. Monk seemed more vulnerable than ever when he spoke in front of Julie's class on career day. And while it was funny to watch the kids taunt him with those laser pointers, Monk's embarrassment was palpable. He's a man with a disease, not an amusing quirk, and he’s really working hard to overcome it. His macho competition with the murderer, astronaut Steve Wagner (how come astronauts never have names like Lipschitz?) did wonders for Monk's meek disposition. Even though he declared himself a "muss" (half man, half wuss), Monk found the cajones to stand in the path of a plane to catch th read more


At ABC, David Arquette (Scream) has joined the comedy In Case of Emergency, playing a businessman who botches a suicide attempt.... Peter Facinelli (Six Feet Under) has landed the second lead (opposite Jeffrey Donovan) in Enemies.... Sarah Clarke (24) has joined the drama A House Divided.... Charlotte Ross (Jake in Progress NYPD Blue) has come aboard Ugly Betty.... and Sean Patrick Flannery (The Dead Zone) has joined Secrets of a Small Town. Elsewhere, Doublemint Twin Natalie Garza has been cast on Fox's The 12th Man, Michael Gaston has joined CBS' Jericho, and Lenny Clarke will play Rob Corddry's pop in Fox's Becoming Glen. read more

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