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Keck's Exclusives: Numb3rs Vet Navi Rawat Gets Burned

Navi Rawat

Numb3rs vet Navi Rawat is jumping right back into troubled waters with a dark, sexy role as a mystery woman named Kendra who gets involved with Jeffrey Donovan's Michael Westen on USA Network's Burn Notice.

"My character starts out as the girl next door, but it turns out she's not at all what she appears to be," teases Navi, whose three-episode arc kicks off June 24... read more

Burn Notice's Scorching Return!

Jeffrey Donovan

Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) starts Season 4 in deep trouble—again.

The superspy has been kidnapped by Management, the mysterious group that had him framed and banished from the CIA. Now, impressed by his recapture of the psycho ex-operative Simon, they want Michael's considerable talents on their side. He ends up partnering with his captor, the dapper Vaughn (The Wire's Robert Wisdom). "Vaughn is a more friendly collaborator than the other coercive faces of Management, but he's no less dangerous," warns exec producer Matt Nix.

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Royal Pains Season 2 Music Video!

Turn it up! Prepare for the USA Network hit show's second season with a brand new rap music video by Mark Feuerstein and the cast of Royal Pains (premiering tonight at 10/9c). Keep your eyes peeled for a special cameo from Henry Winkler, who joins the cast as Hank and Evan's father, and by fellow USA stars Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) and Matt Bomer (White Collar). Check it out below!

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Burt Reynolds to Appear on Burn Notice

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds will guest-star on an upcoming episode of Burn Notice, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The 74-year-old actor — who received an Oscar nomination for his performance in 1997's Boogie Nights — will play Paul Anderson... read more

Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan Arrested for DUI

Jeffrey Donovan

Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan was arrested for DUI in Miami Beach after almost hitting a stopped police car, according to the police report.

Donovan was arrested in the early hours of July 12 after failing field sobriety tests. The actor refused a Breathalyzer test, according to the police report.

See photos of Donovan in Burn Notice

The arresting officer was stopped at a red light when he "heard a loud tire screech" and observed Donovan's vehicle swerving to the left to avoid striking the rear of the police cruiser. When the officer approached Donovan, the actor said, "Sorry, I didn't see the red light or your stopped car," according to the report.

Donovan told ... read more

Burn Notice Finale: Will Michael Finally Learn Who Burned Him?

Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice

After two seasons of looking for answers, Burn Notice's Michael Westen will finally come face-to-face with the person who promptly ended his career as a spy.

"The person who burned me, you're actually going to meet in the season finale [Thursday at 10 pm/ET, USA]," star Jeffrey Donovan said. "And he's going to have answers that will only satisfy people halfway. Dealing with any kind of covert organization, they can't ever spill the beans totally."

And the perils are aplenty ... read more

Reader's Cheer of the Week: Burn is on Fire

Jeffrey Donovan by Glenn Watson/USA Network

Posted by Eric2542...Cheers to Burn Notice for being one of the flashiest, smartest, most exciting and best shows on TV. Jeffrey Donovan’s excellent turn as former spy Michael Weston, combined with snappy dialogue and edge-of-your-seat stories, makes this show the James Bond of television. Plus, when you have costars like Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campbell, you can’t go wrong. • Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Jeffrey Donovan Puts Us on Burn Notice

Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice

Burn Notice's ex-spy Jeffrey Donovan remains tight-lipped about his USA Network hit and... kissing Angelina Jolie? (Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 10 pm/ET, USA.) TV Guide: What's coming up for "burned" spy Michael Westen? Any big cliff-hangers?Jeffrey Donovan: My line is always "tune in and find out." TV Guide: You can't reveal anything about what's coming up?Donovan: I like to leave that to other people. I'm never sure what I'm supposed to keep silent and what I can give away. TV Guide: OK. While shooting Season 1, you got injured many times doing your own stunts. Any Season 2 injuries?Donovan: Surprisingly, none. Here's the funny thing: I've been hurt zero times on set and a few times at home. I walked off a boat and f read more

Secrets of Burn Notice's Sizzling Second Season

Bruce Campbell and Jeffrey Donovan by Dan Littlejohn/USA Network

A first-season-ending cliff-hanger Growing Internet buzz about the murky conspiracy story line And a mysterious new character played by everyones favorite Cylon Tricia Helfer These three facts about Burn Notice USA Networks surprise hit premiering tonight at 10 pmET might lead you to conclude that the Miami-set shows second season is gearing up to be an espionage-themed homage to Battlestar Galactica Not soSadly we cant afford to go in that direction explains creator Matt Nix We cant have huge revelations about characters all the time because well we only have four charactersThat quartet led by tanned-and-toned Jeffrey Donovan and supported by Bruce Campbell Gabrielle Anwar and Sharon Gless has reeled in viewers by blending high-adrenaline intrigue and smart-aleck humor in a way seldom seen on TV since Magnum PI The show follows the exploits of former spy Michael Westen Donovan whos forced to hole up in southern Florida by the shadowy read more

"Breaking and Entering"

Burn Notice returned tonight on the USA cable channel, at 10p and 1a...but we, and protagonist Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), aren't too much further along in figuring out how or exactly why he was given his burn notice, or identity- and asset-destroying walking papers (or lack of papers), from the espionage agency for which he was working. After luring him into trailer of a semi with the promise of a face-to-face meeting and answers, the mysterious voice over his buddy Sam's car's emergency radio tells him to call her "Carla," and is eventually revealed to belong to actress Tricia Helfer...a fact you'd have to work pretty hard to avoid hearing about in advance.But before we see Carla, we learn that Michael's trip in the back of the tractor-trailer was just a means of getting him on site, so that he could be blackmailed into a task for Carla and whomever she might be working with, or for. Michael emerges from the trailer to see a computer security expert lying bound, gagged an... read more

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