6 Things You Don't Know About Bachelorette's Masked Man Jeff

Jeff and Ashley

Bachelorette contestant Jeff went on the show with a mask so that Ashley would get to know the person inside, rather than focus on his looks. But as his elimination came on Episode 3, Ashley — and viewers — realized they didn't know anything about him. A few tidbits we learned from Season 7's masked man.

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The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 3

It's the Bachelorette episode viewers have been anxiously awaiting and just about the worst week Ashley has probably ever had. After a roast that hit her where it hurt most and played to her insecurities, Ashley's fears were further realized when Bentley (or as previous contestant Ashley Spivey likes to call him on Twitter, #BadNewsBentley) decided to leave.

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The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 2

On this week's episode of The Bachelorette, a few lucky guys get to spend time with Ashley in Las Vegas. Many of the men also reveal their emotional pasts and Ashley falls deeper into Bentley's web of jerkiness. Plus: Does Jeff finally remove his mask? Keep reading to find out.

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Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: I Begged Ashley to Cut Bentley

Bentley and Ashley

Although The Bachelorette's Ashley Hebert has a strong group of guys to choose from, one suitor stood out in the season premiere, but not in a good way. Before the night began, Ashley explained to host Chris Harrison that she had been warned about Bentley and that he was going on the show to promote his company and not find love. Despite Ashley's intel — and Bentley admitting to producers he had hoped Emily Maynard would be the Bachelorette — she gave him a rose. Harrison tells he begged Ashley to cut him, but she went with her gut. Plus: Harrison weighs in on some of the night's more memorable men.

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The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 1

Welcome back Bachelorette fans! Can you believe it's been almost a year since Ali and Roberto ended their journey with an engagement? Let's hope that streak continues with our latest cycle's star, Ashley Hebert.

The episode begins with a look back at Ashley and Brad's relationship on The Bachelor. The reel highlights the many times Ashley doubted their connection, which ultimately lead to her dismissal. This time around the dentist says she's going to do it right, with no regrets.

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Survivor's "Bob Dog" Gets Neutered

Bobby Mason, Survivor: Panama

Bobby Mason flew under Casaya's radar for the majority of his five-episode run on CBS' Survivor: Panama—Exile Island (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), but the Los Angeles native claims that his limited camera time was a purely strategic ploy. When caught up with the mighty "Bob Dog" after his elimination, he barked about his on-screen portrayal and about what — OK, namely who — really irked him during his island stay. What has the reaction been like since your elimination episode aired? Bobby Mason: People were really angry about the way I was treated. No one really saw a lot of the good stuff that I was doing early on in terms of strategizing. All of a sudden, producers break me out as [being] l read more

Curb Star Is Now Big Girl on Campus

Campus Ladies' Christen Sussin, Carrie Aizley and (inset) Cheryl Hines

Curb Your Enthusiasm player Cheryl Hines is going back to school — the fictional University of the Midwest — as executive producer of Oxygen's new improvised comedy series, Campus Ladies (premiering Jan. 8 at 10 pm/ET). Starring Carrie Aizley and Christen Sussin as Joan and Barri, two middle-aged housewives in search of the wild college years they missed the first time around, Campus Ladies represents one of Oxygen's most daring endeavors ever. spoke with Hines about the series' origins, May-December sex and whether Curb fan read more

Survivor: Guatemala — The Maya...

Survivor: Guatemala — The Maya EmpireDanni won! Yay! She made the right decision by taking Stephenie to the final two instead of Rafe. I think it would have been a much closer vote if she had chosen to go the other way. Plus, she looks amazing now that she's not all emaciated. Let's go over some stats:- 22 minutes: How late the show was in starting tonight, and how late it ran past 11 pm. - 3: The amount of times you can air one commercial during one normal-length break. Seriously — they aired the Pontiac Torrent ad so many times, I could recite it, but when they aired it back to back and then again after another commercial, it was really too much. - 1 million: the amount of money Danni will be taking home pretax because she starved herself for 39 days and t read more

We. Wuz. Robbed!! All week long,...

We. Wuz. Robbed!! All week long, MTV's been feeding us promos of the big two-seasons-in-the-making Kristin-Lauren confab. And what did we get? Nuthin'. Bupkiss. A flyby that consisted of a few awkward glances and one unsurprising bailout by Steeephen. Damn, this should have been huge. The hugest. Instead, I'm all salty and hatin' on everyone. Except for the kids, because we love them. So I guess it's time for the "One Week Before the Commercial-Free Kiss Good-bye" survey! 1) Jason the Chronic Cheater: Good guy or self-destructive? And who were those chicks advising L.C.? They looked like a before-and-after of Ashlee Simpson's latest run-in with L'Oreal No. 36.2) Um, when should we tell Talan that counseling J-Wahl on winning back his girl was gayer than Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua's cable-knit roll-neck sweater (which, FYI, is totally fetching with his bone structure).3) Do we think Steeephen will finally rea read more


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